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USDA Food Safety
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Just finished up a great chat w/ #abcDrBchat, for basic summertime food safety tips share our infographic:
T9: Clean, separate, cook and chill of course! #abcDrBchat
T6: pregnant women are at a higher risk for all foodborne illness, especially Listeriosis: #abcDrBchat
T6: Pregnant women should avoid soft cheeses and lunch meats: #abcDrBchat
T5: cookouts get risky when hot foods are not kept hot and cold foods are not kept cold: #abcDrBchat
.@abcDrBchat T4: Higher temps = faster bacteria growth, more on that here: #abcDrBchat
.@abcDrBchat T3: At risk: older adults, those w/ compromised immune systems, pregnant women, kids < 5: #abcDrBchat
.@abcDrBchat T2: when perishable foods are in the 'danger zone' (40 -140 F) bacteria that cause foodborne illness grow faster #abcDrBchat
.@abcDrBchat under-cooked meats are a leading culprit of foodborne illness, this is why we always recommend a food thermometer ##abcDrBchat
T1: Leading cause of foodborne illness is undercooking and leaving food at unsafe temperatures: #abcDRBchat
#Summer means lots of outdoor eating & an increase in food poisoning. Learn how to keep your family safe w/ a Twitter Chat w/ #abcDrBchat
Will you be celebrating baseball's most beloved all-star during tomorrow's game? #AllStarGame
#FoodSafety #RedCard: Reckless behavior can get you and your guests red carded. Avoid cross-contamination in your kitchen. #WorldCup
Hosting friends for the #WorldCup? Going to a party? Follow these steps & you won't get a #FoodSafety #RedCard.
#FoodSafety #RedCard: Don’t cause a personal foul that’s risky to the health of your guests: always use a food thermometer. #WorldCup
#FoodSafety #RedCard: Color and texture are not indicators of doneness: always use a food thermometer. #WorldCup
With our free widget you can promote recalls & #FoodSafety tips right on your website or blog, get it here:
#FoodSafety #RedCard: Hot foods need to have a hot source to keep them out of the Danger Zone. Bacteria multiply rapidly between 40˚F–140˚F
California Firm Recalls Chicken Products Due to Possible Salmonella Heidelberg Contamination
A food therm makes grilling easier today & always! Whole cuts of meat: 145F + 3-min rest time; ground meat: 160F; all poultry: 165F #July4th
Happy #4thOfJuly! Remember: take 2 sets of plates 2 the grill! Don't serve cooked food on a plate that held raw meat
045-2014 Recall: Nevada Firm Recalls Chicken Products Produced W/out Fully Implementing a Ready-To-Eat HACCP Plan
044-2014 Recall: California Firm Recalls Chicken Products Due to Possible Salmonella Heidelberg Contamination
043-2014 Recall: Texas Firm Recalls Beef Products Due to Possible Foreign Matter Contamination
Give me liberty, or give me death! Just don't give me a foodborne illness this #4thOfJuly #FoodSafety