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USDA Food Safety
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If you're having chicken wings w/ #ThursdayNightFootball take a time out, 115,000 lbs of wings were just #recalled:
#Recall 070-2014: Massachusetts firm recalls chicken products due to possible misbranding and undeclared allergen
It's #BreastCancerAwareness Month. Cancer patients are at a higher risk for foodborne illnesses so follow these steps
#Earthquakes pose personal & food safety risks. Join the Great ShakeOut Drill tomorrow to practice protecting urself:
Have a faster way to detect salmonella in produce? Submit your concept for the #FDAChallenge NLT Nov 9th at
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Microbiologists use research in meat processing to create a safer & more sustainable US food system #NextGenAg
#Recall Expansion 067-2014 EXP: California Firm Expands Recall of Beef Products due to Possible Processing Flaw
Chicken wings, burgers, & hot dogs...Oh my! Cook your game day dishes to the right temperature #FoodSafety
When perishable food is left in the “Danger Zone" (40-140°F) bacteria can double in number every 20 mins #FoodSafety
068 Recall: Minn. Firm Recalls Meat and Poultry Products for Possible Listeria Contamination
Take 30 sec to learn how you can protect yourself & your family against foodborne illness #CheckYourSteps #FoodSafety
Correction #Recall 067-2014: California Firm Recalls Beef Products Due To Possible Processing Flaw (link corrected)
#Recall 067-2014 California Firm Recalls Beef Products Due to Possible Processing Flaw
#Recall: 065-2014 New Mexico Firm Recalls Beef Jerky Products Produced Without the Benefit of Inspection
"You can't sit with us!" Always separate raw meat from ready-to-eat veggies #MeanGirlsAppreciationDay #ItsOctober3rd
Never reuse marinade used on raw meat/poultry unless you boil it first to destroy any harmful bacteria, learn more:…
California Firm Recalls Pork Blood Product Produced Without Benefit of Inspection #FSISrecall
Don’t let food poisoning make your #Oktoberfest the “wurst!” Always cook bratwurst to an internal temp of 160°F #tbt
At sea level water boils @ 212F, but at 7500 feet, it boils @ 198F. B/c of this foods prepared by boiling/simmering will take longer to cook
Drop that spoon! Raw cookie dough contains uncooked eggs that can make you sick. #HomemadeCookieDay #FoodSafety
Thin air @ high altitudes = less oxygen & pressure. Learn how these differences affect the time & temps of cooking:
Got #FoodSafety questions? Call the Meat & Poultry Hotline @ 1-888-MPHotline, visit to chat, or get our AskKaren app
Are those leftovers safe to eat? Use our Cold Storage Chart to be sure. But remember "When in doubt, throw it out!"
#Recall - New Mexico firm recalls beef jerky due to incorrect Mark of Inspection
Tailgating this weekend? Keep #FoodSafety in mind by following these steps:…
Keep your favorite recipes safe by adding helpful #FoodSafety steps to instructions w/ our online recipe tool:
#Recall 061-2014: Texas firm recalls beef products due to possible E. Coli O157:H7
#Recall: Louisiana Firm issues recall over possible Listeria contamination
Going out for dinner? Make sure leftovers are stored within 2 hours in a fridge set to 40°F or below to slow bacterial growth #FoodSafety
FDA announces food safety challenge to spur new technologies for fighting foodborne illness #FDAChallenge
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To avoid cross contamination use 2 separate cutting boards: 1 for produce & bread and 1 for raw meat, poultry, & seafood #FoodSafety
Washing raw meat & poultry spreads bacteria to your sink & counter. Cooking is the only way to kill bacteria that causes foodborne illness
Sanitize your cutting boards using a solution of 1 tsp chlorine bleach in 1 quart of hot water #FoodSafety
Cooking a Sunday brunch? Make sure your egg dishes are firm (not runny) & cooked to 160°F #FoodSafety
Even if you use paper plates for your game day dishes, make sure to use one plate for raw meats & another for cooked foods
#TGIF! Delivery for dinner? Make sure to store any leftovers in shallow containers & chill within 2 hours. #FoodSafety
Happy #NationalCheeseburgerDay! Whether it’s a single, double, or triple, make sure your patties are cooked to 160°F #FoodSafety
Today is Nat'l #HIV/#AIDS & Aging Awareness Day. To practice #FoodSafety follow these Do's and Don'ts. #NHAAAD
Do you know how often you should be washing your hands? It might be more often than you think! #FoodSafety
#Foodsafety behaviors were better among those who received @USDAFoodSafety messages & resources #KannyKitchen101
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.@USDAFoodSafety at gives GREAT resources on knowing how and how long to cook food safely #KannyKitchen101
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Food poisoning can be bad news for people w #HIV/#AIDS. Share this important #FoodSafety info @AIDSgov
Always marinate food in the fridge! Don’t reuse marinade from raw meat on cooked food—reserve some for basting at the start
Even fruits & veggies can carry harmful pathogens. Follow these tips to ensure your produce is safe: @FDAfood
People w cancer are high risk for foodborne illnesses. Learn how to be food safe at @SU2C @AmericanCancer #FoodSafety
Join @FoodInsight this month to learn more about #foodsafety tips for a hectic lifestyle:
Keep your kitchen, dishes, & utensils clean by washing them w/ hot, soapy water before, during, & after cooking game day dishes
It’s “Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day”! Visit for free activity books, coloring pages, quizzes, & #FoodSafety info