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USDA Food Safety
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Even if you use paper plates for your game day dishes, make sure to use one plate for raw meats & another for cooked foods
#TGIF! Delivery for dinner? Make sure to store any leftovers in shallow containers & chill within 2 hours. #FoodSafety
Happy #NationalCheeseburgerDay! Whether it’s a single, double, or triple, make sure your patties are cooked to 160°F #FoodSafety
Today is Nat'l #HIV/#AIDS & Aging Awareness Day. To practice #FoodSafety follow these Do's and Don'ts. #NHAAAD
Do you know how often you should be washing your hands? It might be more often than you think! #FoodSafety
#Foodsafety behaviors were better among those who received @USDAFoodSafety messages & resources #KannyKitchen101
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.@USDAFoodSafety at gives GREAT resources on knowing how and how long to cook food safely #KannyKitchen101
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Food poisoning can be bad news for people w #HIV/#AIDS. Share this important #FoodSafety info @AIDSgov
Always marinate food in the fridge! Don’t reuse marinade from raw meat on cooked food—reserve some for basting at the start
Even fruits & veggies can carry harmful pathogens. Follow these tips to ensure your produce is safe: @FDAfood
People w cancer are high risk for foodborne illnesses. Learn how to be food safe at @SU2C @AmericanCancer #FoodSafety
Join @FoodInsight this month to learn more about #foodsafety tips for a hectic lifestyle:
Keep your kitchen, dishes, & utensils clean by washing them w/ hot, soapy water before, during, & after cooking game day dishes
It’s “Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day”! Visit for free activity books, coloring pages, quizzes, & #FoodSafety info
#Recall 058-2014 NM Firm Recalls Beef Jerky Products Produced Without Benefit of Inspection
#Recall: 057-2014 Washington Firm Recalls Pork Sausage Product Due to Misbranding and Undeclared Allergen
For #NationalTVDinnerDay, remember to Cover, Rotate, & Stir your food for uniform cooking in the microwave. #FoodSafety
Did you know that food stored at 0°F or below will be safe forever? Quality may suffer w/ lengthy freezer storage but it’s always safe
Our webinar series “#FoodSafety 101” starts @ noon ET/9 AM PT tomorrow, register @ #FightFoodPoisoning
RT @ConawayTX11: September is #foodsafetymonth Register @ to hear from [USDA] microbiologists & food safety experts
.@USDA A5: If the food in your home is unsafe to consume after a disaster @RedCross may be able to help:… #NatlPrep
.@USDA A4: During blackouts keep fridge & freezer doors closed. Learn how long they’ll keep safe temps @ #NatlPrep
.@USDA A3: Knowing where to buy dry ice & block ice to keep your perishables safe will reduce stress during an actual disaster #NatlPrep
Penalty—Holding! Don’t keep game day dishes out at room temp for more than 2 hrs. Keep hot foods hot & cold foods cold. #FoodSafety
#Recall 056-2014: Maryland firm recalls fresh, raw chicken products due to possible processing flaw
When grocery shopping, put raw meat & poultry in separate plastic bags to prevent juices from dripping on other foods
You can’t tell if your cooked food is safe by color. The only way to know is to use a food thermometer #foodsafety
We'll be hosting 2 #FoodSafety webinars next Wednesday & 9/17. Register @ to learn about common kitchen safety errors
September is Food Safety Month! Register @ to hear from microbiologists & food safety experts
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There are 3 ways to thaw frozen foods: 1. Fridge 2. Cold Water 3. Microwave. USDA recommends using the fridge for slow, safe thawing
The #GoldenGirls keep their cheesecake safe w/ a thermometer. Perishables should be stored ↓ 41˚F #HealthyAgingMonth
Preparedness is key for both disasters & food safety. Get involved in National Preparedness Month #NatlPrep
USDA is hosting #FoodSafety webinars on 9/10 & 9/17. Register @ to hear from microbiologists & food safety experts
Don’t just rinse! When you wash your hands use warm water & soap for 20 secs. Teach kids to sing the ABCs 2x & they are safe
A food therm makes grilling easier. Whole cuts of meat: 145F + 3-min rest time; ground meat: 160F; all poultry: 165F #LaborDay #FoodSafety
Grilling for #LaborDay? Use separate plates & utensils for raw & cooked meat to prevent cross-contamination from bacteria
September is Food Safety Awareness Month! Be on the lookout for daily #FoodSafety tips to help you & your family avoid foodborne illnesses!
Are are you barbecuing this wknd? While you enjoy the last long wknd of the summer don’t neglect #FoodSafety
RT @CompleteSenior: Football season has arrived! Learn how to SAFELY cook up all that meat, #tailgate #foodsafety
You can get #Recalls specific to your state by following our local accounts, follow "XX_FSISAlert" & replace XX w/ postal abbreviations
Recall: New Jersey Firm Recalls Breaded Chicken Product For Possible Listeria Contamination
Children are @ high risk of #Salmonella infection b/c their immune systems are still developing. Parents, learn more:
Join @Fight_BAC Sept. 4th for a webinar about contamination as it relates to #foodsafety. Register now:
Follow the @USDANutrition #HealthierNextGen Twitter Chat w/ @FUTP60 Student Ambassadors to discuss healthy school meals Wed Aug 27 at 3:00ET
Damage & loss of electricity/gas/water after an #earthquake makes preparing food complicated, learn more:… #napaquake
Information on safe food & water use after an #earthquake: #napaquake
Recall: California Firm Recalls Chicken Caesar Salad Kits For Possible Listeria Contamination
California firm recalls chicken Caesar salad kits for possible listeria contamination
1 in 6 will likely get a foodborne illness this year, don't let your child become a statistic by packing lunch safely