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Sierra Leone stocks up for Ebola lockdown via @USATODAY
White House has plan to fight resistance to antibiotics via @USATODAY
Why are we more frightened of Ebola than flu, which kills 30,000 a year? via @LizSzabo #vaccine
Sick crew offloaded from African ship in New Orleans via @USATODAY
Paul Offit doesn't understand failing to get flu shot: "Is this Nietszche? What doesn't kill me makes me stronger?"
BREAKING: UN Security Council to launch a special health mission to fight Ebola outbreak via @USATODAY
Think healthy kids don't die of the flu? Half of the 107+ children who died of flu last year had no risk factors,
Why are we more frightened of Ebola than flu, which kills 30,000 a year, including 100 kids last year? #vaccine
CDC issues new flu shot advice: Give nasal spray to kids ages 2-8; Seniors need additional pneumonia shot, #vaccine
Artificial sweeteners may lead to diabetes, study says. via @USATODAY
Critics demand stronger warnings for potent antibiotics via @USATODAY
Loosen your belts: U.S. waist sizes keep expanding via @USATODAY
Ebola survivor Kent Brantly speaks to Congress for 2nd day, pleads for world to save lives via @USATODAY
Ebola outbreak could cost countries up to $809 million via @USATODAY
Ebola crisis could last for years if not controlled quickly, CDC says, via @USATODAY
Obama: Ebola outbreak 'demands a truly global response' via @USATODAY
$1,000-a-pill hep C treatment to be cheaper abroad via @USATODAY
Global Well-Being Index ranks USA 12th, Panama 1st, via @USATODAY
Ebola speeds up, world stands still: Our view via @USATODAY
Obama to announce expanded plan to fight Ebola via @USATODAY
Generic deal reached on $1,000-a-pill hep C drug via @USATODAY
A third of family caregivers spend over $10K a year via @USATODAY
Pre-diabetes, diabetes rates fuel national health crisis via @USATODAY
Schizophrenia is eight different diseases, not one via @USATODAY #mentalillness #mentalhealth
How does this happen? Workers had no sense of smell? RT @USATODAY: 28 kids accidentally drink bleach at N.J. day care
They would have needed a bigger boat: Spinosaurus was a good swimmer and bigger than a T-Rex, via @USATODAY
American Ebola patient got transfusion from cured doctor. New patient also getting unnamed experimental drug,
Employer health plan deductibles see big 5-year jump via @USATODAY
FDA approves a third new weight-loss pill. via @USATODAY
States prepping for virus sickening Midwest via @USATODAY
Alzheimer's linked with meds for anxiety and sleep via @USATODAY
People near 'fracking' wells report health woes via @USATODAY
Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Need help? In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Enterovirus testing frustrating, doctor says via @USATODAY
Condition of American doctor w/ Ebola improving at Omaha hospital. No word on which experimental drug he's getting,
Fourth Ebola patient arrives in USA for treatment. This team: Atlanta. via @USATODAY
the latest photos from the Ebola front: via @USATODAY
Ebola outbreak is unique 'perfect storm.' Nearly 4000 infected, including 240 health workers. Hospitals overwhelmed,
Study: Autism signs in babies can be erased via @USATODAY
Pliable brains mark adolescence — just as in babyhood via @USATODAY
Feds reverse course, will release hospital mistake data via @USATODAY
12% of kids with rare respiratory virus in Midwest need intensive care, via @USATODAY
Reports of respiratory virus hits several states via @USATODAY
How doctors can save Ebola patients lives, even w/o ZMapp or vaccines. via @USATODAY
U.S. doctor infected with Ebola arrives in Nebraska via @USATODAY
Ridiculous myth, but awesome headline:Myth busted: No link between bras and breast cancer via @USATODAY
American doctor with Ebola to be flown to Nebraska via @USATODAY
Demi Lovato: "I want 2 show the world there is life -- surprising, wonderful & unexpected life -- after diagnosis,"
Photo gallery: battling the Ebola outbreak. Caution: some upsetting images, via @USATODAY