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"Dancing with the Stars" host Samantha Harris to have double mastectomy for breast cancer, via @USATODAY
Science of perception: Famous (blinded) violinists can't tell new violins from a classic Stradivarius, study shows
First look at Medicare data in 35 years: some doctors took in +$20 million. What are they getting paid for?
VA: Delayed treatment led to 23 cancer deaths via @USATODAY
Nearly 4M mentally ill still lack insurance, as their states choose not to expand Medicaid, via @USATODAY
More women staying home with young kids: 3 in 10 moms. Some just can't find work, via @USATODAY
Chik-fil-A aims for more nutrition, less politics,
Electrical, epidural stimulation restores some function for 4 paralyzed men via @USATODAY
No real progress on child obesity, latest report says via @USATODAY
Chili's cancels autism fundraiser over vaccine issue via @USATODAY
Anti-vaccine movement bringing old diseases back to life. Measles cases set to triple this year,
Let's hope we never need to know this... All you need to know about Ebola via @USATODAY
Price tag for childhood obesity: $19,000 per kid via @USATODAY
This 6-y-old lost all 4 limbs, part of face to meningitis. And he was the survivor. Two schoolmates died in outbreak,
What's so bad about whooping cough? Ask this mom who lost 9-wk-old son. #vaccine
What are you risking when you opt to skip, space out vaccines? 6-yr-old lost all 4 limbs, part of face to meningitis,
Mom chose closed-casket funeral for newborn; couldn't bear to let family see what whooping cough had done to him,
What price do we pay when parents refuse vaccines for kids?Heartbroken mom loses newborn to pertussis,
7-month-old girl contracts measles in ER. Diseases return as parents refuse vaccines, CDC says,
By 2015, an estimated 500 million people worldwide will use a health app. But docs say buyer beware. via @USATODAY
Old diseases getting new life as parents refuse to vaccinate kids. Measles cases set to triple usual levels,
What's next for states, health insurance under the ACA? via @USATODAY
Dad refuses to vaccinate kids; would rather take them to ER if they get measles. #vaccine
Despite Obamacare, a gaping hole in addiction treatment via @USATODAY
Support flows in for ailing toddler with rare disease, allowing to move otu of dilapidated trailer into furnished apt