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2 American Ebola patients -- not just one -- heading to U.S. via @USATODAY
Airline travelers are not being screened for Ebola via @USATODAY
#Graphic: More people go to ER for complications from marijuana than from heroin,
Check out this graph on cigarette/marijuana use in teens: More kids could soon be using pot than smoking,
Great graphics from @USATODAY showing 4-fold increase in marijuna potency in recent years,
Colorado tightening edible pot rules in effort to curb overdoses among adults, kids via @USATODAY
At least one American Ebola patient heading to U.S. via @USATODAY
Ebola vaccine could get to health workers as early as 2015, if early tests succeeed, via @USATODAY
'Nightmare bacteria' spread in Southeast via @USATODAY
CDC: avoid non-essential travel to Ebola nations via @USATODAY
U.S. travel warning to 3 African countries hit by Ebola. via @USATODAY
Ebola death toll hits 729; Sierra Leone bans public meetings via @USATODAY
Finally, an Ebola vaccine? NIH to launch early Ebola vaccine trial in September. Vax could reach field by next yr,
Study supports newborn screening for 'bubble boy' disease, says early bone marrow transplants save most kids,
Hysterectomy device pulled, amid concerns it may raise risk of spreading cancer via @USATODAY #morcellation
Nasty chikungunya virus gaining traction in U.S. via @USATODAY
Global authorities on alert over Ebola outbreak, quarantining some passengers over fear that it could go global,
Top doctor dies from Ebola after treating dozens via @USATODAY
So sad for him and his family. RT @USATODAY: Top doctor dies from Ebola after treating dozens
VA manipulated vets' appointment data, audit finds via @USATODAY
Audit: VA manipulated vets' appointment records via @USATODAY
Ebola doctors sacrifice all to bring hope: Column via @USATODAY
Study: Fist bumps are less germy than handshakes via @USATODAY
Home remedies for spider bites can be worse than the bite itself, via @USATODAY
There's hope for me yet! RT @USATODAY: Running of any length or speed (even 30 mins/week) reduces risk of death