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Pentagon is learning how to treat Ebola in troops -- just in case via @USATODAY
Pentagon defends decision to isolate troops after serving in Ebola-stricken countries, via @USATODAY
Experts divided over legal issues in Maine Ebola case via @USATODAY
Nurse Kaci Hickox: 'No way I would give you Ebola' via @USATODAY
Maine nurse defies Ebola quarantine order by taking bike ride via @USATODAY
Maine seeks legal powers to force nurse into quarantine via @USATODAY
Ebola cases in Liberia appear to fall. The WHO says safe burials, other interventions seem to be working,
Obama: Health care workers in Africa help the U.S. via @USATODAY
FDA approves vaccine for meningitis B, which hit Princeton and UCSB last year, via @USATODAY
Maine state police dispatched to back nurse's quarantine via @USATODAY
Hagel orders quarantine for troops returning from West Africa via @USATODAY
NASA now down to one commercial supplier to International Space Station, via @USATODAY #science
WHO: Ebola cases in Liberia appear to fall via @USATODAY
Ebola nurse in Maine rejects home quarantine rules via @USATODAY
U.N. panel warns of 'irreversible' climate extremes via @USATODAY
Ebola nations' neighbors enact preventions amid worry via @USATODAY
Pope says evolution, Big Bang are real via @USATODAY #science
Why have seven Americans survived Ebola, when only 30% of Africans do? Docs speak out, via @USATODAY
R.I. Gov: "Until you have symptoms, you cannot transmit Ebola, so we have to ratchet down some of the hysteria,''
Confused about what states/feds are doing on Ebola? Rick Hampson sorts it all out here, masterfully, via @USATODAY
Some doctors wary of taking insurance exchange patients. Rates like Medicaid are too low, docs say, via @USATODAY
Rieder: Can news media meet the Ebola challenge? Disappointing coverage so far on cable, via @USATODAY
World Bank: 5,000 more Ebola health workers needed in W. Africa via @USATODAY
Fighting Ebola on the home front: Confusion reigns supreme via @USATODAY
CDC says people at high risk for Ebola should stay home, telecommute, avoid public gatherings, via @USATODAY
Dallas Ebola nurse Amber Vinson to leave hospital via @USATODAY
From @USATODAY editorial board: Who would fight disarming the mentally ill? Our view via @USATODAY
Christie: Nurse quarantined in N.J. to be released via @USATODAY
White House working on new Ebola guidelines via @USATODAY
How many planes are equipped to transport Ebola patients from Africa-US? One. Pentagon building more medical planes
"The big risk is not stopping the outbreak in Africa, and that will happen if health care workers don't go there,"
Facts, not fear: how Ebola spreads, doesn't spread, and why you won't get it from a bowling ball, via @USATODAY
Real danger would be if docs STOP going to West Africa, b/c we need health workers to stop Ebola spread, expert says.
Some worry that NYC diagnosis in MSF physician will deter doctors from going to help Ebola patients via @USATODAY
Obama meets with Ebola-free nurse via @USATODAY
Ebola's spread to Mali sets back effort to halt virus via @USATODAY
N.Y. doctor with Ebola 'a dedicated humanitarian' via @USATODAY
Nurses face obstacles on front lines against Ebola -- and so much else. via @USATODAY
Microsoft co-founder Allen to give $100M to fight Ebola via @USATODAY
West Africa needs 20,000 more people to conduct contact tracing for Ebola.,
WHO says Ebola outbreak continues to spread in West Africa. Fears of spread into neighboring countries, via @USATODAY
Photo gallery: Battling the Ebola outbreak via @USATODAY
Nurse on front lines paints devastating picture: Ebola "taking all dignity away and making people suffer a lot,"
Family: Amber Vinson free of Ebola virus via @USATODAY
"Contact tracing" is vital to curtailng Ebola, in USA and abroad, via @USATODAY
Christie: Ill Liberian screened at Newark has no Ebola symptoms via @USATODAY
CDC will monitor people arriving in USA from West Africa via @USATODAY
Good read. Rieder: The greatness of Ben Bradlee via @USATODAY
Tainted supplements sold after recalls, study says via @USATODAY
Breaking: Cameraman declared Ebola free, ready to leave Nebraska hospital tomorrow, via @USATODAY