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With 500 new cases, biggest increase in Ebola since outbreak began. Senegal is major travel hub, via @USATODAY
Senegal confirms its 1st case of Ebola via @USATODAY
Ebola vaccine trial to begin next week at NIH with 20 healthy volunteers. More vaccine trials to come, via @USATODAY
Horrible, but maybe not surprising. RT @USATODAY: Ebola outbreak could strike 20,000, WHO says. +1550 dead.
Overwhelmed hospital in Liberia can isolate Ebola patients, no time to even given IV treatments,
CDC worker flown back to USA after Ebola exposure via @USATODAY
Let there be light! RT @USATODAY: Light can switch bad memories to good
X Prize finalists design Trekkie-inspired health tools via @USATODAY
Global response to Ebola chaotic and inadequate, aid group says. With flights canceled, aid groups charter flights,
US already spends $5 billion on homelessness. Could we help mentally ill & provide permanent housing for same money?
Cost of Not Caring: "Folks out there think you can arrest the homeless issue away. And you can't."
Houston program to help mentally ill cut rate of homelessness 57%,
What happens to mentally ill who live on the street? Some are robbed, sexually assaulted, abused. This woman got
At least 1/5 of homeless ar mentally ill. Cost-effective solutions exist to help. Why don't we use them?
In Houston, "housing navigators" help mentally ill/homeless people find places to live w/in average of 56 days,
San Antonio shelter is "one stop shop" for those who are homeless, mentally ill, addicted,
The Cost of Not Caring for mentally ill homeless: "We clearly know what to do. We're just not doing enough of it."
"People like me, with mental illness, we're not a lost cause." Moving video of formerly homeless/addicted woman,
The Cost of Not Caring: Thousands of mentall ill are homeless, even though programs exist to provide housing,
Consumer Reports to pregnant women: Avoid tuna via @USATODAY
Study: Parental incarceration may be worse than divorce via @USATODAY
Study turns tables on value of breakfast, weight loss: Eating early meal made no difference to weight loss,
Ebola has killed half of 240 health workers infected, WHO says via @USATODAY
WHO calls for e-cigarette restrictions, banning sale in minors, until proof of safety available.
Study: Medical pot might reduce opioid drug overdose deaths from oxycontin, Vicodin, etc. via @USATODAY
Prominent Liberian doctor given scarce Ebola drug has died. Still no way to know if Zmapp working, via @USATODAY
What your doctor wishes you would ask about sex via @USATODAY
Authors debunk '4th-grade' sex myths. How many did you fall for? via @USATODAY"
VA touts progress on suicides; data tell another story #mentalhealth #depression
WHO: Ebola outbreak in Africa likely underestimated via @USATODAY
Docs urge delayed school start times for teens. Strong reporting on health benefits to letting kids sleep,
Docs urge delayed school start times for teens. Strong reporting on health benefits to letting kids sleep,
Great column. "Catcalling means a stranger values you so little he doesn't care if he makes you feel threatened."
Beyond the ice bucket: Activist Barbara Brenner sought to preserve her voice, even as ALS stole ability to speak.
Suspected Ebola patient negative for deadly disease via @USATODAY
Narcotic pain pills to face tougher regulations via @USATODAY
Quiz: What grade would you really get in Sex Ed? Based on new book from @rachelvreeman & @aaron_carroll,
The legacy of photojournalist James Foley: An underpaid freelancer stepped in when big media companies pulled back,
New restrictions on hydrocodone (Vicodin) to take effect via @USATODAY
2 of 3 Liberian health workers "improve dramatically" after getting experiement Zmapp drug for Ebola, WHO says,
Brantly: "Encourage those in positions of leadership ..2 do everything possible to bring this...outbreak to an end."
U.S. Ebola patients discharged; pose no public risk via @USATODAY
Franklin Graham: Saving Ebola doctor no ethical dilemma via @USATODAY
NIH's Tony Fauci says it's not possible to know if Zmapp helped two aid workers survive. Both to be discharged today.
Poverty, legacy of conflict set stage for Ebola epidemic, WHO says, as +1300 die from virus,
Two U.S. Ebola patients to be discharged from Atlanta hospital today. via @USATODAY
Poverty, legacy of war driving Ebola epidemic in West Africa, WHO chief says,
No end in sight to Ebola outbreak, official says, as +2,400 infected. Poverty at root of epidemic,
Teen births: Most are in the South and Southwest via @USATODAY
Drug found effective against virus similar to Ebola via @USATODAY