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BREAKING: Dallas Ebola patient critically ill now, but had no symptoms when getting on or off plane from Liberia,
Risk of an Ebola outbreak in USA is extremely low, in spite of Dallas patient's positive diagnosis, docs say,
CDC: Ebola confirmed in Dallas patient via @wfaachannel8
FDA chief defends record on curbing opioid abuse, via @USATODAY
FDA undermines painkillers fight: Our view via @USATODAY
Federal doctor ratings site gives user little useful information, report says, via @USATODAY
Rieder: A new website totally focused on Ebola via @USATODAY
For too-thin minority, gaining weight is a good thing via @USATODAY
Pediatricians urge IUDs or implants for teen girls via @USATODAY
Fauci says 'inadequate' world response won't control Ebola via @USATODAY
Dallas hospital isolates possible Ebola patient via @USATODAY
Kids who got +4 doses of antibiotics by age 2 slightly more likely to be obese, study says, #microbiome
IMF approves $130 million for Ebola-stricken countries via @USATODAY
Doc cured of Ebola may need 3 months to recover. Nearly 3,000 dead from virus. Obama convenes meeting, via @USATODAY
Susan Rice: Prepare to fight tomorrow's Ebola via @USATODAY
Ebola has killed nearly 3,000 people. Yet these brave doctors are volunteering to go to West Africa to help,
American Ebola Rick Sacra: "I never felt like I was not going to make it." via @USATODAY
"Treatment as prevention" only works when patietns are treated. Half of gay, bisexual men with HIV go untreated
Obama: The world needs to do more to stop Ebola via @USATODAY
American Ebola patient discharged from hospital via @USATODAY
Doctors say U.S. ready if Ebola virus spreads here via @USATODAY
Anti-addiction groups want FDA chief to resign via @USATODAY
Thanks to ACA, more are insured, so hospitals collect $5.7 billion in care that they once had to write off. .
Ebola stabilizes in Guinea, worsens in Sierra Leone via @USATODAY
CDC says diabetes rates may show first signs of slowing via @USATODAY
Police crisis system taxes psychiatric resources via @USATODAY
Look out below: Danger lurks underground in aging gas pipes, which cause explosions every other day somehwere in USA
Interactive: Are your pipes safe? See gas leaks near you via @USATODAY
Scary lab incidents: docs in moon suits on all four chasing mouse infected with Ebola-like virus,
CDC 1.4 million Ebola cases possible by January. WHO: If not stopped now, Ebola outbreak could last forever,
Could the Ebola outbreak last forever? via @USATODAY
American doctor got experimental drug from Tekmira via @USATODAY
New lab incidents fuel fear, safety concerns in Congress via @USATODAY
"There is no Planet B." Companies to make climate pledges at U.N. summit via @USATODAY
"This is what I know about being disciplined with a switch." Powerful personal essay by my colleague @Marisol_Bello
9 ways to lose weight by rearranging your kitchen via @USATODAY
100 tons of supplies to fight Ebola sent to West Africa via @USATODAY
Sierra Leone stocks up for Ebola lockdown via @USATODAY
White House has plan to fight resistance to antibiotics via @USATODAY
Why are we more frightened of Ebola than flu, which kills 30,000 a year? via @LizSzabo #vaccine
Sick crew offloaded from African ship in New Orleans via @USATODAY
Paul Offit doesn't understand failing to get flu shot: "Is this Nietszche? What doesn't kill me makes me stronger?"
BREAKING: UN Security Council to launch a special health mission to fight Ebola outbreak via @USATODAY
Think healthy kids don't die of the flu? Half of the 107+ children who died of flu last year had no risk factors,
Why are we more frightened of Ebola than flu, which kills 30,000 a year, including 100 kids last year? #vaccine
CDC issues new flu shot advice: Give nasal spray to kids ages 2-8; Seniors need additional pneumonia shot, #vaccine
Artificial sweeteners may lead to diabetes, study says. via @USATODAY
Critics demand stronger warnings for potent antibiotics via @USATODAY
Loosen your belts: U.S. waist sizes keep expanding via @USATODAY
Ebola survivor Kent Brantly speaks to Congress for 2nd day, pleads for world to save lives via @USATODAY