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Urijah Faber
Happy Labor Day, team is putting in double days! These hungry animals are motivated. Thnx coach Dolph for AM Pro Practice. @teamalphamalemma
Want to train with @UrijahFaber @kennyflorian or @BrianStann?? This Kickstarter campaign is your chance! #MIA
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Much love to my friends at #TAM - the champ @TJDillashaw, the man @lastcall155, the legend @UrijahFaber & the kid @holdsworth135
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A close race to the end @UFCGym family- lets take care of business. Everyone workout and check in @Showtimepettis
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Solid night out with some Champions! @tjdillashaw @lastcall155 @showtimepettis @145_erick @vincemurdock awesome night!
Holy Smokes! I hope everyone bought the PPV. @TJDillashaw @JoeSoto135 was Crazy! @ufc
In case anyone is wondering its pretty chill backstage b4 fights #ufc177 @ufc @tjdillashaw @lastcall155 @ramseynijem @duanebangcom @teamalphamalemma
What a wild day! @ufc is gonna be nutty tomorrow. @TJDillashaw @lastcall155 The show must go on. @TeamAlphaMale
Fun watchting the Champ @showtimepettis & the contender @chadmendes go at it! @ufc #ufc177 @urijahsuf @teamalphamalemma @dukeroufus
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Feels like a zoo in here... Just sitting around watching these animals.
Late night at the gym @tjdillashaw @lastcall155 #ufc177 @ufc @teamalphamalemma @duanebangcom @urijahsuf @fabiopradobjj @joewarrenMMA
Tats&Tags Contest! Win a Beer w/ Corey Miller, Rockout w/ @MoonshineBandit, Tix 2 Renegade Rendzevous &more prizes!
Thank you @goincase for all the great product. These Portable Power packs always save me when I need it!
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Protect yourself before you wreck yourself. Get the new Torque Velocity Shin Guards! @Torque1net
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Thanks Ro, felt the luv from Sac. @touchyfili @lastcall155 The men of @teamalphamalemma so handsome! Representing at the Sac Republic game! #tamtakeover #ufc177 @urijahfaber @touchyfili @lastcall155 😍
THE CHAMP HAS GONE CRAZY!! @TJDillashaw's on the run! *Last seen headed to the Sac Republic game in…
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We're getting ready for #UFC177 at Fun and Fit Night! Can't wait to hang w/ @lastcall155, @UrijahFaber, @TouchyFili at our match tonight!
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Just saw @UrijahFaber shadow boxing on the sidewalk. Thought it was a homeless drunk. #sactolife
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#FIGHTWEEK #UFC177 Ticket Give-Away! FIND davidmitchellmma hint hint: he's at the capital!…
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Hppy B-day @lastcall155 really gettin creative these days! Gluten free B-day watermelon (with carved dick :/) @tjdillashaw @jbmma155 @tusqy10 #ufc177 @ufc #fightweek #sacramento
Team's all hyped up for @ufc fight week. @veronicafights is a week out & @cody_nolove is 5 weeks out. @tjdillashaw & @lastcall155 fight Sat. Big month! New @torque1_net shins are $$ @teamalphamalemma
Watching #ufc177 countdown awesome seeing Sac's folks shine @tjdillashaw @lastcall155 @mikunitaro @garibaldiarts @yamsnews10 @torque1_net @ufc
“{VIDEO} UFC 177: Watch the T.J. Dillashaw - Fearless Promo Documentary:
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This next fight is gonna be a wild one! @ufc @BlessedMMA @claycollard
Sat AM Beatings, boxng sparring. time to hit #fightpass @ufc then #fs1 tonight.
“This is the best feeling I've ever had. I came in there & beat a great grappler at his own game” @wk_ulka #UFCMacao
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@WFC_MMA Media day tomorrow 1pm Stones Gambling Hall 6510 Antelope Rd, Citrus Heights @davidmitchellmma TAM's wild card
TAM Japan! Yuta "Ulka" Sasaki fighting tomorrow for @ufc Macau. @wk_ulka @sasakiulka good luck brotha!
Finally a cake w/out a dick on it 😳 happy b-day @jbmma155 @bubuuhh thnks @tusqy10 the Aussie themed cake. @teamalphamalemma
Day trip 2 LV. Left this AM, stole @tjdillashaw mag cover from @UFC headquarters. Got home & the champ is puttin in a late night at an empty gym. Not easy winning belts & getting on Mag covers. Sacramento get ur tickets!! Support ur boy! #ufc177 Aug 30th Sacramento Ca, USA.
Need some help, pick the Top 5 to sample. @torque1_net @chadmendes @touchyfili @veronicafights @cody_nolove
Great wrastlin practice thnxs @lastcall155 the Champ @tjdillashaw is on his game! @ufc
Anyone else catch the corner man bitch slapping the other corner man? Can we get this guy an award? @ufc intense.
Starting Saturday w a brawl. @touchyfili @anth0nyavila @jbmma155 @mikenaka125 @145_erick @joshemmett145 & all the Euros
I accepted the #als #icebucket challenge I nominate @bodybyjennla @suga_rashadevans @AllieCohen ...
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Friday pro practice $$! @jbmma155 @fabiopradobjj @lancepalmer @tjdillashaw @joejitsu @mikenaka125 @cody_nolove @holdsworth135
thnx @TheSharkDaymond Your up @ariannyceleste @mariolopezextra @torque1_net #icebucketchallenge 24 hrs ⌛️ Thnx @veronicafights 4 the gut check @ufc