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Urban Xtreme
Hey @adriennemariya ! Thnx for following. You know we 💜@UrbanXtremeCreww Hope to see you ladies Sept 6th!
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I was nominated for the #AlsChallenge by kennedytucker and I nominate
If u were stranded on an island with only 1 guy, who would u choose? #Zac #Jonas #Cameron #Nash #Bieber #HarryStyles
@UrbanXtremeCrew @KidzBop @ocfair We loved it! #congrats #getknown and keep it up ! #wethinkyourock ! My kiddo wants to rock the stage too !
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Omg Thanks We luv @FifthHarmony Aye! @TySwaggalee "@BradleyBooth2: @UrbanXtremeCrew if u guys keep at it you'll be up with fifth harmony;)"
On set filming a Just Dance commercial! Fun times! ~Regan
@UrbanXtremeCrew thanks for the follow girls! You opened for @KidzBop at @ocfair a few years ago that was my daughter's first concert !!
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If you started school today, how was everyone's 1st day?! & what grade? #backtoschool
@Anaya_ux singing @torikelly "Dear No One" #urbanxtreme #urbanxtremecrew #singing
"We must see or believe in the invisible in order to achieve the impossible." #inspiration
@UrbanXtremeCrew awh thank you ladies!! 😊 you were fabulous & pictures will be up soon!
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@UrbanXtremeCrew That's why I always doing my YouTube Channel Do more talk bout others who are try make difference to give them credit
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So many ppl who just wanna be famous for superficial reasons. Use that fame to change lives! If you haven't helped ppl, its all for nothing!