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The Urban Tracker
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"Just as you watch as the skies clear up on horizons, I became a sand that funnels thru the spaces of your...
If you employ creatives, you create life; if you inject command, you resist what is destined so
RT @wikiHow: How to Make Iced Coffee With Coffee Infused Ice Cubes #wikiHowTo
Apple 6 now available everywhere
The Urban Tracker goes into food tasting! Hats off to the new grill delights courtesy of Red Baron Ribs and Steaks
I have come duplicated by another and its working well
How about a tram to solve Manila's traffic troubles
Ha ha an anti-disorder shirt vs disordered face
Surpassing 40k - Saturday morning when I have finally finished the transcriptions and the contracts for our...
Mhigz Heleco - I thought I came late for my dentist appointment in Addition Hills. I finally got my tooth...
I think I did save the best for last
Thanks TGEP family that feel-good party and the extended celebration
na #lls ako sa "Marry That Girl" na sticky
When we love, it's natural to assume a lot. Eventually it gets in your face that it's after all a blindside, you...
Be professional before becoming a palaka!
Preview for #loveyou an inspiring Pink Movie that speaks the language