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Smile 😊 in front of ppl who hate you your happiness kills them....
You have a couple thing money cant buy Money cant buy love you better go buy #Dubai ....
I was raised right. I dig who I am.
Jah Vinci - Live Inna Fear [Before & After Riddim] November 2014: via @YouTube
What doesn't kill you makes stronger 👌👊🙌 Stand A lil' taller ✨💦 Doesn't mean am lonely when am alone 😏⭐💦💦
Do not pray for an easy life; pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.
you will never walk the road i walk
That moment when your watching a movie and the sad part come in
Don't judge me 🙏🙏🚶🚶
Never get too attached to anyone unless they also feel the same towards you, because one sided expectations can mentally destroy you.
If I never need you then I need you now 😓😓😓
ugly people: taken 💏 nerds: taken 💏 hoes: taken 💏 everybody: taken 💏 me: 🚶
Sometimes, the best way to not get your heart broken is to act like you don’t have one.
At church all day today home time for me
Family come first 👪💞💕
Life isn't always easy, but it's worth it.ღ •
#911 a day no one Wii forget #rip to everyone who lost someone in #911
The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters.
A negative-thinking person sees the difficulty in every opportunity.An optimistic person can see an opportunity in every difficulty
Who is the happiest person in the world? — Me
my tweet say it all feel some kinda way #foreveryoung
If someone really wants to be a part of your life they will seriously make an effort to be in it. No reasons, no excuses. GOOD NIGHT
The best feeling in the world is knowing that you actually mean something to someone.
Enjoy the moments you're living in, they don't last forever.
Don't be so quick to believe what you hear because lies spread quicker than the truth.
Stop rushing things, when the time is right, it will happen.
I always think of you before I fall asleep, the words you said, the things we laughed about, the silent moments we shared.
I liked a @YouTube video from @JayDeeRaymond Damion Marley Jr Gong Ft Nas Patience
Sometimes music is all you need to make you feel better.
Never be afraid to try something new, because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know good morning