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Uncle Louie G
Reward superior performance. If somebody consistently performs above and beyond, show them you…
man i tell you divide and conquer is at it again,s/o my sis @JLo my relationship with you is priceless,love you #DoItLookLikeWeStressin?
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@Giancarlo818 Here's to a speedy recovery! Give'm hell when you return!
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I would definitely consider it RT @_MeSumiT_: @Goldberg sir,if you get a offer to work in bollywood from @BeingSalmanKhan would u accept it?
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That was one hell of a hit from Tennessee.... Best part about it was he didn't show boat afterwards. That's how to do it.
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#Butterfly when is the last time you held one?
Working the door, ID at the ready. (@ Uncle Louie's - @UncleLouie in Columbia, SC)…
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Integrity is always rewarded. It's just that simple. - Uncle Louie
My nephew is at #sea, he sent me this. Very proud of him. #MerchantMarines
#DeNiro #Pesci #RagingBull this is a late #TBT but who doesn't love #RobertDeniro and #JoePesci? Whats your fave #movie from either of these guys?
Sometimes I use big words that I don't always fully understand in an effort to make myself sound more photosynthesis. - Uncle Louie
Up next on #Hannity, #NFL veteran, #wcw #wwe Superstar #Goldberg. #FoxNews now
Why isn't @BradPenny in a #PINCHaPENNY pool commercial? @FoxMarlins @Marlins
It's been a rough month but I look forward to supporting my buddy and tonight is going to be a pivot point for us both. My mom, who shares his name turned the corner to recovery this week and so too shall he. Hard work, dedication and destiny. You do good, you get good. Good things happen to good pe
Been one of those bad travel days, have sat in the airport now for 7 hrs. Been on standby for 3 flights. But the wine helps!! #noextraseats
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And that's so simple yet so difficult. Great advise! “@Cowboycerrone: The only way I live my life
Salaam Hub peace and love to all family
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@FRANKTRIGG: yes I did. Thank you. @UncleLouie @TheModCabin” I thought your beard looked happy
Been back & forth, visiting the single most important woman in my life, for a almost a month; without her, there would be no me. Despite set backs, she stays strong & is stronger & more courageous than I'll ever be. Right now, nothing else matters, just #mom.
@lizmarquis at Comic-con 2014 perf. U Got What I Need in a @DanaDaneMedia Tee @chanumtatum sings…
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#pizza at #PiolaWeston was superb! #pepperoni #spinach #ricotta #sausage so good!
@UncleLouie God Willing big dawg 🙏 Hope you and your family are well
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@JessicaGottlieb: This is the swagger wagon I've always wanted. ht @cbaccus cc @UncleLouie @Goldberg…” Sweet!!!!
Simple mathematics! When you make a decision and realize it was wrong, but still don't fix it, that…
“Systems don’t win, players do.” —Marv Levy
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At 6:30am, I cut the grass. When it was done, I jumped in the pool! Took care of the 4 dogs, pig and animals...Then, I checked the well and noticed there was no salt so I went, picked up 6 bags and loaded them in the system, now, for the last 15 minutes, breakfast!!! That's my morning so far. How ab
When your "friends" don't make time for you, make new #friends. You should see some type of effort in every friendship, if you don't, it's not a friendship. Cut the cord on those and focus your positive energy and support on those who appreciate it. Remember, there's a value in being genuine, don't
#MikePiazza #Mets #UncleLouie #NickoMcBrain #IronMaiden #EddieTrunk #ThatMetalShow
With my dude #MikePiazza. Good times
Just chatted with @mikepiazza31. Genuinely nice guy. Didn't mind my Yankees ring at all. Great friend of my pal Nicko.
At the #Slash concert with the homie #NickoMcBrain #GunsNRoses #IronMaiden