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Blake Anderson
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This new Trash Talk video is very great
Admiral Thwart a Thot
Lieutenant Roast a Botch
Shout out to Earl "Beaver" Belt, he's a real one.
I puked last night but in the best way possible.
Mishka X Teenage At Mishka LA On Saturday, August 23rd
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Currently the greatest track of all time #np Young Thug - Lifestyle
The backlash I've received about my last tweet leads me to believe that the remix to Ignition was meant to be our national anthem.
Usher's Confessions>Confessions II R. Kelly's Ignition>Ignition (remix) yeah i said it.
Uncovered some real gems in the warehouse Go get them at We Got Em for cheap the next 3 days
Yo which one of you Kawasaki motorcycle dudes is getting the gnarest GoPro footage!??!!
Chernobyl Super Soldier Bear for @MishkaNYC x teenage collab. 8/23 next Sat at the @Mishka_LA store.…
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I've really grown to truly love Young Thug's weird terrible voice.
The world is a dark place.
Engineered to Destroy the whole fricken WORLD!!!!!
GOLDEN AXE drums bangin in the trunk :
Chestbustin' at the ComicCon Wired Cafe Paaarty
When you're in Target and you see the stripper who made you cum your sweatpants during a lapdance...
When you're in the Coachella rave tent and it's hella hot and chick dancing next to you farts...
If the library had porn would the internet ever have been invented?
I voice act the shit out of a jizz golem in the new cartoon... Check it out its AWESOME.