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Goodnight world.
Improvement is learning from your mistakes and not letting it happen again
It's Friday over here #ualreadyknow
#Goldenstate said they playing to win. #Lakers are still sweating from last night.
Baseball is too predictable. Good game Reds. #worldseries #mlb #bostonredsocks
John Lackey becomes 1st starting pitcher in MLB postseason history to win multiple World Series-clinching games with more than one team.
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Allen Iverson bout to hang his wrinkled jersey UP HIIIGHHHH tonite. #earlyretirement #legends #nba
Up until now, most would agree that we've all slept through Nick Young's career #Lakers #StarMakers
Updated Dec. 7 @barclayscenter card : Judah-Malignaggi, Alexander-Porter, Lara- Trout & Bika-Anthony Dirrell. @GoldenBoyBoxing #Boxing
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Refunds are only a part of customer satisfaction...
These security companies invading your privacy, and their systems f up in the middle of the night wtf
False alarm... Everybody's ready
Snowbirds are mostly retirees where I'm from
Can't sleep, so I'm creepin in the kitchen #gottaeat #gotmilk #gotcookies
I'm thinking bout a new car, new house and some got damn tricks
"Them brick boys saying they got work but cold chillin in trap"
Patience is the key...
Lookin for a one way ticket to success
If money is the only thing that motivates you, you'll quickly be discouraged. #WorkHardPlayHard
There's something wrong with your character if "opportunity" controls your loyalty
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