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Freezy SF
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by this summer everyones call of duty videos are going to be mirror images of Jevs. Can't tell if I'm excited or scared
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Hitmarkered a sick shot in ffa today
Good morning everyone, whose ready for the RC later today???
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Selena Gomez was a good recruit for B3NG, she carried the entire team in Exterminate 3.
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7 hour drive to philly today leaving in 3 hours
Holy shit. If you buy Advanced Warfare on the xbox 360 dashboard you will get it for free on the xbox one! :D GREAT NEWS
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When you hit a bomb clip in front of the leaders of the team you're trying to join
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Going to philly this weekend
Dummy Rating: Stray Jinx - kinect mic - extremely loud & annoying - loyal dummy - knows where to go isn't complete moron Overall Rating 8/10
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500 retweets and we will use FaZe NiQs thumbnails in all of our videos
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100 RETWEETS and we will make this NEW series of "Obey vs Obey" ft. @ObeyBlaziken public NOW!!
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DSR reload cancel clip in ffa :)
I want to join a good team so bad its boring being solo
I have a 580 tdm spm
40 and 1 in tdm with a 5on
@FaZeAdapt I'm going through your sent messages why did you PM Sniperwolf asking for her number?
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FaZe Rain hates his blind and dyslexic fans, respect lost
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Time to watch some youtube
Fav for an honest dm.
Unfollowed a lot of people sorry
Can anyone get me a bo2 xp lobby
Tweet me your gts i need more friends that play bo2
Bought a book bag and it says this on it im a little scared
Back from the mall bought a bunch of stuff
I was going for the @eRa_Eternity RC but i got discouraged. :/ i got a Six man on screen but you can only see 5 ~_~
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Going to the rec ill be on bo2 later @iSyrupp @Its_ARK
"@Pamaj: Okay Following people who RT this and tweet out #Pamaj4Years Lets have fun =)"
Bae: Come over Me: Can't, I have Ebola Bae: But my parents aren't home Me:
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Been waiting for this for years
RT for a follow, I'll follow a few :D
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3 clips 1 game. Wasn't. Recordin. 2 QHSF. AND A 5on Fuck me
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Ebola has been in the US for 1 day and people are already wearing masks. AIDS has been here for 55 years and people still don't use a condom
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RT or Fav for a follow need to fill up my timeline