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Saint Nick
My American moment for today: learned, to my shock and horror, that the Czech Republic isn't in Canada.
Retweeted by Saint Nick
Tempted to create an achievement for dying in one called "John Romero" because an ion storm made you its bitch, but is that too much?
I have one, a large cloud of charged particles that I'm working on, and it'll cause your engines to randomly misfire.
I think when it comes to these obstacles I'm coming up with for my rocket game that I might just be a sadist.
And any time I would talk it would be liberally interspersed with "um" and "uhh"
It'd just be long, drawn out segments of dead air while I concentrate, followed by cursing.
Every now and then I think "Yeah, I could stream myself gaming" and then I remember that it's literally their jobs to make it look easy.
Omg look at this gorgeous pixel art. This is why I told you guys @metkis is a wizard.
Retweeted by Saint Nick
Someone on the Construct 2 forums was asking people to make a plugin that lets him make an MMO.
Retweeted by Saint Nick
Luckily I'm a clever sod who kept copies of the working environment at each stage so redoing it is seconds, hopefully results are better!
Found massive bug in my PhD code, invalidates all results. Eep!
Big icon in the new user select menu changes user profile icon. Actually important and used functions are tiny. Why, @googlechrome, why?
Actually the whole chrome update reeks of bad design. The user switcher opens a little area with a big icon and two small options.
Thanks, Chrome.
Somehow Chrome has turned a feature few people used but took two clicks to do into something that few people use but takes 3 clicks to do.
To the people using #jenesuispascharlie: look, some of the points you're making aren't wrong, but you ∗are∗ all complete arseholes
Oh hey, I love his comedy! Shame I had to kill him...
General Khan is dead. It was a tough fight, but he succumbed in the end once I knocked out his power supply.
Customized my Elite HUD colours. Little dark, but I like the way it's going.
DK Rap has its own wiki page. Life is good.
Of course, DK Jungle Rap is best game music.…
Maybe some day, in thirty years, we'll look back, "Remember when music in games was great? Halo, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, so good!"
Music is integral to a game experience, and you forget a lot of the games with bad music.
I'm going to put forward an alternate theory about why game music seemed better in the 8bit era.
Retweeted by Saint Nick
In Elite I have to kill a general Khan. How do they expect me to do that without photon torpedoes?
Elite... when a target goes out of range do NOT auto select the nearest ship. Just blew up the security services with a missile.
Wish that Elite "SLOW DOWN" warning happened, like, five seconds earlier...
I want to watch more funny youtubers. I like JonTron and Zero Punctuation, but found AVGN too dry. Any suggestions?
Damn that last bounty was worth 50k. What did they do?
If you're not listening to Vangelis while playing Elite, you're not really playing Elite.
slight annoyance with the Elite Dangerous launcher. It defaults to "single player combat training" which I keep accidentally launching
So intensely ill.
Vangelis scored a surprising variety of films, considering his music style.
I am significantly iller, and I don't mean the kind where I drop trousers in public and hold out my hands like an invisible cats cradle
I've come to sniffle you again
Hello mucus my old friend
I finally made it!
I will apparently reach this station in 4 more minutes. This has been one hell of a journey. Spanning over an hour of game time.