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[NSFW] This gifsounds is just beautiful.…
Gonna be that way until June, sadly. I say sadly, but this weekend is a LAN and beer festival in Cambridge, next weekend is my birthday
Sorry about not posting much of late, I've been on a lot of weekend trips away so my gamedev time has been cut very short.
Just about finished installing VS 2015 RC, so gamedev resumes soon!
I'm still not certain what "ScrollLock" does, but god damn if I don't hate it when that light is on.
It's been well over 10 years since I last played Unreal Tournament, but I still find myself hitting F9 when I want to take a screenshot.
Not to mention it's still got some excellent contrast in there.
Also, while having more colours meant that there was plenty of contrast for the eye, I'm finding a simpler colour palate to just look nicer
Also you may note that the colours for the boundaries have swapped back to blue. I like blue, ok?
Added sun shafts to give your eye a subtle clue to where is safe in #HyperGauntlet. #gamedev #screenshotsaturday
Lior Tal's Sandbox - Developing for WebGL with Unity 5… #devjournals #feedly
Seems you can't use .resx files in unity without really weird errors. There I go, trying to code properly again.
The image accompanying this unity tutorial really helps inform the reader. Tutorial writers, take note.…
Remember how I said I had no idea why something wasn't turning up in the inspector? Turns out you can't see compile errors if you hide 'em
There is no more frightening prospect than implementing scroll windows in the Unity UI system.
Decree: from now on it's 100% correct to spell it 'manoovering' because we as a species are just losing too much time to this.
This, by the way, is just the left side of the screen. The right will show friends, medals, etc.
No scrolling any more, you see you, your immediate surroundings, your "nemesis" and some goals for you to aim for.
Concept of the new Hyper Gauntlet high score system. Scores shown will hopefully be more meaningful now.
*Tries to write a template to contain a template* I don't even know what programming is any more. #gamedev #indiedev
I sound mean, its really because I'm jealous of their cocktails and pick and mix train epic
Also, bumper bag of pick and mix. Sends weird signals. 'I'm here to party! I hope there's a clown.'
Old burger connoisseurs have been replaced by two 18 year old women with four Smirnoff cans apiece. Party time!
Where are the burgers these old people have eaten? Because if Rockstone pails in comparison, I need to eat it.
Old people on the train talking down on The Rock stone's burgers. The Rock stone is the best burger place in Southampton.
Writing ToDo list items for single line changes. #justtiredcoderthings (via @API_Beast)
God public transport is awful in dorset. It takes four hours to get from wimborne to London! That's a 2.5hr drive.
Sorry colour blind people, looks like Unity doesn't want you to be able to play HyperGauntlet.
Unity's inspector refuses to show one of my fields, all the other, identical fields show up, but not this one.
Woah, Flickr are offering a free terabyte of cloud photo storage?
And now I need to watch Mulan again, great film.
Always wondered what the general perception of the film "Mulan" is in China.
Whoever picked this Virginia vanity plate is my new favorite person (found on /r/typography)
Also: Your butt is lookin' mighty fine today *eyebrow waggle*
Don't mean to brag, but I really like this new Hyper Gauntlet UI. #gamedev #screenshotsaturday
I wish I could #gamedev while I slept.
Seriously, I signed up for self-assessment tax to HMRC and got a response within two weeks. What the hell are they doing over there?
I can't get a foreign tax ID without going through the IRS, and that takes up to 4 months!? How does the US even function?
Today I learned that the Dwarf Fortress Patreon makes 8% of what a furry breeding porn game makes. What an exciting time to be a #gamedev!
But seriously, yo, would be cool if you supported me. I'll use it to buy pretty assets for games.
Finally caved and made a Patreon. Except incessant nagging in the future.
How about the people complaining about Cards Against Humanity just sit in their tidy white suburban houses instead of playing it?
It's a shame it's not a *little bit* closer though because then it'd look like they were kissing…

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