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Nick Udell
Ok, Partial Classes are kinda cool.
@UdellGames Rolled up in a yellow hammock. I didn't choose the banana life, the banana life choose me.
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Lying diagonally in a double bed under alllllllll the covers. I didn't choose the snug life. The snug life chose me.
On the other plus side, my code is much more SOLID, which means it's reusable! Faster future games!
@UdellGames @KerbalSpaceP Never give up, never surrender! Nothin' a little deltaV can't solve :)
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Although the downside is that after a full day of retroactively making unit tests, I cannot type English for shit.
Hell, I think you should be unit testing the core stuff in your smaller projects too. So much time saved, in the long run.
Making a medium - large scale game? You should probably unit test your code.
Skywater. Skywater everywhere. It is so skywet right now.
Mix of excitement and fear for insomnia52! Demoing Hyper Gauntlet for the first time, wish me luck! Any seasoned demon's got any good tips?
And if I could amalgamate my cloud accounts to one big drive that would be awesome. I must have some 60gb of cloud storage spread out.
Anyone have a system that lets me use cloud storage without syncing files to my local storage? Like mapping a network drive to Dropbox.
RIP. Robin Williams. Pretty sure you were my entire childhood.
None of the sims would phone for emergency services because they were too busy panicking at the fire. They all died.
Seriously, loaded a new family. Moved them in. Had one of them go to the toilet while the other made a meal. House on fire
Booted up the Sims 2 last night, first time I've ever rage quitted the Sims.
So Amazon Instant Video has a film called "The Sinful Dwarf". I think I need to watch this.
Hyper Gauntlet is an action game and it's available on @Desura (early access beta)… #Linux #Ubuntu @UdellGames
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What sound does a nut make when it sneezes? Cashew.
I have been reading some awful jokes and I am going to share one with you because I'm a bad person.
I've not done a shit, I've done the shit.