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Saint Nick
I need every single person to retweet this link for a fantastic charity cause. 168 hours of content for charity!
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gonna play some croc 2, crash 1 and a bit of something else
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This bed is strange. Its so soft and wobbly. Like I'm on a water bed that also has springs.
Miss my fiancée though
I am drunk and have played LAN games. Life is good.
@UdellGames check out tactical intervention.I'm fairly sure it has a similar mechanic
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These are my fears for Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen too.
I think people underestimate the negative effects of overhyping a game. Spore was ok, if you ask most people though it is the devil.
@UdellGames Yeah, the mobility was real nice, but also it felt like a good pay-off if you picked the heavy folk. And customisation was great
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Can't remember the name of the game at all though, played it about 8 years ago maybe? Played for years too!
I cannot stress how much that one extra feature felt so good in that game.
I remember playing an old Koran (I think?) free multiplayer FPS that was basically CS but the added feature of a forward roll.
Only difference between the bots and actual players I could notice was the bots thanked you for help more often
People talk a lot about Brink being a let down, but I played it online with both bots and humans, and I have to say the AI was great.
Pretty damn jubilant today. Had a successful meeting I was SO nervous for, and later I'm off to a drunken LAN with a couple of friends!
Cola-bottle scented hand soap? I am so game I should put myself on Greenlight.
Whatever van men are doing, I want no part of it.
4/5 poster ads in the men's toilets at this service station are for impotence or premature ejaculation. The other one is van insurance.
Do you know how I got these scars? Failure to moisturise properly.
Corner of my mouth is sore from the dry weather, keep licking it, must look like Heath Ledger's Joker
Still, I have a fiancée now, so no matter what happens I'll be happy.
Properly bricking it about tomorrow now. Not looking forward to telling my PhD supervisors I have to quit and don't have results.
Not looking forward to tomorrow. Not looking forward to tomorrow at all.
Yup. I'm now engaged to @crafterways like some goddamn ecstatic idiot!
Had an amazing idea for a game, but I don't think I could ever possibly make it. It relies heavily on excellent art and music
It is Louisa. Louisa is Ari's wife. It's not long before I hear, "He's what?!" come through the handset. lol
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After finding out it's all a ruse (again) Teencop finds a number in Ari's phone. Calls it. "Hi, is this Louisa?" *sounds of Ari powervom*
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I mean, what? Does he really think he's sneaking in tonight? I would PAY BIG DOLLARS to see that shit!
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Here's a dude who can't walk, talk or look straight, but still knows he fucked up and pulls an epic ruse all to avoid his partner's wrath.
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Ari's on the phone to his wife when he begins to vom in his mouth. So teencop takes the phone from him only to find Ari's faking the call!
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I have no idea how these cops are not dying with laughter. Everyone is barely keeping their shit together here.
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"errgleurgh... Hi... hic! I'm a litt...le bit innerrrbrrriated..." *vomits in mouth* ACTUAL QUOTE
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40y/o drunk guy next to me at the train station has thrown up all over himself. Cop offered to call the guy's wife. "Nope." Lolololololol
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Cute concept by @UdellGames: 'an anniversary is essentially like your relationship levelling up!' Quick, someone make a joke about grinding
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My relationship leveled up again today, happy anniversary, @crafterways!
@UdellGames This game is the bees knees, folks! Give it a shot! (no parrots were harmed in this endorsement)
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The concept is pretty interesting, and it's impressively powerful, but it's obtuse and a nightmare to debug.
LISP is finicky and a bit awful.