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Nick Udell
The theory that all the bees are going to come back, as one BIG bee.
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Like dodging things? Competitive? Try Hyper Gauntlet, only $5 on @itchio!
Just ahead of our review, here's the interview with @UdellGames on Hyper Gauntlet.
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I need to stop referring to these Hyper Gauntlet sections as 'runs'. Reminds me too much of diarrhoea.
WOOOO The Code Is Merged! (satisfied sigh of relief as ease of merge exceeds expectations) #gamedev
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Thanks to @hananahammocks, I really want to code to conga music. Not sure the office would be happy with it though
Just realized Hyper Gauntlet's trailer isn't showing up on the main Hyper Gauntlet page. Wordpress youtube embedding is so flaky.
@UdellGames yeah, you should be using descriptive bulk commit messages like "changes" and "fixes," which are ALWAYS helpful a few mos later!
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I need to stop naming my commit messages "COMMIT"
Anybody else want me to pimp their games? My fee is very reasonable!
Seriously though, @eniko's MidBoss. Excellent, and currently free. Go at that son of a bitch.
@UdellGames @BlackIceTheGame Psst psst, I could use some help with MidBoss? >_> Even if it isn't for sale yet...
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Btw, expect a blog post soon with a list of changes I'm planning for #HyperGauntlet v1.1. HINT: I'm making it harder.
Ordinarily I'd plug @BlackIceTheGame too, but it probably doesn't need my help (psst go buy it)
And if you haven't bought @DarkestKale's Quarries of Scred, then I don't think we can be friends anymore.…
Did you know that if everyone bought #HyperGauntlet right now, I'd be surprised and PayPal would suspect fraudulent behaviour?
It amazes me that there doesn't seem to be a wool shop in Wool in Dorset.
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It's that time again, when I pester you to buy #HyperGauntlet for that low, low price of $5!
One of the great things about the modern gaming scene is that there are so many games - it's ok for you to not like one of them
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Now if only that meant 12,000 people had bought it!
You might be interested to know that in it's lifetime, #HyperGauntlet servers have received over 12,000 scores! The most recent was by 'ass'
Ok, done, high score away!
doing some light-speed changes to server architecture for #HyperGauntlet. High scores produced in the next five minutes might fail.
Just need to bring back Firefly.