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Nick Udell
#screenshotsaturday my car briefly got confused and became Kerbal Space Program
Hmm, nope, didn't fix the problem. Just solved a different one. Maybe I can set wheel friction to 0 when the rocket is engaged?
Oh Oh. I'm an idiot. I was adding the wrong force...
But I want the boost to work both on the ground and in the air.
The problem is that the wheels are actually slowing the car down with friction, because their torque is lower than the rocket boost
Hmm, my turbo boost is really temperamental.
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Rebooting the world's first MMORPG: A Habitat story -
I can't wait for all this political bullshit to be over so I can unmute everybody again. Unilateral muting has emptied my twitter feed.
But yeah, I am woefully underinformed on this branch of medical science (my speciality is asthma), so appreciate any info.
If so, is it really reasonable to try to cure them with the same drives? Is that not like saying "Let's cure headaches!"?
My understanding is that cancers are basically a set of very different diseases that cause similar(ish) symptoms. Is that correct?
Serious talk for a moment, any cancer scientists follow me? Got a question.
Just unfollowed a bunch of people who hadn't tweeted in over a month. Ready to follow more now!
It staves off mess (as much as possible), keeps things reusable and testable, and doesn't take extra time!
8 games in and I think I've finally worked out a Unity coding style I actually like.
Everybody's being productive, and I'm just sitting here wondering if I can write a Frozen song parody called "Do you want to invade Poland?"
if you need a tool for managing twitter. I couldn't recommend @SocialBro more. Here's a greedy referral link:…
By the way, you can actually use multiple accounts to support a thunderclap, such as both a facebook and a twitter account. Just sayin'
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‘C’mon, hustle!’ How Kickstarter is turning game development into a spectator sport -
Just submitted my first fix to the @StrangeIoC github.…
Emmett's double decker Lego movie sofa spotted in charity shop ;)
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My problem with ThunderClap's logo is that shrunk down it looks like a stylized thumbs down.
'Nobody in this industry knows what they're doing' (and that's not always a bad thing) -
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Wait, why am I trying to work out my own IOC system when I already have @StrangeIoC, am I drunk?
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Oh goody, false widow spiders.
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Dr. Spacezoo's Optical Boom Blaster (tm) and Super Sparkle Combat Text (tm) presented in full Sparkle Motion… #gamedev
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Full DI makes more sense, I guess. Just gotta figure out how to inject everything that needs it.
Oh but then service locator makes it harder to unit test.
I'm probably the first dev ever who wants to invert inversion of control.
But then with DI I have to be careful how I set everything up. I have to manually inject things, I can't just get them to say "I need this"
I guess Service Locator? But then I might as well have full DI...
Hmm, really don't want to start Singletoning up everything here, but I don't think an IOC framework suits my needs here. Suggestions?
Gamasutra: Thomas Henshell's Blog - Miracles *Do* Happen (for Indies) -
I am back, and now I have tea!
Game creation for the masses: What's next for Twine -