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Uday Chopra
india bollywood actor 902,074 followers
Now that’s how you pack a punch…All the best @priyankachopra
The ancient oracle said that I was the wisest of all the Greeks. It is because I alone, of all the Greeks, know that I know nothing-Socrates
French fries, I’ve discovered, are like women…eat them while they’re hot!
Sometimes I think I should start a fight club for all the haters…come and face me one on one…maybe I’ll get sponsors and make some money
Ok I’m off to New York to hang out with my hot friend @andreaboehlke later
An advice to all my fellow geeks…if you want a chick,put a bug on her phone and monitor her movements. You wont get her! but hey its fun!
I only drink vodka on days that start with V…Vonday, Vuesday, Vednesday, Vursday, Vriday, Vaturday and Vunday. The rest of the time I don’t
Today is international breathing day. Come to think of it, that should be kinda every day #UdayChopraMadnessHour
There are only 2 things we really need to know for life. The first, doesn’t matter and the second is not worth talking about
It’s strange but when I’m drunk I can speak fluent Gorganitor. It isn’t a real real language but at this state, does it really matter
Final words befr I die… Ok fine, Im not dying…To learn something doesn’t make u wiser, it just teaches you that u know less than u should
Being weak is fine. I rather appear weak and gather my strengths, than fight when I’m least ready for it
Does anyone else play civilization 5…it’s kinda awesome!
Men seek sex and disguise it as love. Women seek love and disguise it as sex. Vodka on the other hand treats sex and love exactly the same
My friend Jugal Hansraj just got married yesterday in Oakland, Michigan to Jasmine…wish the couple a very happy married life #PyaarPossible
I came back to life…yay!
Just checking…yup! Still dead
I think I’m gonna die…
Here’s a tip… What? We’re you expecting something else
I don’t believe in people. Ghosts on the other hand are quite real.
@udaychopra watched was beautiful,elegant n touching. following u now. U earned it. keep up the good work.
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What a wonderful film #BeginAgain a must see…congrats @WeinsteinFilms @adamlevine
That wasn’t even the recoird eint ovf te haun… I’m having a problem finisienj mip sanincs