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Uday Chopra
india bollywood actor 828,618 followers
#HowToKnowYouAreNotIndian Clue number 5: you think only wealthy people have servants
#HowToKnowYouAreNotIndian Clue number 4: you don’t think being overweight is the same as being “healthy”
#HowToKnowYouAreNotIndian Clue number 3: you don’t live with your parents
#HowToKnowYouAreNotIndian clue number 2: you think it’s ok to have sex before marriage
#HowToKnowYouAreNotIndian Clue number 1: you think curry is a flavor
If any of you are planning on getting married…don’t! But then again what do I know #RidiculouslyHappyAndUnmarried
A little bit of bad is better than a whole lotta good…
This was the biggest hotdog I ever ate…and I ate it all!!!
Off to my next destination…where do you think I’m going? There’s a clue in the pic
I'm definitely not drinking this!!!
A lot of you got it right…it’s budapest
Some help the poor, some take care of puppies. Some fight to eradicate disease yet others choose to entertain. We all have a part to play
Is kourth a word? I so wish it was…I kourth all of you!
We salute the expanding egos of whatever powers that subjugate us. For only the respect of the quasi-bourgeoisie can validate it #Brainfart
What is a guy who goes into trains to make people laugh called? an Enter-Trainer #YesIKnowImLame
Does this ever happen…like, (ya I said like) you think about thinking and then you realize that’s like (ya I did it again) not even possible
I want bruva to become the new brotha… #WhatDoesThisGuyKeepGoingOnAbout
I have this sneaky suspicion that the Earth did cease to exist in 2012…we’ve all been harvested, dreaming out the rest of our “existence”
You @Naughty_Dog gimme uncharted 4 now!!!
I think pita bread will save the world…it’s just a feeling
You know you’re getting old when people actually start taking your advice