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Uday Chopra
Parathas are the cheese of the punjabis…it makes everything better
Suicide is like paying for a luxury holiday and going home on the first day. We’re all gonna die anyway, at least lets get what we paid for
Driving past...
Seldom have I seen such a beautifully captured movie as The Longest Week. Put it on the list.…
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Our brand new release, #TheLongestWeek is number 5 in the @iTunes Top Films Chart! Check it out here
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#TheLongestWeek is now available from @GravitasVOD for Pre-Order on @iTunesMovies! Get your copy here: @iTunes
I plan to spend my time on National Dog Day with my favourite Dog @Naughty_Dog and #TheLastOfUs
Trafficking of young girls and women is worst evil which needs to be eliminated.'Mardaani' has brought it into focus.
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I congratulate Rani Mukherjee for a wonderful and powerful performance in 'Mardaani'. Aditya Chopra has done well to produce this movie.
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After a very long time went along with family to watch a movie. 'Mardaani' turned out to be soul stirring saga highlighting a societal evil.
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We will give 'tax free' status to 'Mardaani' in Madhya Pradesh considering the bold social message conveyed by it.
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If you weren’t already in love with @aliaa08 you won’t be able to stop yourself after this…
RT @thisTEMI: You can always tell what somebody thinks of you by who they set you up with #TheLongestWeek Movie Dialogue @udaychopra
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RT @ramanonas: "I can't, actually. It would be a misinterpretation of how I feel inside" #TheLongestWeek Movie Dialogue @udaychopra?
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@GQLovesYou: Love is like communism, it was once a great idea but never quite worked out.” #TheLongestWeek
Rani Mukerji is simply Outstanding in #Mardaani!!!! Blows your mind!!! Take a bow @yrf for a relevant and compelling film!!!!
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#TheLongestWeek (Une Semaine Ordinaire) has one of the greatest dancing scenes in a film, it blends with the story beautifully & entertains
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this movie is something, really. yes, i love it. 😆#TheLongestWeekk 💖 again, Jason Bateman nailed it 👍😁
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This Man Really Knows How To Freak People Out At The Airport Out. via @___Dose___
If you want to know how many people pretend to like you, go to Facebook. If you want to know how many people really hate you,come to Twitter
So @MardaaniTheFilm releases today. If you are a Rani fan, or if you are a fan of women in general, you should see it.
Sometimes I feel like Im just one app away from feeling better #ClickToBuy
The Longest Week Pre-Order on iTunes now! --->
Damn! Nicki Minaj in Anaconda - Might as well just call it porn
Why am I tweeting so much today? Why am I thinking out loud on twitter? Damn! somethings wrong with my programming #AmIAMachine
I believe that all great good comes from great evil. If we didn’t have evil in our hearts we would not be driven to do good #IKnowCrazyRight
What is it about Bengal that great artists and thinkers come from there. This is not a promotion for Rani or @MardaaniTheFilm ok maybe a bit
Sometimes I feel, that if we, as a collective human race were all content and happy, twitter/social media wouldn’t be so popular
Dear @DestinyTheGame I got a beta invite but was late to the party…can I please get one now, can’t wait till Sept 9th
I have a problem. I think everyone is right, even the ones who are not.
It was wonderful meeting @AnupamPkher yesterday after so long. He constantly reminds me that there is always hope 😉
Hey @ritesh_sid happy belated birthday buddy!!!
I think Tuesdays are the new Mondays… We gear up for a Monday and use up all that energy on it and then Tuesday comes and wham! were done!
“@AthIeteLife: Don't practice until you get it right. Practice until you can't get it wrong. -Unknown”
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Your brain is not your friend.It will turn on you when you least expect it. It will make you see and feel things that do not exist.Fight it!
From Rani to Mardani…check out Rani’s Krav Maga techniques here - 1) @MardaaniTheFilm
#RIPRobinWilliams shocking to hear this… Here is a scene to remember him by #WhatWillYourVerseBe?