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Uday Chopra
Remembering my father today on his death anniversary- he had a passion for life that was unequaled #LoveYouDad
Does anyone else like ear samosas ?
Hey @NargisFakhri happy birthday…lots of love
3rd Rotten Mangos 2013 for WORST SUPPORTING ACTOR goes to Uday Chopra>>>DHOOM 3 @udaychopra #thegcrm
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I have decided not to believe myself…that brings me to a conundrum. If I don’t believe myself then how can I decide not to believe myself
I need a mutated spider,with the ability to change my DNA, to bite me real soon… I mean I bought the suit on eBay and its just sitting there
A bodybuilder and a farmer, both mean very different things when they say “I did calves today”
I wrote a poem in Goringenekkè for all u Goringenekkè speaking ppl Fleehaarts blemp Groeschla kuè Neehar tolnè Te blehegsa goè
Do brainfarts smell?
It’s a bagel, it’s a croissant- it’s a baissant- let’s just call it delicious…
Belfie is a butt selfie as popularized by @KimKardashian
Chennai is my braz’s team…they will rule!!! @juniorbachchan
I don’t know why people hate selfies…what’s a selfie ever done to u?
I love Belfies…
If I was an animal I’d probably be human
I fear we are not worried enough about Ebola…
It’s really late here in Pike Creek…so I’ll go to bed…the skyline grill was great…the food was amazing…now I sleep! Buh bye
@udaychopra I'd call it 'Wise'. It would be a wise religion to be in. The followers would be wise men and women.
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I’m in Pike Creek, Delaware…ya even I don’t know what I’m doing here…
@udaychopra parked my car.. Went to the bar.. I said to waiter.. This seat is mine and get me some chine !! 😎
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After the debacle of my religion “Shunya” I want to start a religion around cheese n wine…I’m calling it “Chine” cause “Weese” sounds weird
To prove my invincibility against carbs, today I’m going to eat a Cronut…any ideas where to get one?
A very happy birthday Amit uncle @SrBachchan lots of love
Remember…they can’t keep laughing at you if you are laughing as well 😉
1198…that’s the distance in miles, that my heart has travelled away from me
I have an affinity for the word bakri…and everything that rhymes with it 😝
You can’t scare me…my brother is Aditya Chopra
Ok fine I lied…I don’t wanna be a positron…I secretly desire to be a neutrino but don’t tell my mother
I want to be a positron…I think it’s the coolest thing in the universe, well after gluons and quarks but hey we shouldn’t dream that high
How to drink alcohol without drinking alcohol… Really?!!!! You really thought this was possible
I look at Dubai and marvel at what it’s achieved- literally grown out of the desert…a truly cosmopolitan city, yet with its culture intact.
Eid Mubarak to all..
Spaghetti alio e olio…that’s the way God intended it
The trick is not in telling a better story. The trick, is in telling it better.
I see two bored fat guys and a fit indian guy, with sustainable milk production, inviting them to join him outside
I want a dog…
Dusserah is the celebration of good over evil…but Im still here…so! not so sure if this thing is working
Sometimes a joke is worth a thousand words…unless of course the joke takes a thousand words to tell…then…well then…this stops making sense
I don’t think he meant jeans…I’m thinking he meant beans due to all the flatulence…I mean no one wants flatulence
I realized why my religion “Shunya” never took off. A good religion needs holidays and festivals…on that note Happy Dusserah
Crabs can either be really good or really bad…depends if it’s in your plate or ur pants
Ok my spaghetti is here….buh bye
I meant the straps…
I think it’s spaghetti time
All men are born stupid…vodka just makes sure we stay that way