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Celebrating #TalkLikeAPirateDay with one of our favorites! #AC4BlackFlag
No road trip is complete without the right music. We chat with The Crew’s composer >> ||
Find out why @WhiteHouse cupcakes taste dignified and how video games are changing education
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Playing on your smartphone is great, playing with it is amazing. #JustDanceNow is out worldwide September 25. ||
We're now on #Snapchat! Add Ubisoftsnaps for all the latest.
We're now on @Snapchat! Add Ubisoftsnaps for all the latest. ||
Massive & connected, The Crew is a true social experience. New video of a day in the game >> |
Watch this young #Rocksmith2014 prodigy enjoy a very happy birthday >> ||
The Settlers – Kingdoms of Anteria has launched its Closed Beta. Join the fun here >> ||
Spend a day behind the wheel exploring the massive, connected world of @TheCrewGame >> ||
Are you ready for Bad Blood? Things are going to get real loud next week >> ||
The winner of our #FarCry4 Quest for Everest contest has been chosen >> ||
See the Brotherhood in action in the new #AssassinsCreed Unity co-op trailer >> ||
We've scheduled tests for 02:00 CET [8pm EST, 5pm PDT] that may impact all our online services. Full details here >>
Just don't look down... #FarCry4
Your questions about @TheCrewGame answered! Check it out here >> ||
Full tracklist revealed for #JustDance2015! Which is your fave? All tracks here >> ||
T-Bone delivers in the @watchdogsgame Bad Blood DLC. New gameplay details >> ||
Picture this: You're a 10-year-old #Rocksmith2014 prodigy. And then, just before your birthday, a box arrives...…
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Let loose the elephants of Kyrat! New #FarCry4 video shows these behemoths in action >> ||
Do the characters in #ACUnity have French accents? Find out more here >> ||
What is Toy Soldiers: War Chest? Prepare for battle with this new intel [VIDEO] >> ||
Another familiar face is back in #ACRogue. Do you recognize the Assassin crossing swords with Shay? ||
Level up your workout this November with @ShapeUpGame! #FF ||
We celebrated the first ever Video Gamer Night with the @sfgiants, Todd McFarlane and these guys!
The Crew has one simple creed: Never drive alone. Watch the latest trailer to see why >> ||
Thanks to everyone for attending our first-ever Video Gamer Night with the @SFGiants & @Todd_McFarlane!
Remember the first time you met Ezio Auditore da Firenze #TBT #AssassinsCreed
Join a new breathing world of car enthusiasts in #TheCrew. Check out the new trailer >> ||
Watch Arno spring to life on the streets of modern day Paris >> ||
Watch Dogs is coming to Wii U this November! Details here >> ||
Stealth is essential in #AssassinsCreed Unity co-op heist missions. New gameplay video >> ||
Unlock Chicago on your GamePad with #WatchDogs on Wii U! Available November 20. ||
Check out some of @RedStorm's highlights from the #WHGameJam over the weekend! >> ||
Where are the French accents in #AssassinsCreed Unity? Answers here >> ||
He’s clever. He’s crude. He blows things up. T-Bone’s back in Watch Dogs Bad Blood >> ||
Share your #AssassinsCreed Unity t-shirt art, vote for @DesignByHumans contest winners >> ||
On my way to Kyrat! #Selfie #Getaway #FarCry4
The battle to #TakeBackNYC will be won, one block at a time. #TheDivision ||
Assassin’s Creed The Americas Collection coming this October >> ||