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Get ready to flip out! Trials Fusion is out now! Launch trailer, details, reviews >> ||
Officer Ray has to get back on the streets. Keep an eye on these Trials jokers for me: You've all been deputized!
This is the Captain's handwriting... And HE'S criticizing me? Ridiculous & insulting.
The Captain is always complaining about my handwriting on my official Trials Fusion reports... I think it's fine.
Saw this Xbox 360 code in my rear view mirror so you might have to reverse it... ZMJMM-74DY9-TGCF7-WVR22-J9XCF
You dopes are all about your “sick moves” & “sweet tricks,” but is reckless riding worth a trip to the slammer?
I didn't get a clean look at this PS4 code so you'll have to figure out the last letter yourself. 7LDM-KRNB-5KG? Hint: There is no hint.
I'd rather have you hot dogs playing Trials Fusion on a 360 than DOING 360 flips on my streets: 7DDPM-JF9X9-F2RWF-G3JDH-TRRPZ
More alphabet soup for you Xbox One Trials Fusion scofflaws: 4CRYX-2KKPW-KJ73W-4TGFH-H7D2Z
You US law breakers can get some free Trials Fusion in-game bike gear: That'll look sweet in my impound lot.
You want to know what Officer Ray stands for? The exact opposite of these Trials Fusion shenanigans:…
This is either the license plate of a law breaking motorcycle maniac or a Playstation 4 code. 44MM-4HN5-46JP
I don't even know what an Xbox One is, but I bet this is some sort of secret password for a law breakers club. 97K7H-424PK-7D26V-CTMF9-QFDFZ
Just look at the ridiculous shenanigans these maniacs are getting up to. Unsafe and unacceptable.
Officer Ray is there to bring some law and order to this rule breaking showboat of a Twitter account. Tweet safe and ride safe!
By the authority of Biker Beat this Twitter feed is now under the control of Officer Ray.…
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The wait is over. #TrialsFusion is out today! Welcome to the future.
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