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Jada Lovato
Do you want a way to get a free itunes card? Fav! RT to save a fangirls life😂
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Bt she can't be what you need if she's 17😔@camilacabello977
To the girl who just saw me naked in my hotel room... I'm sorry #itwascold #cutmesomeslack
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@Godsgirlbieber9: 😂😂” thts her on the left Ihad 2c wat she looked like
@TweetLikeAGirI: Student section goals” iwish my school was like tht…
I love @the1975, Girls is my favorite song! It's so real lol
I came home and Jc was singing a Demi song I'm such a good influence
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@stillkidxauhl: "Justin has been on the top 50 social chart for 200 weeks straight" #EMABiggestFansJustinBieber” 😂🙏
I'm from the philly area bt love Dallas n I love @dallaslovato cus her names dallas lol
@irobotyoujane: it's** "@WValderrama: Hold on to who you really are... Is the one thing no one can deny respect.” <3 🙇” what he said.
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Rae Sremmurd - No Flex Zone (Explicit) they haven't hit puberty? Ithought this was a girl tbh
I can't stop listening to jealous by @nickjonas
@ohhushmusic: Cutting a song with @FifthHarmony today. These girls can sangggggggggg!!!” Can't wait to hear it!
I feel like this Cool Kids should be a @taylorswift13 or @katyperry song bt mostly Taylor.
EVERYBODY WANTS TO STEAL MY GIIRRLL!!! My girl being @ddlovato (& @LaurenJauregui ) 😉😏
I want I want I want!!!!!… some food…
@scooterbraun: Back to la la land ✈️” OMG THIS IS A @ddlovato REFETENCE!!! I knew u were a lovatic scoot!
Wow wow wow wow wow....... Unbelievable night.. Going to bed with tears in my eyes because I'm so happy. ...
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.@ddlovato was born in August so I think this may be true
@jauregaysddl: @m_callahan why did you delete the other tweet 😂” lol I saved
Hold on to who you really are... Is the one thing no one can deny respect.
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Look at this precious lil puppy. Name suggestions?
I love being in fandoms of great artists. U guys r so cool and chill unlike Stan's(hip hop/rap fandoms)
Follow me if you're a belieber ❤️ I'll follow back btw
Demi sent me nudes!!! 🙏 (I wouldn't actually post them btw bt here)
@mikeyforaday: OMG GUYZ LOOK MICHAEL FOLLOWED ME! ⬇️⬇️ @Michael5SOS” 😂
@jxstinftaxstin: “@ARIANASMCCANNS: suck a dick its really good for you” i prefer ass” wth 😂
Those annoying card Dms are annoying
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just because you've met Carter like 8 times that doesn't make you his biggest fan:)
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