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♛ Jada Lovato ♛
Imagine dialing the wrong number You: mom? Them: No this is ed sheeran
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Ahhh had so much fun hanging out with you guys! Check out the highlights and get my album for FREEE on Google Play!!…
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@thosearianagifs: This Dog Took Ariana For A Walk . 😂😂�” 😂😂
Rt if you a LOVATIC so we can all watch a movie together 😃
"Justin is an official Calvin Klein model" "he stripped on National TV" "he's happy" "new music" "no drama"
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when a stranger mentions your favs name in public *turns around like someone said my name*
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@ActorTrivia: Elijah Wood and Macauley Culkin as young actors” the good son
@MaineyPromo: Got His Ass 😩�” the dude at the end came out of nowhere 😂😂
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WTF is wrong with kids these days. 😠😠 She got killed by her friend over a boy. Full
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What happens when you don't respect the #X. Use #X before you drive to pause the convo. #itcanwait #icwendorsed
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@PIRATES_SMOKE_: “@Top_boy16th: "@DFkinLopes: Your room bitch RT @MackinAintCeezy Tell me somethin dirty 😈"😂😂” 💀💀” 😂
@JBCrewdotcom: What do you think Justin has planned for us?”the tour he talked about on @OfficialFahlo
On kik having a convo about @ddlovato and I's wedding 😂
There Is A Difference Between: 1. Bae & Babe 2. Love You & I Love You 3. Real & Fake 4. Their & There 5. Love & Lust 6. Thick & Fat
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@gxmezmccann: So the whole iphone users got the u2 album lmfao tf i dont want this shit” 😂 ididnt even get a notification it's jus there
@DenaRossOli: same lol "@assjpg: there is lesbian porn on my tl and idk how to feel about this"” Idnt see it lol 😂
Got up at 3AM to watch @FrankieJGrande on @CBSBigBrother on my computer but it didn't come on last night ...back to bed. xo-G #TeamFrankie
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Shut the fudge up. You little asstronaut. What the helicopters are u doing? You son of a batch of cookies ^ That's how you cuss a kid out.
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Nap time b up in 2hrs if my alarm actually works. Last time it's was silent 😒
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@ChantelJeffries: Are you honestly surprised when people do the same old things they've been doing...?” Elaborate cus I'm lost lol
*kourtneys voice* mom you literally knew i was going to wear orange so you need to go change
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"twitter is distracting you from school" correction school is distracting me from twitter
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@evelyn_purnomo: @justinbieber FOLLOW ME PLEASE JUSTIN” me too plz
Send me pics of @ddlovato in Pittsburg… thts 6-8 hrs away from me Demetria 😕
#bruh If Demi ever wears boxers under some sweats and a t shirt, I will go crazy.
@KingOfHotTopics: @JadaLovato Hey Jada Lovato 😍” I keep forgetting I changed it lol bt it's perfect no underscores or numbers lol
@GracielovaticNZ: @JadaLovato @hotvatojpg i ❤️ 🇺🇸” aww 🇺🇸❤️u there's no NZ flag 😕
@LordParsnip: if you enjoy cornflakes without sugar then you're not human” Idnt even eat cornflakes, I eat frosted flakes lol
@GracielovaticNZ @JadaLovato we're all just demi's bitches from different countries fangirling about demi it's so beautiful *cries*
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