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#BlackLivesMatter was started by a group of queer BW not because of their relationship to BM, but because of their concern for black life.
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Is it too early to be thinking about homecoming?
Unfollow me if you have an issue with Black women being seen as HUMAN FIRST. Cuz we are not on this earth to be a backbone mule for anyone
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I'm loving being home, but I can't wait to be back inside Spelman's illustrious gates. 😄
Preach. Black women should be respected not because their "queens" but because they're human.…
If you have to use force, it implies a lack of consent. A lack of consent means rape. Regardless of who it's with.…
The way Dwayne said "BABY PLEASE" 😩 gave me chills, I felt it in my heart. X
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I'm saying "I'm Gucci" way too much recently.
My Dad is using emojis with everything now and it is so adorable! #LoveHim
Love how cis people become experts in multiple fields of science the minute a trans woman pops up.
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I'm still awkward, chubby, and weird. I'll always be awkward, chubby, and weird. I've just finally learned how to make it work. #Finesse
Looking back through my old pictures, and the glo up has been real. The glo up has been so very real.
I'm slowly but surely getting my life together. 😂
I can't wait for it to be winter so I can wear dark nail polish, and pantyhose, and boots. ❄
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All black girls matter whether they're dark skin,light skin, brown skin, mixed, hood, nerdy, preppy, loud, quiet or ratchet.
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Since 1978 College tuition +1,120% CEO pay +937% Healthcare +601% Housing +380% Food+244% Worker pay +10% Minimum wage pay -5.5% #inequality
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People get mad at women for moving on from a man who mistreats them but then call women "stupid" for staying with a man who mistreats them.
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It's 2k15, can we end this "Captain-Save-A-Hoe" complex some guys have? No one needs saving, and if they did they wouldn't come to you.
I have a nice little Essie nail polish collection growing. I'm so proud of myself.
I need some buffalo wings!
When he tries to act like a feminist on Twitter but you know for a fact he's a rapist.
Where do y'all get off thinking that a woman who you don't know, owes you her time and attention?
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"You are not entitled to a woman's time and attention." "BUT--" "No." "B-but--" "Nah." "Bu--" "Shhhhhhh."
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#AllBlackGirlsDont wear weave cause they're "baldheaded", sometimes we just don't wanna deal w. our natural hair 💆🏽😊
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@SK_TheKing_ #AllBlackGirlsDont need you to speak for them. we can be in college & have a job & twerk & turn up, too.
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@U4EUh_Davis @A_Phreshhh Girl I swear some dudes feel entitled to tell US what WE can do #TriedIt 😒
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It's called reading between the lines. And these line of jokes give insight to a troubling mindset.…
Y'all call it a "Spelman curve," I call it you're not entitles to us and learn to take "No" for an answer.
SpelHouse consist of nothing but savages lmfaooo I miss yall 😭😭
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Because you are not owed or are entitled to our bodies. Coming to you place is not a garantee for anything to happen…
Spelmanites hurt the men of Morehouse, just as much as the Men of More hurt Spelmanites. It goes both ways here.…
Like Morehouse does not stay trashing Spelmanites? It goes both ways here buddy.…
Spelmanites are grown women who can wear what they want, and you as a grown man should be able to control yourself.…
It is not Spelmanites fault that you want to act like a lesser organism and go off of base instinct.…
How you react to how I'm dressed is not my problem. Control yourselves.…
How about you hold your brothers accountable?…
This is for real me though! But I wouldn't have to if guys would take "No" for an answer...…
I honestly find this hilarious.
What about me is intimidating?
I'm 5'5, I live on the suburbs, and I have the most high pitched voice ever.
I really don't see where that is coming from.
So... I've been told I'm "scary"?
There is something common that all HBCUs share, but the experience at each HBCU will vary. Their different.
Just like how not all PWIs are in the same place, not all HBCUs are in the same place. There is diversity.
Coming at ALL HBCUs is so silly to me because not all HBCUs are created equal.#NoShade

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