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I think I'm Finna lay low from people, exceeded my patience...
Niggas always spittin the "bad bitch" shit but they BMs be ugly is hell, you settled nigga 😂😂
The Devs @DCUO has single-handily ruined PVP 😔😔😔
Maybe it isn't meant for me 😔😒
I'm boutta stop talkin to some people
Boutta dye my hair silver 😂😂😂 "Sisqo Marz" nigga!
When you think you look fresh, but your fish disagrees.
I don't give a fuck who walk out my life, been alone for years, don't need no dead weight.
I use to be in Bayonne everyday 😂😂😩 what happen?
Early morning workout, body still sore from yesterday, gotta work through the pain
Bitches be hella mad when you break up with them 😂😂😂
Cause we're never far away, never, One thing I can always be sure of, Far away, no never the promise of today
I hate when somebody die and that one dick rider be like, RIP Jeffery, I remember when we went to Mc Donald's together a year ago
My mind just keep rotating around the thought, been bothering me all day 😔
Brah 😫😫 my precious followers just poof gone vanished deleted 😭😭😭
So twitter decided to give my account back, only to take my followers from me 😭😭😩😩😫😓
They suspended my Twitter cause of something I tweeted 😫 what ever happened to freedom of tweet?
Phone been dead for hella long 😂😂😂
Too ill when I Jot these words, too ill when I shocked the world...
Kanye the type of nigga to jump in the crowd and say don't touch me.
I can't believe I did it yo!!!!! 😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣
I've never laughed so hard yo 😂😂😂
Kanye the type of nigga to get mad at the mirror for wearing the same outfit as him.
Kanye the type of nigga to snapchat himself nudes and screenshot it.
Kanye the type of nigga to call you saying "Call me" then hang up.
There's no way I can pay ya back, but the plan was to show that I understand... You are appreciated
Slowly slipping through my fingers, my emotions and wellbeing falls then floats seemingly through a null-void that none can comprehend.-Marz
@karrueche: “@mrthomas_86: Be a main chick RT @karrueche: I need Halloween costume ideas.. Anyoneeee?” 😂😂😂😭😭😭😩😩😩
Dc Young Fly ain't that funny to me, like really not funny
@get_lucKIER: Don't you hate it when you trip and fall and your spaghetti falls out your pocket 😢😭” I don't get it 😔
This the last time yo, I ain't fucking with him no more..... I'll be aight
@OGTrilogy_: I wanna make it by myself, not because of somebody else. 😐👌”
I should go back to sleep, I got a long night ahead of me
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Ugly people relationships always lasting 😩😭
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Watch all of the ghetto rappers try to use "Ebola" in their raps now 😂 make a nigga bleed like Ebola 😭😭😭😭😭