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Human Picasso
Happy Veterans Day to all my fellow comrades in the military, especially the NAVY ⚓️⚓️⚓️
Just left the buffet, now I'm hitting the gym tryna flatten this stomach 😩
Austin has become a badass
People fail to realize that I do not in the life of me care if you decide not to speak to me, I'm alone everyday 😂 I'll be fine
I get off work at 1:30 and gotta take the biggest dump 😩😩😩 I refuse to use these bathrooms bruh
Whew, black boys done dodged a bullet there 😭😭…yT4
I've never been pushed so hard to my limits like I did today, my body feels like it's going to fall apart
Before creation, comes destruction
Magikarp can evolve into Gyarados, but I still can't get a text back
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Disney and Pixar will never be able to top this
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If you go to the Latina category you'll bust the nut of the century.
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Saw this on Facebook and now I don't want to Internet anymore (Vine by @Kopke613)
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Who wants to go to the buffet at Hudson mall?
Drake the type of nigga to go to jail and slam the soap on the shower floor
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Can't even use my own phone. 😒😒😒
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I never even heard of @vincestaples until he was featured on Earl Sweatshirt -Hive 😂😭😭
Forget Steph for a minute, this is might be the greatest move in the history of NBA. Kendrick Da Dream
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Shouldn't have to owe anyone anything, I do everything on my own
One time a white person left a note on the door saying we ruined their kids Halloween for not passing out candy
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What was she smoking man? 😩😩�O8bR
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I just want you to swing that neck baby, none else
"Thou shall not be ashy" - RealNiggas 5:12
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And I let my nuts hang on a bitch,
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She asked me if I trap . . . I work at a preschool . . .
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People be like I'll take that shit off & I be like.....
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Erykah Badu is just 😍😍😍😍 & that voice 🎤🎤🎤🎤
Lost three rounds in beer pong, now I'm drunk is hell 😩
Where it's at tonight?
Who tryna go to the buffet today on 440? Lol I wanna go again
He said call E-Dub 😭😭😭
Drake on me 😂😂�jo16
This behind the scenes video explains everything man...😂😂😂😭😭😭 they had Drake thinking he was Chris BrowTcL8axyOK
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