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Yasser Hassan
The struggle continues #Raw #RawLife #JustBlaze
I been on dummy missions like its the thing to do
@Versagram App! #vgs5x1 #versagram #versalove
Android is moving to Key lime Pie and folks still out here with old ass Gingerbread can't see emojis nshit this all they See. ⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬛⬛⬛
Ready to get Posted and Roasted
I hate calling Sprint Subscribers,,, their reception is Shady
Publix employee wins $550,000 on lunch break
T-Mobile and MetroPCS Officially Tie the Knot… via @phonescoop
Tabsco > Louisiana Hot Sauce
Only Hood Chicks will have a House Warming Party 3 times a year.. Bitch you got Evicted Twice, you can't do that!
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I'm starving already
I mite have to gone #head and #tap ol #Martha Stewart
#Good #Morning #Atlanta
This chick just said doughnuts, cupcakes cookies you name it im eating it
I had the Lobster Slick Had The Shrimp
These ol internet gangstas a trip
Niggas thank we won't Blast cause we Rich and Stars
I gave her six dollars to leave me alone
Bitches be trying to pressure you to get dance talm bout oh oh oh you ain't got it for a dance lol bitch i dont want you to dance for me ✌
Hey if I tell ya one time (No I'm good I don't want a dance) bitch three dranks later I'm Still Good I don't want a dance from you hoe
He getting money tho RT @bambiii26: He still telling lies