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Yasser Hassan
The struggle continues #Raw #RawLife #JustBlaze
I been on dummy missions like its the thing to do
@Versagram App! #vgs5x1 #versagram #versalove
Android is moving to Key lime Pie and folks still out here with old ass Gingerbread can't see emojis nshit this all they See. ⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬛⬛⬛
Ready to get Posted and Roasted
I hate calling Sprint Subscribers,,, their reception is Shady
Publix employee wins $550,000 on lunch break
T-Mobile and MetroPCS Officially Tie the Knot… via @phonescoop
Tabsco > Louisiana Hot Sauce
Only Hood Chicks will have a House Warming Party 3 times a year.. Bitch you got Evicted Twice, you can't do that!
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I'm starving already
I mite have to gone #head and #tap ol #Martha Stewart
#Good #Morning #Atlanta
This chick just said doughnuts, cupcakes cookies you name it im eating it
I had the Lobster Slick Had The Shrimp
These ol internet gangstas a trip
Niggas thank we won't Blast cause we Rich and Stars
I gave her six dollars to leave me alone
Bitches be trying to pressure you to get dance talm bout oh oh oh you ain't got it for a dance lol bitch i dont want you to dance for me ✌
Hey if I tell ya one time (No I'm good I don't want a dance) bitch three dranks later I'm Still Good I don't want a dance from you hoe
He getting money tho RT @bambiii26: He still telling lies
Where all them bandwagon cowgirl fans @ tonight?
Retweeted by Yasser Hassan
Some of these Strip Clubs hire any broad want to take her clothes off damn
The paparazzi ain't shit but I posted up for that Bitch
Gold mouth stackin dollaz where ya sister at cuz she swallows @ProjectPatHcp
Retweeted by Yasser Hassan
He has every accessory AutoZone sells on this thing
These fools kidnapping people so they can get money to buy bodybuilding steroids…
Don't You Ever Give Up Or Give In.
Always Look on The Brighter Side of Life
We Gots to keep it burning on the Road To Zion
Going to the club where they strip down till the Naked
People will always be who they Want!!!
Can you Do It, We Can Do It, We Shall Do It!
Stop looking for the next best thing and get the Best
#Money #Cash #Stash @Versagram App! #versagram #versalove
Back in these streets
Lets Tonk for the Money
Whipping Big Wheels hope my Drink don't Spill
Hood Evening (No Typo)
Change does count RT @bambiii26: I got a pocket full of dead presidents
Ain't nothing happening but Gripping Grain

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