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Tynisha Keli
Financial matters could be confusing now as uncertainty about ... More for Leo
You may feel the need to retreat in order to reconnect with yo... More for Leo
One of the ways you can honor the service-oriented Virgo Sun i... More for Leo
It's no simple matter to find an uplifting story in the midst ... More for Leo
Today can be packed with fun and frivolity as long as you're n... More for Leo
Although you know that you should just follow instructions and... More for Leo
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You could be living in a bubble of fantasy, even if you believ... More for Leo
You may attack like a lion if you feel that someone is threate... More for Leo
There are fundamental differences between your needs and those... More for Leo
You are very passionate about someone or something today, and ... More for Leo
You might feel as if others are withholding their true emotion... More for Leo
Domestic obligations are calling you and they can become more ... More for Leo
What begins as a good time could morph into hard work now that... More for Leo
Your anticipation of the unknown heightens your sense of excit... More for Leo
You might want more change than is possible now; however, ther... More for Leo
It seems as if your most noble intentions are being thwarted b... More for Leo
You wish you could be objective in your interactions with othe... More for Leo
You can hold steady in the midst of an emotional storm, even w... More for Leo
You have a good sense of what you need to do in order to incre... More for Leo
You may choose to play the role of the noble diplomat today, p... More for Leo
You might assume you missed your recent chance to receive the ... More for Leo
It takes a lot to bring you strong Lions down, but even a disa... More for Leo
You're doing your best to keep your plans to yourself today, b... More for Leo
Just when you settle into a pace of life that works for you, c... More for Leo
It might feel as if today is two different days wrapped into o... More for Leo
Something could happen today that triggers memories of a past ... More for Leo
Others may find you quite alluring these days as several plane... More for Leo
An intense personal situation lightens up today, but it might ... More for Leo
Life might be quite grand for you Lions now, making it all the... More for Leo
You might not be a happy camper today if you're wrestling with... More for Leo
Domestic responsibilities might conflict with professional obl... More for Leo
Your unrestrained exuberance about an upcoming adventure could... More for Leo
Even if you're still uncertain about your priorities today, yo... More for Leo
People fall under your charming spell while enchanting Venus i... More for Leo
Your moods are like a pendulum today, slowly swinging back and... More for Leo
Your rational response to the difficult conditions you now mus... More for Leo
You can get away with being as weird as you want now, setting ... More for Leo
The pace of your life continues to be fever-pitched, and you m... More for Leo
Your direct approach to life may be somewhat disconcerting to ... More for Leo
You're craving for some excitement today, even if you still ha... More for Leo
Your life is not as happy-go-lucky as others assume; it might ... More for Leo
Feeling sorry for yourself is a waste of energy today, whether... More for Leo
You may be quite optimistic about what you are doing in spite ... More for Leo
Your positive attitude goes a long way toward progressing alon... More for Leo
You could create a little drama if a close friend ruins your f... More for Leo
Managing your finances is complicated now because conflicting ... More for Leo
You might believe that it's now-or-never as you sort through y... More for Leo
You can't see any valid reason to share your worries today, ev... More for Leo