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Tynisha Keli
Current realizations are opening new doorways in your quest fo... More for Leo
It's not that everything needs to come to a complete standstil... More for Leo
Harness an electric spark of creativity today and use it to tu... More for Leo
Your obsession with solving a mystery intensifies today when i... More for Leo
Your optimistic attitude fades into a more realistic outlook t... More for Leo
Everyone might be relying on you to be the nurturing one of th... More for Leo
Your patience may seem out of character today, especially in l... More for Leo
Your emotions may be playing a game of tug-of-war with your ac... More for Leo
The noise level in your hectic life kicks up another notch tod... More for Leo
The energy is rather exciting today, but you can get so caught... More for Leo
Burying your head in the sand when it comes to a current finan... More for Leo
There's no reason to overextend your resources today simply be... More for Leo
You may have a bullet-proof plan for the day that includes som... More for Leo
Your intentions may be admirable today, but others might misun... More for Leo
A hectic day awaits you, yet you're ready to pack as much as y... More for Leo
A trusted friend may throw you a curve ball today and you won'... More for Leo
It may be an exercise in futility for people to try to contain... More for Leo
If you feel slighted by someone's inconsiderate actions today,... More for Leo
You can't help but feel enthusiastic about your future as the ... More for Leo
You may have unrealistic visions about your future yet still b... More for Leo
Previous attempts to learn something new may have led to frus... More for Leo
You might think that you could lose your chance to do somethin... More for Leo
Your mind is taking you on a wonderful adventure today as the ... More for Leo
You thought everything was progressing according to your plan,... More for Leo
Surrendering rational control and trusting your intuition toda... More for Leo
The drama in your love life can escalate today, but it's more ... More for Leo
You're excited about having so many opportunities knocking at ... More for Leo
Placing too much trust in a friend or partner could land you i... More for Leo
You know what you need to do at work today, although it might ... More for Leo
You have a specific list of tasks to finish today and you don'... More for Leo
You are all set to put your best foot forward since you long t... More for Leo
It's nearly impossible to let go of your unexpressed feelings ... More for Leo
You are eager to shine your light with unrestrained enthusiasm... More for Leo
Your mind is running on high-octane fuel today, but it's easy ... More for Leo
You might inadvertently start an argument by overreacting to a... More for Leo
Pushing against your self-imposed limitations today is the bes... More for Leo
The pace of your life speeds up today as the Libra New Moon ra... More for Leo
It's one thing to take a project to the next level, but it's a... More for Leo
You can have a powerful influence on those closest to you toda... More for Leo
You are attracted to the idea of being fair-minded today, but ... More for Leo
Your current inclination is to convince others that everything... More for Leo
You can't help but sense the power of the soulful Moon once sh... More for Leo
Although you Lions are known for your dramatic self-expression... More for Leo
Financial matters could be confusing now as uncertainty about ... More for Leo
You may feel the need to retreat in order to reconnect with yo... More for Leo
One of the ways you can honor the service-oriented Virgo Sun i... More for Leo
It's no simple matter to find an uplifting story in the midst ... More for Leo
Today can be packed with fun and frivolity as long as you're n... More for Leo
Although you know that you should just follow instructions and... More for Leo
Try not to overcompensate for any lingering emotional insecuri... More for Leo