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Tyler Ward
My dad recorded A to Z to see @tylerwardmusic in it and he's watching it now and goes "Found him. Yup, that's your boy!" 😂�#thanksdadad
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finally watching last nights episode with @tylerwardmusic love it!
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She makes me wanna put my life on hold, pack my bags and say bye bye to California! There's no way a girl like you should ever be into me. Studio. Writing. Coffee.
Thank you all for watching #AtoZ with me! Hope you enjoyed it :) Let me know your thoughts! @NBC_AtoZ #TylerOnAtoZ
Who do you guys thinkI should hang with? Stephie or Stu? #TylerOnAtoZ #AtoZ
@tylerwardmusic I loved the episode!! You totally rocked the few lines you had, especially "You two deserve each other..."😂�#TylerOnAtoZoZ
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Who wants to play fooseball? I want to beat you like a red headed step child. ;) #AtoZ
Good news people of the internet! Since #AtoZ was interrupted by the news, I will be live tweeting the 8:30 MTN time version :) @NBC_AtoZ
Gosh dang it Ebola. Keep watching guys! Should be back on soon :) @NBC_AtoZ #AtoZ #TylerOnAtoZ
lines were cut due to an EBOLA breaking news interruption! Wooooow!!! That's too bad. Oh well. Hope things are good! #TylerOnAtoZ
Blue v neck. At least I didn't wear a black v neck. 😊#AtoZZ#TylerOnAtoZZ p@NBC_AtoZ
Do you guys think it's too soon for Andrew to go to the funeral with Zelda? I can't decide! Thoughts? #AtoZ
Guys it's on!! AHH I'm nervous! Let me know what you think :) #AtoZ
10 minutes we have a new #atoz on NBC east coast! @tylerwardmusic and his beautiful hair are live tweeting it, it's the best one yet
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15 minutes till showtime for you east coast folks! Can't wait to watch and live tweet with you all :) @NBCAtoZ #AtoZ
Everyone @tylerwardmusic's acting debut tonight on ABC's show #AtoZ at 9:30
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Plus, tonight @tylerwardmusic guests- 9:30/8:30c NBC MT @shilo_adams Please watch #AtoZ. It's sweet, it's funny + it has Ben Feldman's face.
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Everyone watch @tylerwardmusic on his first TV show tonight on NBC! #TylerOnAtoZ
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For anyone who watches #AtoZ @tylerwardmusic is in tonights episode! For anyone who doesnt watch AtoZ, WATCH TONIGHT AT 930! TYLER IS IN IT!
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well...I got my time zones confused. #tyleronatoz
Making my acting debut on "A to Z" tonight! They gave me 4 lines! Haha! Tune in to NBC tonight! #TylerOnAtoZ
Excited for this! I'm gonna start live tweeting the show in a few min w/ #TylerOnAtoZ / SUPER EXCITED!
Making my TV debut tonight @ 9:30pm (local time) will be live tweeting the show w/ #tyleronatoz - excited @NBC_AtoZ
I have a crush. It's cool.
Not a huge fan of stoplights
Thankful today. Late start today. Writing songs today. Coffee today. #creepyphoto
Thankful today. Late start today. Writing songs today. Coffee today. With @barbasauce and mr. Brock Berryhill today. #creepyphoto
Here's @tylerwardmusic playing a Les Paul & @Epiphone Olympic on his cover of @taylorswift13's “Out Of The Woods”
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incase you missed the live stream this…
spent 30 min unsubscribing from email lists. GOOD TIMES :)
10AM (Califorina Time) for Tyler Tuesday!…