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Tyler Savery
14 Xcode Keyboard Shortcuts - Memorize and Improve Your Productivity…
Commander Keen source now released on Github
Skypipe - pipe between different ssh sessions…
Cosmos Browser – Connect to the Internet via SMS, no data or wifi required…
go to and type "mirror" and then press enter.
Your branch is up-to-date with 'origin/dev'. nothing to commit, working directory clean
If facebook can detect my heartbeat, can it automatically update my relationship status?
Oh no, Oh no - i gotta load my iPhoto. #U2
Only Apple Can Do! ... thanks to the patents we own.
Y no work with Android?
Learning about healthkit will eating my McDonalds. Am I doing it right?
I hope there is a YO feature in digital touch
so like what's the unicode character for the custom tonge-out-winking emoji?
Apple gets the details right: no Pluto.
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Apple Watch. Google Glass. What's next? Twitter Hat. Twitter Hat is next.
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Wait - so one size doesn't fit all?
Jony Ives can make rubber sound like a state of the art technology.
I want an Apple Watch just to charge it
Just realized my current watch has a crown!
PlotTwist: Keyboard slides out of Apple Watch
Apple invents the Blackberry Wheel, only decades after inventing the HP Mouse
I'd pinch that to zoom.
Tim Cook? More like Time Cook.
How did Tim Cook get an Apple Watch before I even know it was called an Apple Watch??
iEarth - by Apple
Holy Shit - Apple is going to be supporting Apple Pay?
Taunting us with them empty seats while i'm just sitting at home "streaming" the event.
lil' instant reply from #AppleLive thanks for reminding us what it looked like before the event.
Is the streaming intern also naming Apples new concepts? #SecureElement #ApplePay
PlotTwist: Apple releases Japanese Cancelling Headphones #AppleLive #iPhone6
Tim Cook better apologize. Unless PST is actually a 3hr 15min difference from EST.
Is there like going to be sound?
How do iWatch this?
Everyone should follow @TVTruckSchedule and then quickly unfollow once the keynote begins.
this intro video needs a de-interlacing algorithm...
Back in Toronto- will no longer take decent internet for granted #jungleping
YYZ => LIR ✈️ with @kick_the_tires @youngastronaut @AllyPankiw @adamgullyz @deaddilly and more! what are your handles?!
Singing "YMCA" but screaming @yeoman instead of young man.
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Fun fact: time-based two-factor authentication will stop working on all 32-bit integer platforms after 2038 due to integer overflow.
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Holy fuck!!!!! We just won a MOONMAN!!!! @ArianaGrande I love youu!!!!!! @MTV VMAs freaking ouuuuttt 🚀❤️💥😜🎉🏆!#bestpopvideov#problemoblem
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hook me up with that double double from burger king
Transfer files from browser to browser - directly. #webrtc
Apparently some keyboards show up as toasters in Windows...…