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Tyler Savery
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Transfer files from browser to browser - directly. #webrtc
Apparently some keyboards show up as toasters in Windows...…
Add this to your bash file to override "cd" and always run "ls" after: function cd() { builtin cd "$@" && ls; }
AOL revealing new technology on Unbox! Can you #GuessWhatsInside ?
How to find your passenger rating on uber!…
List of how long it takes to count to a certain number:
A snippet that will automatically remove any bugs from your PHP code.…
So honest ed's is going to become a bad boy? Who is this good for?
Stuff is sometimes getting sorta easier occasionally at times
The Young Astronauts are nominated for three MTV VMAs including best pop video! Vote here:…
┓┏┓┏┓┃ ┛┗┛┗┛┃\○/ ┓┏┓┏┓┃ / Z-INDEX β”›β”—β”›β”—β”›β”ƒγƒŽ) ┓┏┓┏┓┃ 999999 ┛┗┛┗┛┃ ┓┏┓┏┓┃ ┛┗┛┗┛┃ ┓┏┓┏┓┃ ┃┃┃┃┃┃ β”»β”»β”»β”»β”»β”»
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Part of Web Components, HTML imports are now in Chrome Stable. Could be used as a poor mans partials.
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Linux CMD: $ cat "food in cans" Output: Cat can't open food in cans
Simple way to pull a random item from an array in PHP: $items = ['apple', 'banana', 'orange']; echo $items[array_rand($items)];
Find out what your public IP address is when you are SSH'd into a box. $ wget -qO- ; echo
Why I connected my Coffee Machine to the internet…
Toronto => NYC ✈️
Giraffe Gives Dying Zoo Worker A Kiss Goodbye
Rainbow above world pride 🌈
Chrome Workspaces: edit css in browser and have changes saved to your working directory.…
Anyone else excited for tgif tonight? Hmm. I feel like i'm tweeting from the nineties...
VIM Adventures - Learn VIM while playing a game!
I really want to hire this guy, but it you want to beat me to it let me know! (I wish I knew what made him bitter)
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