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Tyler Oakley
the worst reason I want to be super rich someday is so that when I have kids, they can be those really fashionable toddlers on Instagram
uhhhh, I now have over 100 videos with 1M views each?! INSANE. here they are in order of most viewed:… SO CRAZY
Did you see my interview with The First Lady?! Link on my profile! 🇺🇸
life is chances that are taken
can't wait for y'all to hear the new #PsychoBabble podcast episode - comes out tomorrow, subscribe on iTunes to get it as soon as it's up!
You forgot HER orientation! 😂 RT@TheAdvocateMagg WATCH: Gay Vlogger Tyler Oakley Talks Education w/ Michelle
WATCH: Gay Vlogger Tyler Oakley Talks Education With Michelle Obama
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Had a lovely lunch with the incomparable @TomDaley1994; don't mind us, we're a couple of messes. 😎�
just filmed tomorrow's video - it's a fun new series I want to do monthly. hopefully y'all like it! :]
a good time, that's what happened
while unpacking my suitcase, as I pulled out my dirty clothes, half a strip of bacon fell out of the pile, WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT
Los Angeles, I am in you.
oh my gosh I got off my flight and there was literally an entire high school at the airport on a field trip - thanks for saying hi! 👋
Red carpet fun with @myharto and @anew92 at the #GLAADGala.
if you feel alone, go through this hashtag, follow ten people and just say hi to them. who knows, new potential besties!
my favorite thing about this family is how inclusive it is. y'all embrace people, regardless of how long they've been here. proud of that.
so thankful that this online family is all about love, supportiveness, creativity, and humor. y'all make me laugh, cry, and blush.
crazy to log onto Twitter to find my replies flooded with #ThanksToTylerOakley tweets - overwhelmed by your love
Great meeting Pennsatucky herself, star of OITNB @TarynManning. She was so funny, @harto and I were in love.
Great meeting Pennsatucky herself, star of OITNB @tarynmanning. She was so funny, @myharto and I were in love.
the fact that these two videos were back to back is proof that my life/career is ridiculous
Thanks @theartofdreams for expertly capturing my love for Disney and pastel hair.
today is the perfect day to brew a cup of coffee, snuggle up in some warm pajamas, be lazy and listen to ✌️
acknowledge my typos & I block you 🌚
So much fun last night at the #glaadgala in San Francisco with these people. Don't mind them at all.
did you see my new video with my friend? she's not a youtuber but sometimes I make collabs with normal people idk…
I look SO good in your womb right now. RT @TarynManning Yes! @tyleroakley @harto SO FUN!
Actual icon, @ANew92 at the #glaadgala looking stunning from head to heel. I'm in love.
I was gasping at @ANew92's performance at #glaadgala. I involuntarily YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS'ed. Incredible and iconic.
Queen @TarynManning, host of the #glaadgala, said my name on stage and asked me to tweet #TarynIsHotHotHot. Done.
Proud to be honoring both Google & YouTube at the #glaadgala tonight. Incredible advocates of #LGBT rights.
Proud to be honoring both Google & YouTube at the #glaadgala tonight. Incredible advocates of LGBT rights.
left my heart in the bay, picked it up again today
Me: "Oh my gosh, Korey look at that boy, he is SO CUTE." @koreykuhl: "YOU LITERALLY HOOKED UP WITH THAT GUY IN 2012." Me: "...waaaaait..."
With the San Francisco crew on an Island Getaway for the day. Beers, BBQ and besties!
San Francisco, I am in you.
Amazing job collecting signatures, @icl0udy! Love seeing what y'all do with these posters!
I talked about Michelle Obama in this week's podcast episode, unaware it would come out the same week I'd post a collab with her?! WEIRD.
✈️ another day, another trip ✌️
The First Lady. And @tyleroakley. Talking about college (and it's importance). You need to watch → #ReachHigher
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Wish @ConnorFranta a happy birthday by donating to - great to see him using his birthday to support @thirstproject!
I made a video with First Lady, Michelle Obama. Link on my profile. Watch: