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Tyler Oakley
new video coming today. it's no big deal. JUST KIDDING IT'S A BIG DEAL.
You have fingers. I have fingers. I voted for @tyleroakley, now its your turn.…
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whitening my teeth and using a deep cleansing pore strip on my nose while I pack... going on a little trip tomorrow! eeeeeeeeeeee!
waaaaaaaaaaait, y'all trended #TylerDeservesTheStreamy today?! seriously stop that your tweets are TOO MUCH for me to handle <3<3<3
tomorrow is a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very big day
Literally could not have paused on a better moment. @tyleroakley @troyesivan your collabs make me happy #troyler 👱�
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Just saw The Normal Heart. Incredibly powerful and important film. Watch it. Thank you, @MrRPMurphy @MarkRuffalo @MattBomer.
🎶 sometimes things don't come full circle 🎶
I was a guest on @gracehelbig's BRAND NEW PODCAST, #NotTooDeep! Check it out and enjoy:…
when you're done with a call and you both say bye but you're both too lazy to push end and it's like a standoff to see who is gonna cave
I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU TO SEE MY VIDEO TOMORROW i just want to talk about my two announcements right now but UGH GET READY for tomorrowwwww
Last day to submit a question for my next Q&SLAY! Make sure you send in your questions - read how here:… #SkypeTyler
Ahhhh! Woke up to see every #AUGUEST video reached 1,000,000 views - some of them double. So glad you guys loved my collab month! 😘
voting for @tyleroakley when you wake up should be like brushing your tweet do yourself a favor�
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i'm the king of writing out exactly what I want to text people but then deleting the entire message 😒
Here's a bunch of art given to me at Summer in the City in London. You guys are SO TALENTED. Thank you! 😘
Love seeing how talented y'all are. Here's a bunch of art given to me at Summer in the City in London. You guys are GREAT. Thank you!
just filmed tuesday's new video. i'm so anxious for y'all to see it. two GIANT announcements. *sweats nervously*
New to my "TYLER'S JAMS" playlist this week are hits from @TKSTmusic @broodsmusic @marylambertsing @MOMusic & more:
After a month of collabs, which of YOU wants to be in a video? Read how to be in my next video:… #SkypeTyler
Gosh I miss college football. I so have to make my way to an MSU game this Fall... I live for tailgating in hoodie-weather.
y'all who make GIFs are SO TALENTED... this set was so cool, and totally made me nostalgic about this Summer:…
good morning! hope your sunday is productive if you need it to be, otherwise... RELAX. sometimes doing nothing is what your body/mind needs.
Have you watched the video @tyleroakley & I made on his channel? It's worth it. Baby she's born with it. Just do it.…
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*flicks skittle at you* vote for tyler oakley for the streamy awards *throws pack of skittles at your face* DO IT
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Sister Act 2 changed the game. 🙌
& for anyone out there that doesn't know @tyleroakley (unlikely), check out this fun vid I did with my fave YouTuber
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What a crazy month. This calendar helped me keep it organized... at one point it was such a mess, but it's so relieving to see it all yellow! Which 3 collabs were your favorite?
Sending healthy thoughts to @Joan_Rivers. One of the most exciting people I've ever filmed with. Wishing her a speedy recovery.
I’m doing something different for my next Q&SLAY… want to submit a question? Find out how here:… #SkypeTyler
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Hello nuggets, don't forget to go vote for @tyleroakley for the @streamys Audience Choice Award everyday!
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Hope y'all liked my new video with @darrencriss! We had a goofy time filming. Watch it - there's a link on my profile!
Had such a great Shabbat dinner. Good people, good food, good drinks, good conversation, good laughs. ☺️🍷🍗
You guys! I'm on my way to dinner & I found a new emoji! What the fuck is this? 👉🎍👈 Neither me or @Uber_LA_LA driver have a clue. Help us.
*tries to make a persuasive ,cool tweet about how you should vote for @tyleroakley * vote or i'll cut ur toe off
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Just finished my first session with my personal trainer - I am exhausted but feeling so empowered! 💪😲