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Tyler Oakley
. @tyleroakley is mad cuz I stole his look!! Can't help it if he's adorbs. Thanks for visiting @TheTalk_CBS!
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Thanks @TheTalk_CBS for having me, y'all for tuning in and tweeting along, and @AmazingPhil for creating the 7 Seconds Challenge we played!
They showed my face on TV and @JulieChen just said my name! AHHH! I'll be on soon! Get #EverybodyTalks trending!
You guys! I'm on @TheTalk_CBS today! When I'm on TV, (2pm ET / 1pm PT) can we get #EverybodyTalks trending on Twitter? That would be INCREDIBLE. πŸ™Œ
You guys! I'm on @TheTalk_CBS today! When I'm on TV, (2pm ET / 1pm PT) can we get #EverybodyTalks trending? That would be INCREDIBLE. πŸ™Œ
pour the pickle juice of your life down the drain
Yayyy!!! #HappyOakleyDay is finally coming true! See you tomorrow @tyleroakley πŸ‘‹βœ‹πŸ˜ƒ
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My Twitter lover @AnaGasteyer released a new album. Check it out and fall in love with her as much as I have:
SURPRISE! I'm going to be a guest on @TheTalk_CBS tomorrow! Can't wait to chat with those fabulous women & FINALLY meet my queen @JulieChen!
This week's #PsychoBabble is all about slumberparties! @koreykuhl & I were laughing so hard while recording. Listen:
Had so much fun seeing @MarcusButler & @PointlessBlog this weekend in London. I don't mind them I guess.
Had so much fun seeing @marcusbutler & @pointlessblog this weekend in London. I don't mind them.
I'm in the wrong time zone. Can't sleep: Late night shenanigans in Los Angeles. Thank God for @Uber_LA. What are y'all up to? Hi. πŸ‘‹
Word on the street is that if you like #PsychoBabble, iTunes might have something new for you right now...
Want to be #PersonOfTheWeek in an upcoming video? Get something cute from & tweet me a picture of you rockin' it. <3
YOU DESERVE A HOMEWORK BREAK click here and go wild:
please don't use 'ty' instead of thank you, it is very confusing; how would you feel if your nickname were an acronym? (ty in advance)
Los Angeles, I am in you.
today is one of those days where I hate literally every stranger
If you haven't seen it, watch my new video and this will ALL make sense: - link on my profile!
If you think #PickleJuice is hella then you should watch @tyleroakley's video about it
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If you're not following @tyleroakley on Instagram, you're not doing it right.
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Like pickles? Like juices? Then go watch @tyleroakley's new video now!πŸ˜½πŸ† (there's no pickle
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SURREAL SURPRISE: I'm kind of on the cover of AND have a big poster inside of the next issue of @BOPandTigerBeat! Tweet me selfies! ✨πŸ’₯
Y'all would NOT believe my day. I swear, if something COULD go wrong, IT DID. I ended up laugh-crying at the airport. LITERALLY ME: πŸ˜‚
GOOD NEWS! Due to a series of unfortunate events, I missed my flight and now I get to have a sLuMbErPArtY with @TanyaBurr & @JimsTweetings!
some people tweet a lifetime for a notice like this
the best part of Cheek To Cheek is that it feels like you're listening to xmas music but nobody shames you when you listen in september
hi are you awake if so reblog this and we can be besties. <3…
I ate so much Indian food last night that I'm literally still full this morning... help, I can't move... πŸ›πŸ˜–
if you're interested in pickle juice go and watch @tyleroakley's new video #PickleJuice
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I'm DMing a bunch of people who tweet out my new video ( with the hashtag #PickleJuice! Might just RT a few too... 😜
sometimes I really wonder how I'm not a judge on a reality TV show. I AM NOT HERE TO BE NICE, I'M HERE TO DISCOVER SUPERSTARS.
NEW VIDEO: "What I Learned From Pickle Juice": - CC: @NICKIMINAJ (RT if you want a DM full of love.)
Retweet my NEXT tweet for a DM full of love and emojis. WHO IS READY FOR A NEW YOUTUBE.COM/TYLEROAKLEY VIDEO?!
Okay, y'all seem to want a new video... I'll post it as soon as the PsychoBabble Facebook page reaches 10k likes! Almost there... link on my profile! Go go go!
Okay, y'all seem to want a new video... I'll post it as soon as… reaches 10k likes! Almost there... Go go go! :]