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Tyler Oakley
youtube videos vlogging comedy 2,214,721 followers
thanks for the love on my PO Box video today! almost 50k likes, makes me think I should do more fanmail videos...…
If you watch every single one of my videos, or have only seen one, I love you the same, except if you've seen them all I love you more.
New #TOPTHAT! We talk EDM babies, train selfie backfire, Drake undercover, SWA flight attendant, Pharrell crying:
Love the #TylerDoesBoston tag seeing selfies y'all took with me on stage yesterday. Here's a shot of it happening...
if you liked my new video, go reblog it on tumblr... I'm stalking people RIGHT NOW who do:…
I opened what y'all sent to my PO Box. Let's just say it's not PG rated. Link on my Insta bio. GO!
The @rhettandlink Ear Biscuits with @troyesivan was just great. If you've got an hour to spare, it's worth a listen:
(in on the joke and I can't stop laughing)
"Tyler Oakley" was the #1 trending topic worldwide this afternoon? Ugh, my people are just the best. <3
I'm literally the funniest person I know.
Everyone's buzzing about the You & I video... and I can totally see why! Incredible. Be sure to go give it some love:
NEW VIDEO: "Opening XXX Fanmail": - y'all won't BELIEVE what comes to my PO Box... (RT for a DM full of love!)
i'm in a layover in Atlanta, who wants this week's Friday video right now?! favorite this if your body is ready... ;]
my interests include hating children but wanting 10
he's clearly sending a message by kicking the back of my seat. i'mma try to communicate back - do 1 year olds understand a side-eye???
his name is Charlie and he'll be 1 next week. according to his mom he is a dare-devil. I hope he takes the risk and is quiet this flight.
you guys! I have really good news! there is a baby directly behind me on my flight that's throwing a fit! and we haven't even taken off yet!
Thanks to my Boston people for filling up the Northeastern University auditorium. Y'all were so fun!
nEw ViDeO tOdAy!! not sure when, but it'll be up mid-day... i'm traveling today! ps it's one of my most highly requested ones... GET READY
psssst new video coming tomorrow morning... it's a fun one! don't tell ANYONE this is TOP SECRET seriously okay BYE
Boston, I am in you.
Thanks Northeastern University RSA for making tonight happen. Tonight's intimate chat was so fun. So many laughs!
Backstage at my Northeastern University speaking event with my queens.
y'all wanted to know how big my you-know-what is, so I made a video to tell the TRUTH: