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Tyler Oakley
🌅 sunset takeoff ✈️
So proud of @heyingridnilsen - she's a judge on the new @lifetimetv show #PRThreads, premiering tonight at 10:30pm!
bad bitch then, bad bitch still 😠
.@dylanobrien & @tyleroakley are battling it out for your #MTVhomecoming votes! Who do you want to wear the crown? 👑
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Really bummed I won't be at #TanyaBurrCosmetics party tonight in London, but sending @TanyaBurr so much love!
Vote for @tyleroakley for the #MTVHomecoming. I mean, he did beat out Big Sean, Ed Sheeran, and Tyler Posey.…
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just made this friday's - it was inspired by one of your indirects about me. watch out... I SEE EVERYTHING.
Reunited with @charli_xcx at the #JustDance2015 Homecoming! Follow @justdancegame - I'm taking over their Insta tonight!
casually watching @MTV and suddenly there's a comMERCIAL ABOUT ME??? #foodandwifi VOTE:
Major love to my Dutch viewers! I see you trending #TylerOakleyToTheNetherlands - I'd love to come back. Someday soon! Let's hug when I do.
kiss me like the world is gonna disappear
YOU GUYS!! Thanks to YOUR VOTES, we're in the FINALS for @MTV Homecoming!? Can #TeamInternet do this?! VOTE:
LESS THAN AN HOUR LEFT TO VOTE: can #TeamInternet make it to the final round?! vote all you want! IT IS SO CLOSE 😱
this is the ending of my 10th video???
omg you guys, I'm watching old privated videos to find footage for something, and look at how I ended my 9th video
i'm really good at taking compliments
can't believe i'm in the final four for @MTV homecoming king?! the numbers are CLOSE, vote as much as you want:
Want to know more details about #TylerOakleyTour? You'll have to download & listen to today's new podcast episode:…
no new video today, but there is a new… podcast episode out! all about juicy celeb news! 😏
If you're not following - you're truly missing out. 🙈
🌀 my love life is going down the drain 🌀
💩 second date tomorrow 💩
😱 just ate the love of my life 😱
😍 just fell in love with a burrito 😍
RT if you want something from Friends of people who RT, take note. The holidays are coming.
getting close to 3M followers on that's kinda intense. thanks for the support, y'all. <3
we are more than our scars we are more than the sum of our parts
lots of negativity online today. some people are so serious and hateful. send them love, they need it. i'm gonna spend my day loving life ✌️
have you heard this week's podcast episode? we discuss @taylorswift13 @Beyonce @onedirection @lordemusic & more:…
you guys... this is nuts... i'm final four for @MTV homecoming king?!… vote as much as you want! #teaminternet <3
when you're texting someone & it says they're typing for a full minute and you're like WHAT ARE YOU TYPING WHAT DID I DO WHY DO YOU HATE ME
61% of Americans live in states with marriage equality. Progress is happening quicker than ever. Sorry, bigots.
I guess the moral of the story is approach life from a place of love and try to learn and be understanding and stuff. okay COOL.
hope that's okay. sometimes I'm nervous to post stuff like that, because what if I say something not how it should be worded? you feel? idk
reminder: not everyone identifies as male or female & it doesn't really affect you how anyone identifies. try to be inclusive & respectful.
when you're a little bit tipsy, everything is a photoshoot prop
something wicked this way comes 🔮🃏🚬🎱
Something wicked this way comes... 🔮🃏🚬🎱✨💀😈