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Tyler Oakley
you know when you're trying to compliment someone and everything goes wrong and you end up sounding so creepy that all you can do is ugh
Los Angeles, I am in you.
this has almost a million loops and i'm at least almost a million of them
my flight safely landed! to celebrate, everyone please enjoy and and
flight is taking off. during my absence, everyone please enjoy and and
just smiled at her and she told me to buckle my seatbelt and turn off my phone, this is confirmation that she is not interested in happiness
my flight attendant hates her life I think she needs a hug but I'm fairly certain she'd yell at me if I got up someone pray for her
I was on E! - the TV channel, not the drug. Just so we're clear.
i'm way too excited about sleeping in a bed tonight instead of on a plane. SHEETS! and PILLOWS! and it isn't being HURLED through the AIR!
With the @cnucab staff - thanks for bringing me to speak at your school! My cheeks hurt from laughing so much. #CaptainTyler
Thanks @cnucab for bringing me to speak at your school! My cheeks hurt from laughing so much. #CaptainTyler
we're three episodes into the #PsychoBabble podcast & we now have a facebook! exclusive stuff for people who LIKE:…
No new video today y'all. Feel free to go hog wild and watch a bunch of old videos to catch up! New stuff SOON... ;]
Was on the same flight as @Cimorelliband this morning - so great to see those girls. Love them! 😘
Virginia, I am in you.
Sure I joined YouTube seven years ago today, but guess what else happened that day! I met my #PsychoBabble cohost @koreykuhl! Time flies.
Incredible day. Thanks for all the love and support today celebrating #7YearsOfTylerOakleyVideos. My dreams come true thanks to y'all.
West coast! Turn on E! and tweet along with #TylerOakleyOnE - RT if you are watching!
#TylerOakleyOnE - tweet along if you're watching!
Surprise! I'm on TV tonight! Watch UNTOLD with @mariamenounos on E! at 8pm. Tweet with #TylerOakleyOnE! Let's get it trending when the show is on! 😘
Surprise! I'm on TV tonight! UNTOLD with @mariamenounos on E! at 8pm. Tweet with #TylerOakleyOnE - here's a preview:…
The definitive ranking of the most dateable Disney Princes, according to @tyleroakley:
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Doesn't matter if you've been here one day or seven years, reading your memories from these #7YearsOfTylerOakleyVideos is making my day.
Can't stop smiling while scrolling through all your #7YearsOfTylerOakleyVideos tweets. Thank you for making these seven years so flawless.
7 years ago today, I registered to keep in touch with high school friends. Never dreamed it would turn into this.
I did an interview with @FastCompany, check it out: "How To Build A Massive YouTube Following - With A Message"
After a 24 hour work trip to NYC, I'm now heading back to LA for a quick video shoot, and then flying over to Virginia tonight for a speaking gig. Thank God for @uber_la and coffee. 🚙☕️✌️
After a 24 hour NYC trip, I'm now flying to LA for a video shoot, then to Virginia tonight for a speaking event tomorrow. #alwaysworking ✈️
Glad I saw @dolanbloom perform improv tonight while I'm in NYC; we've come a long way since middle school musicals!
You have no idea how happy it makes me seeing you guys tweet about #PsychoBabble. Thanks for all the love!…
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Wait I just heard my boy @edsheeran is gonna be on the #AGTFinale tonight. So proud of him. HE IS EVERYWHERE. Slay.
just shot a fun little photoshoot in NYC - excited for y'all to see this one, it's VERY different than anything I've ever done! 📷💥
Have you heard Tyler Oakley's new episode of #PsychoBabble where he interviews Troye Sivan yet? NO? Listen here: -R
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New York City, I am in you.
'see you soon' sucks, especially when no matter how short of time 'soon' is, you'd rather see them sooner.
it's almost 1am, I leave for the airport in 3 hours, and i'm showing @troyesivan all the britney spears he missed due to being 7 years old
#Untold with @mariamenounos takes us behind the scenes with @tyleroakley this Thursday! Here's a sneak peek:…
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