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Tyler Lindsey
Crazy how life works.. What a great weekend with some of my favorites! #oklahomies
Reminder: Reagan, who liberals hate, fought for gays. Che, who liberals love, executed gays. #LiberalLogic #tcot
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What about Jalan West, of Northwestern State?…
"Trigger fingers turn to twitter fingers you getting bodied by a singing nigga"
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I have a question.. When people ask for relatives or homies to be freed, do they believe they did nothing wrong? They shouldn't be punished?
I swear he made a 70 item list beforehand, too. 😂�…sD
Heavy sarcasm in my last tweet
Can life get any better right now?
Better Football Program Rt Texas Fav Oklahoma
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Except 65% of them like each other... 😂…t
About time to get a new phone number and duck off
I hate that there always has to be a motive behind a compliment. Why can't we just be nice and make people feel good about themselves?
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Will be interviewed by @seanhannity tonight for the full hour. Hope you enjoy it and, more importantly, hope you agree!
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I am working really hard as a coach to get my players to understand this. We are getting closer!…
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No team I ever played on could seem to master this concept.…
Haven't talked to my dad in 6 days... Guess he finally got the hint
Love it when people don't text back
But it won't happen... Because it makes too much sense
#oomf and I would be just 😍😍😍😍
If I snap you and you don't reply.... Death to you ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
Life has never been more FML than right now
Potato salad is like pussy... U can't eat just anybody's
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Let the celebration start in Uptown: Mike Napoli returns to the Rangers!
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Sources confirming report from @bradio that Rangers close to finalizing deal for MIKE NAPOLI!
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If you truly believe Scottie Pippen and LeBron in their primes to be equal players, then you're truly an idiot.
I mean as soon as I get home and get up from a nap it's full throttle till Sunday night
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People who will vote for Hillary no matter what... "There was a debate tonight?" #LowInformationVotersForDays
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If you didn't watch, or if you're uneducated, don't tweet. Nobody needs kids tweeting about shit they don't understand.
Biggest winners today: Carly Fiorina Marco Rubio Ted Cruz Ben Carson Biggest Loser: America -- Obama is still president for 532 more days.
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Peep the new avi though 👀😈
Regardless, it's great to see athletes speak about stuff that truly matters. Refreshing for people to realize they're more than a player.
Honestly, I'm all for the conversation and applaud @ArianFoster for his stance. I respectfully disagree, and would love to share why w/ him.
I wish all atheists could contribute to conversation like this. While I disagree, it is refreshing to hear dialogue.…
Just because everyone says you're pretty doesn't mean anything.. Don't believe the lies lol
Something about Concords makes my world go round...…
Something about Concords makes my world go round...
When Americans see America as good, the Left becomes irrelevant. That's why it depicts America as bad (racist, sexist, xenophobic, etc.).
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Intelligence and ambition are the ultimate turn-ons.
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