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Tyler Cruz
Income Property Possession is 1 Week Away!
This is how I spent the last of my 3 days. Not sure I want to do this ever again in my life. Once may be enough.
In case you missed it, my first affiliate marketing post in 6 months! "My Process for Optimizing Landing Pages":…
My Process for Optimizing Landing Pages
Just booked my first #acupuncture appointment for tomorrow. Will be interesting.
@aliboonedotcom Yes cashflows.Because this is where I live and I want at least my first property to be where I know the city inside and out.
A Trip to the Emergency Room and Another Property on Contract
@aliboonedotcom In Nanaimo, BC Canada. Returns aren't anywhere like the US market! Finally "pulled the trigger" after 1 year of research...
@aliboonedotcom just got my first income property rental under contract (had to walk from first one after bad inspection). It's turnkey too!
Out of the ER and feeling better. Man, what a terrible year (worst of my life I think).
First time In the emergency room. They just did a bunch of tests. Waiting for results now.
Why I Had To Walk Away and Make An Offer on a Different Property
Off to my inspection now. The inspection and lender appraisal which is tomorrow is all that stands in the way of my first rental property.
Some Setbacks on My First Income Property
Tried the new Turkish Kebab place in #Nanaimo today. Pretty good but needs more selection.
We Have an Accepted Offer, Folks!
Oh snap! Orange is the new black out on early release on Netflix. Hopefully it doesn't focus too much on piper and her gf this season.
Minesweeper is actually kind of fun. Beats the hell out of Solitaire!
Just watched Whiplash on Netflix. Freaking awesome film. Brings back memories of all my jazz playing back in high school.
Booking the inspection now. Things are moving like lightning.
Just dropped off my first deposit on an investment property!
A couple counter offers later and we have a deal! My first income property! Can't wait to close and give you guys a video tour
Sick of the "Upgrade to Windows 10" icon in the system tray? I removed it by following instructions here:…. Enjoy.
Just signed my first offer on investment property. Response deadline is in 24 hours. Now we wait.
Finally Placing My First Offer On an Income Property
Holding company bank account set up and shares purchased. Ready to make offers on properties now.…
#Fallout4 looks way better than I had hoped for!
Finally... fallout 4... I'm so excited
In a few hours I'm off to the lawyers to sign the paperwork to finalize the setup of my holding corporation. #milestones
Setting Up a Holding Company and Improving My Real Estate Numbers
I now have 3 gray hairs on my right sideburn. WTF? #aging #gettingold
@tommynguyen604 Hmm.... might try taking at night, thanks.
Been going through 3 kleenex boxes a day due to #springtimeallergies. Need relief bad. Tried 3 OTC anti-histimines so far, none worked long.
Just got this in the mail as a gift. Not sure if I'll blog about it or not...
Just got off the phone with my lawyer. Corporation #2 paperwork underway!
@tylercruzdotcom Congratulations, it is now exactly 6 years ago that you started with Twitter.…
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I Am Finally on Instagram: Add Me!
Well, looks like I'm actually pursuing the setting up of a separate holding company. I've only seen major benefits. Will be a pain though...
@ExtremePitaHQ The link located at the bottom of all your Menu pages:…
@VIreviews I was curious what it was because the first time they asked, I thought they were joking and declined: it was a big biscuit.
God, I can't tell you how many times I've started "searching" for something on Twitter inside the message box instead of the search box.
Went to A&W yesterday in south #Nanaimo. They gave a treat to my co-pilot (my Golden Retriever was riding shotgun). Nice.
@ExtremePitaHQ Your Nutition information on your website isn't working (PDF incorrectly linked). Please fix!
Why I Prefer to MAKE Money versus SAVING Money
Back from my first MRI. What an experience!

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