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Tyler Clenney
It's beginning to look a lot like #Christmas.
Happy 2nd birthday to this dumbo! #LookOutShes2 #TerribleTwos #OhWaitShesReally14
Such a lazy thing. #ItsSunday
At what point can I quit studying? I just want to take a nap.. #JustReadThatSixTimes #StillDontGetIt #MyBrainIsTooFull #MyBedIsRightThere
This is the image of comfort.
Enjoying spring... And not listening to stay still!!
Well, the pollen finally hit me today. I sound like I've been crying all day. #ThermodynamicsGettingToMe #SuchABeautifulGraph
I'll never understand people who think they can turn from the second lane. #GetOffTheRoad
Congrats to the new baby Alpha Omegas! Next week, it's the Gamma Betas, the Beta Iotas, and the first initiation for Florida A & M!
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Thanks to the guy who just ran a red light and almost ran me over. #thatwasclose #redmeansstop #almostdied
Tyler - 1 Locked Car - 0
My Numerical professor just went on a 20 minute rant about why we should go to graduate school. #NoMoreSchool #Ugh
My dog is fast asleep on her back with her paws in the air. I guess the "normal" gene missed her generation.. #ShesAdorable #Dog #Sleep
Just asked someone what they were doing about their halitosis. So glad he didn't know what that is.. #Witty #NailedIt
There's definitely an alien trying to communicate with me through this printer.
Pretty sure this printer is possessed. #NotWhatIPrinted ItWontStop #Technology
And when I say "just watched," I mean it happened like 2 hours ago and I'm just now putting it on Twitter. #DontJudgeMe
Just watched two people arguing outside my apartment over who woke who up, then they bonded over a cigarette. #NeverADullMoment #uhh
I think she's comfortable!
About two minutes before it starting pouring on my run this morning.. And I was two miles from home. :(
At the vet with a very unhappy camper...
The most stressful part of my day is navigating the IC when classes let out. #SoManyPeople #GetOutOfMyWayPlease
The most stressful part of my day is navigating the IC when classes let out. #SoManyPeople #GetOutOfMyWayPlease
The thought of having to pack up my dorm room makes me very sad. #WhyDoIHaveSoMuchStuff #IShouldBeStudyingForFinals
After spending almost 3 hours revising my paper for INTA, I have come to the conclusion that I made the right choice in majors...
Have to change my Georgia Tech password again. This should only take 20 minutes.. #IveAlreadyUsedThatOne @georgiatech @GTStudents
These freshman are so excited. It's kind cute. Won't last long though..
Nothing like a double fault to lose a match on... #Disappointing #PoorLiNa @Wimbledon @WTA
There's this girl in my class who I swear wears the exact same pair of yoga pants every day. #doyounotownanythingelse #toolazytogetdressed
Alright @serenawilliams, time to get Grand Slam number 18!
Nothing more relaxing than a police car with its siren on parked outside my dorm. #iswearididntdoanything
Watching new freshman get completely lost and confused on their first day of classes always gives me sadistic pleasure. #ishouldprobhelpthem
So apparently I have a new professor for calculus 3 for this half of the semester. I went from Asian to chain smoker. #whatyoubesayingdude
"It doesn't matter what the charge is doing. It could be doing gangnam style." -Professor Ballantyne #gangnamstyle #physicsphun
I'm pretty sure the blue route buses don't exist in the mornings. #itsaid3minutes #itsstillnothere #itssocold
I'm definitely going to regret not studying for this physics test on Tuesday. #ohwell #itsspringbreak #yolo #itllonlybefivepercent
I'm pretty sure that I should probably be studying for my physics test right now. #probsnotgonnahappen #whatisphysics #springbreak
This map of Atlanta has all of Tech's campus as nerds.
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Pretty sure my shower just gave me a burn that I'll have forever. #ouch #whydiditgoallmordoronme #ididnthaveitthathot
Why do these people not understand that they don't have to shout everything they say? #hesstandingrightthere #tooloud
Not sure my lab TA its entirely sure what he is doing.. #whyisntthemicroscopeworking #uhhhh
Foiled by the blue route again. It's a constant struggle. #ievenranthistime #alwaysaminutetoolate

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