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Tyler Clenney
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At the vet with a very unhappy camper...
I agree with Fran.
The most stressful part of my day is navigating the IC when classes let out. #SoManyPeople #GetOutOfMyWayPlease
The most stressful part of my day is navigating the IC when classes let out. #SoManyPeople #GetOutOfMyWayPlease
The thought of having to pack up my dorm room makes me very sad. #WhyDoIHaveSoMuchStuff #IShouldBeStudyingForFinals
After spending almost 3 hours revising my paper for INTA, I have come to the conclusion that I made the right choice in majors...
Have to change my Georgia Tech password again. This should only take 20 minutes.. #IveAlreadyUsedThatOne @georgiatech @GTStudents
These freshman are so excited. It's kind cute. Won't last long though..
Nothing like a double fault to lose a match on... #Disappointing #PoorLiNa @Wimbledon @WTA
There's this girl in my class who I swear wears the exact same pair of yoga pants every day. #doyounotownanythingelse #toolazytogetdressed
Alright @serenawilliams, time to get Grand Slam number 18!
Nothing more relaxing than a police car with its siren on parked outside my dorm. #iswearididntdoanything
Watching new freshman get completely lost and confused on their first day of classes always gives me sadistic pleasure. #ishouldprobhelpthem
So apparently I have a new professor for calculus 3 for this half of the semester. I went from Asian to chain smoker. #whatyoubesayingdude
"It doesn't matter what the charge is doing. It could be doing gangnam style." -Professor Ballantyne #gangnamstyle #physicsphun
I'm pretty sure the blue route buses don't exist in the mornings. #itsaid3minutes #itsstillnothere #itssocold
I'm definitely going to regret not studying for this physics test on Tuesday. #ohwell #itsspringbreak #yolo #itllonlybefivepercent
I'm pretty sure that I should probably be studying for my physics test right now. #probsnotgonnahappen #whatisphysics #springbreak
This map of Atlanta has all of Tech's campus as nerds.
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Pretty sure my shower just gave me a burn that I'll have forever. #ouch #whydiditgoallmordoronme #ididnthaveitthathot
Why do these people not understand that they don't have to shout everything they say? #hesstandingrightthere #tooloud
Not sure my lab TA its entirely sure what he is doing.. #whyisntthemicroscopeworking #uhhhh
Foiled by the blue route again. It's a constant struggle. #ievenranthistime #alwaysaminutetoolate
Pretty sure waiting fro @GreysABC to return next week has me growing gray hair.. #itsbeentoolong #whowillitbe
My professor just told everyone that for right hand rule, curl your fingers around the rod. He still can't figure out why we are laughing.
There is no better feeling than dropping a class. :)
Wow. Just wow. :) @somyatirath
Homemade pizza night! Seems like a #winner to me!
Shogun date with the fam for New Year's Eve! #newyearseve #japanesefood
Glares from the cat are a frequent occurrence in our house. #donttouchme
I can't believe Christmas is almost over, along with my break. #toosoon #itsalmost2014 #christmas
I think he's in trouble..
Not entirely sure how time works during breaks. I'm pretty sure it doesn't follow the regular pattern though. #oneweekleft #movingtoofast
Please tell me this isn't the funniest thing you've ever seen. Literally cannot contain myself in…
Truer words have never been spoken. #sonotstudying #istillhavetime
First tree up! My elephant tree! #christmas
This is a brave soul to be parked on our campus like this. lol
Our campus is great this time of year! #fall
Get that stretch on. #football #gtvsvt #100yearanniversary
This is why Thursdays at Tech make me happy. #icedcoffee #bluedonkey #farmersmarket
This is the voice!!!!!!!!!!!! @NBCTheVoice
Yeah, we have intramural corn hole. #thatshowweroll
Shout out! @academy_official