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Ty Magee
Obama: When people harm Americans anywhere, we do what is necessary to see that justice is done.
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Feels like I just pulled my spine out of my neck. 😖
I pray that one day when I'm old I can go to the gym dressed as pimp as some of these American senior citizens are right now.
It's one thing to #WCW someone, it's another thing to create a fake account and pretend you have a girl to woman crush 😂😂😂
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The conversation @Tanner_Seymour and I are having right now 😂😂#daddyproblemgirlsrls
Looks like I bought my Johnny Manziel Jersey a little to early this year with Hoyer officially 😂 #browns #dawgpound #fitfam #cleveland #topszn #manziel
BREAKING: Brian Hoyer to lead Browns, named starting quarterback.
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I am hereby challenging @Browns QBs to the Throw A Touchdown Pass Challenge, to raise awareness for scoring points.
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Ladies, if your boyfriend ain't excited about football season. You have a girlfriend. Merica.
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Upgraded my beats 😛
Hoyer what is going on?
Throwing my @JManziel2 jersey on. Let's work. #gametime
Most people go somewhere on their week vacation from work. I lift twice a day 😂.
Taking a little drive with mans best friend.
So picked me up a new toy today 😈. My new 9mm 1911. Zombies where you at?💀🔫 #fitfam #1911 #9mm #guns #fitspo
Got me another bang bang 🔫
Go to the store to get fajitas only. Walk out with beer and doughnuts. Noms. 😁 #fitfam #beer
Haven't lifted in 3 days cause of being sick. This is just fantastic 💀.
Can't get out of bed.
Well going to urgent care was an adventure
I ain't been this excited about football season since last football season. Merica.
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Burger King chicken fries are back. Sweet baby Jesus. 😮
Being sick is the worst