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teebee †
Who's ready for the @FRESHEGOKIDLTD AW drop? Can't wait 😍R
New winter tracksuits coming early November. You won't be disappointed #FEKWINTER
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Fucking true 😮A
Fuck you tinder.
When someone asks if you smoke weed
Was supposed to be going on holiday today 😡😩
Interesting find on the tube 😂�nb
Shoutout to all them girl/boyfriends who can't have friends of the opposite sex when they're taken. We see your whipped ass 👀😂✌🏻️
Carol is actually going ham in the walking dead 😂
Walking dead time 😍
Netflix and chill should be a necessity on Sundays.
I need to get away.
Stuck in a generation where loyalty is just a tattoo.
Im such a sucker for a girl with blonde hair and blue/green eyes 😩😩😩😍😍😍
Who's ready for the next @FRESHEGOKIDLTD drop? I can't wait!…
So I'm starting my tattoo journey with @VividInkSutton starting with covering my neck in art. I cannot wait 😍@RueVividinkk #2611
She's pretending like she don't miss you, you're pretending you don't care. Ego is a hell of a drug.
Hey, you ok? Yeah you? What you been up to? Not much you? SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU BORING GENERIC SCAB.
Now that's 💯👌PAF
Like Mondays at school was so dead, shittest lessons aswell.
Like this time on a Sunday night is just the worst part of the week, unless you have Monday off 😷
Sunday's give me anxiety.
Why do I even try and make effort with part time people, fucking waste of my time.
Sunday's are depressing as fuck 😩
Like well done you get a bottle of grey goose every Saturday, but you live at home with your mom and get the bus to work 😂#prioritiess
Sunday's are so shit on snapchat, just every cunt showing half their face in a club with shit music playing a story 860 seconds long 😩😷
I need lots of hungover sex and I need it now.
There's too many desperate ugly boys just making 3/10s feel like celebrities it needs to stop 😭😭😭
The 21st century consists of far too many girls with a body like baywatch and a face like crimewatch. 👌🏻
How is it Sunday already 😩
My favourite thing in the entire world has to be side boob 😁😁😁
I'd rather be hated on for who I am, than to be loved for who I'm not.
As much as I'm enjoying me time at the moment, I can't wait for that day to take that girl back home and say this is the one ma'
Only thing I hate about being single is when you're ill and needy as fuck. 😩
I shit you not, a girl just laughed at me because I said I have anxiety and was like "fuck getting involved with you" 😂 WOW
Why am I ill when it's the weekend? 😩😭
I shit you not someone just spelt muscle "mucel" fuckinell 😂😂😂
Pre bath selfie 😂r
So much bad shit happens to me I swear. 😂
Someone on tinder super liked me 82 kilometres away, what you looking for girl? Netflix and long distance? 😂
Ive done so much for the wrong people, I can only imagine how much I'll do for the right person.
FRESH EGO KID 15% discount code: BIGSAVER15 *excludes sale items ONLINE NOW
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Never will understand why some people feel the need to upload so many selfies in such a short amount of time
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