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Michael Dugan
Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn dies at 54. RIP Tony Gywnn. A true gentleman of the game.
@TomFarrey: EOB says he went to class a couple of hours a day, then dove into his basketball duties” @kailschofield
O'Bannon's testimony sounding very similar to Kane Colter's in the NLRB case re: daily schedules, hours spent on sports.
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I just laid 12,000:1 odds the lakers will not win the nba title next year. I like my odds. @Sackdance56 will owe me a beer. @kobebryant
I just laid 12,000:1 odds the lakers will not win the nba title next year. I like my odds. @Sackdance56 will owe me a beer. @kailschofield
Haha. 2 kids behind us came in fans of the @EdmontonOilers and are now cheering @NewYorkRangers_ #ImpressionableYouth
Just beat @kailschofield in a Canadian anthem over/under. Yay free beer!
Avoid W Henday SB. Backed up from Hwy 2 to the river. #yegtraffic #WorstDriversInNorthAmerica
It looks like @Rich_Neumann needs to get his election signs dusted off.
Totally f'ed up walking dead.
I'm rooting against Canada in the hockey game today. Mostly because they are responsible for Justin Bieber. #USAvsCanada
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Accident w Henday SB at Wedgwood creek. #yegtraffic backed up to St. Albert.
W Henday SB creeping from St. Albert to at least lessard rd exit. Find alternate route. #yegtraffic
Do the Swiss have the best chance of challenging White or is it a particular athlete from Switzerland? #GoogleIt #NBCFail
Show Putin during Ukraine march. My #YEG Ukrainian friends will not like that Maybe he was cheering a plan to wack out viera. #NBCFail
Jeremy Lin an NBA star?? Absurd! And I am a Rockets fan. #GoogleIt #NBCFail
Team America has closed out the parade of nations Start butchering the theatrical portion of the show Thx @CBC for showing live. #NBCFail
I predict one more commercial break before Team America. Another #NBCFail brought to you by Coke
Anyone else think that @NBCOlympics could fall into a barrel of titties and come out sucking their thumb? #NBCFail #GoogleIt
Breaking NEWS! Alot of teams want to win! #GoogleIt #NBCFail
Idiots!! Do they think the Israeli and Iranian athletes are going to chuck knuckles in the locker room? #GoogleIt #NBCFail
If you need more information, google it. - thx Meredith. That pearl of wisdom = 2 shots #OpeningCeremonyDrinkingGame #Sochi2014 #NBCFail
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I should have used Google to tell my how I could have watch this live. #NBCFail
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cant wait to see how lauer and viera handle the german protest unis. I know it will be another #NBCFail
9 hours late & heavily edited. other main difference from @CBCOlympics & @NBCOlympics is NBC not mentioning Gretzky 132 times #NBCFail
Russians do understand the value of good theater. The producers had enough sense to kill Viera's mic for 4 minutes. #NBCFail
Yay! #TheOfficialWifeOfMichael brought me a Earl Grey Latte while I recover from the flu and watch choppy opening ceremony. #NBCFail
Too bad that once @nbc finally decides to start their tape delay they will probably let Meredith Viera talk. #NBCFail
Haha!! CBC is already showing the opening ceremonies on the 2nd rerun AFTER showing it live. Oh @NBCOlympics you are terrible. #NBCFail
$sbux @ north town centre YEG, broken debit machine. Free drinks! #GladIDontCarryMoney
Wreck on Hwy2 SB is 5 car pile up in LH lane. All cars totalled. Stay far right. 25-30 minute delay from city to airport. #yegtraffic
Hwy 2 SB stopped as far as the iPhone can see. Pic taken adjacent to visitors centre. #yegtraffic
Report: Alabama agrees to contract extension with Nick Saban
#yegtraffic dead stop on south Henday west. Haven't moved over black mud creek but been here for 5 minutes. @kailschofield
STL at ATL: Schaub hooks up with Jones for long TD @richeisen bet you didn't know schaub has been traded
STL at ATL: Schaub hooks up with Jones for long TD #MattSchaub throwing TDs for falcons. @kailschofield
Whoever picks the #eagles cheer babes should be hired to so the same for the #esks @kailschofield @Sackdance56