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Only 4 weeks till Sturgis! Bikes, Bands, Babes, and Beer!
This beer is kinda dry. Whats this thing? *pulls ring* mmm...Much Better.
Dear alcohol, We had a deal where you would make me funnier, smarter, and a better dancer... I saw the video... we need to talk.
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I'm only here to blow stuff up and party.
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Ran into an old acquaintance in the bar. Told me about 3 friends that have all died in the last 6 months. GET AWAY FROM ME DUDE!
Twitter is Better With Friends! Continues to tell me that the people who run Twitter don't know shit about Twitter.
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Whats missing in StarTrek? #Twitter. If I had warp-drive, a transporter, phasers, and slept with hot alien babes, I'd sure tweet about it.
It's always good to see the pedal bikers enjoying this busy winding mountain road with no shoulder the way Darwin intended.
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If it wasn't for coffee I wouldn't bother getting out of bed in the afternoon.
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Must. Buy. Camping. Equipment. That is all.
Phone rang for the 1st time in 4 months. My reaction was similar to finding a dead mouse on my porch. I circled it & poked it with a stick.
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Just cuz no pics doesn't mean it didn't happen. #chocolatecakeshots
A friend who owns a TV said a bunch of soccer games have been televised. Hmmm.
Having top of the line weed legally delivered to my door. In case you're looking to be jealous over something.
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Coworker: Wanna see pictures of my kid's Boy Scout trip?' M: Is anyone on fire? C: No. M: Animal attacks? C: No. M: You have your answer.
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only 4 weeks till #Sturgis! who's going?
Dallas. nuff said.
I'm sharing this song: – Back in Black by AC/DC, from #SoundHound…
The best thing to happen to the #80's channel since the actual 80's! @MarthaQuinn
Drivers lounge. Looks like PapaBear sat there.
Right now I'm tweeting a vending machine for a pair of flipflops! This is amazing #flipflophooray #spon2926 #w7
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Hey Mindy from high school: I stayed cool, just like you told me to in my yearbook. Sorry that "stay hot" thing didn't work out for you.
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I think some of you delay replies so that it only LOOKS like your not checking twitter 25 times an hour...