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Stephen H.
you can't trust anyone these days
playing #CorpseParty honestly I couldn't control myself if this game didn't exist.
why is every girl trying to get me fat, like, stahp. I like my build, it helps me dodge everyone's punches.
whatever happened to all the in-control humans. I need to stop looking if they are all dead. lol
Sick of humans asking me what the date is. If I don't know it myself how am I supposed to help you? Call bell tech support, they'll help.
Atomic for Android is now released! (For Android)…
Check out our new space-centric micromanagement tapping game! @NRP_Danny (For Android/Windows/Mac and iOS soon!)
I've gotten a couple of requests to explain how unique a players own universe can be in the game. Answer: much yes.
New mobile game collab with @NRP_Danny ! Think #science meets #adventurecapitalist meets #micromanagement. Is nigh!
They say patience is a virtue. Chyeah. Right. Nothing virtuous about waiting for a download to finish.
I'm tired of humans. If you don't frustrate yourself, another human will.
i'm not them. am not. are too. not. you're not me.
hey guys, what if humans suddenly get brain tumours by just thinking about getting brain tumours lol hahahha oh shi-
the hell just happened.
The ending of #MGSV blew my entire mind. reason enough to play any metal gear title. @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN @Kojima_Hideo
some say earth a run red.
i listen to edm to sleep, but that doesnt make me a party head
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hell is other people.
i am selfish, but that's fine with me
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We are, not your kind of people.
Very few people i can trust my life with
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veld was such a bust this year, but at least i still turnt up with the right people who stuck around 👌
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Don't you dare call me a "free spirit".
I hate when humans ask me if I would like their number implying that we'd ever have much to talk about. I don't collect numbers like stamps.
The dangerous three. If you look at their feed real close, it's like they are crazy. Really crazy lol. @1lidoduck @nguyenvicky @JessJava
Tactile has been greenlit! My hacking simulator game is going to be on Steam! #Tactile #multiplatform #Greenlight
Take your obsession with face/skin care seriously. I do. #ceramidecapsules
Drama on the internet, drama in real life. Interpersonal relationships are engulfed in a never ending prospect of nothingness.
Check out my new app Bitsweep! It's a minesweeper game for Paycoin and other cryptocurrencies!
You can now get my popular port of Narcissu on both iOS and Android! iOS: Android:
Oh my god, this can't be real. It hasn't even hit me yet. RIP Robin Williams @robinwilliams will never be forgotten.
CN Tower selfies. Perfect end to a sickkkk day. xD @KcufOrazio @NRP_Danny
Life is now completely complete. @NRP_Danny @KcufOrazio with @halfadams
Life is now complete. #Suits #PatrickJAdams
Downtown Toronto view. Super good. #CNTower #Downtown #TO
Sneezing while holding a cup of tea. What a disaster lol.
The Grado PS1000's. Arguably one of the best Audiophile headphones out there.
LED there be light! #lightpack #led #house #edm
Off to the races. 24 MH/s = $185 a day! Day job replacement? #scrypt #bitcoinminer #dogecoin
All of the filters.
Two Nanoleaf LED bulbs! 12W = 100W! The world's most energy efficient light bulb #nanoleaf #led
Time for YouTube fame? #canon #c100 #cinema
Much Win! @marcmoras wins 2000 @dogecoin ! What's your address?

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