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Kimberly Renee
I got a bit crafty while watching football. Made this stuffed 3D felt Christmas tree all by hand. Stitched the beads on by hand one by one and everything. Think I might make some more and a few Halloween themed ones as well.
I was just attacked by wolverine.
Getting ready for some football. It's my @Seahawks vs. My dad's @Broncos Should be an interesting game. I hope.
It absolutely poured last night which was great but today there's not a single cloud in the sky :(
Family movie for tonight is Hocus Pocus. Seriously love this movie and would love to live somewhere as beautiful as where this was filmed.
It's a rather hot and bright day here in #lasvegas with a few sparse clouds here and there. ⛅
Oh wow. Just found the old Batman tv show. It's so just wow. Lol. I loved this show as a kid. Bam Pow
Need some weekend reading? Check out this week's blog posts if you haven't yet. #bbloggers #fbloggers #lbloggers
I have far too many books. Ugh. Only half way through them but have made a huge pile of one's that I'm getting rid of.
Currently weeding out my books. Can't fit it all into the picture but I've got 3 overflowing shelves plus more in my room and in boxes in the garage. I love books just a little lol.
Salem thinks he's king of the pillows. I think he just likes to look in the mirror at himself.
"@iamkidpresident: What if every kid in the world knew they were loved?" Every kid in the world should know that they are loved.
Parents must know what #kids are doing with their phones. #FREE app that helps parents monitor children's smartphone…
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Good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who are patient, and the best things come to those who don't give up.
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"@Wilderness: "Save L.A. Cougars" campaign builds momentum:" Too beautiful not to save.
NEW POST over on my blog today about - Living Your Dreams.
As of today I am enrolled to back in school. Woohoo. Anxious to start next month.
Seriously think it is nap time after just eating a huge late breakfast. zzzzzzzzz
I am Batman! The many different variations of him are rather intriguing.
{from the archives} A beautiful rainy day in the neighborhood
Really hope the antibiotic my kiddo got will kick this crap out of him. Hate him being sick.
No matter how old I get, I'm never too old for Scooby-Doo. Found a new Scooby movie at @redbox tonight. It's titled "Franken Creepy" woohoo
My poor boy. Waiting patiently for his Dr after 3 days of being sick.
Wondering how long it takes writers to write each script so that they correlate with each @Marvel movie before production begins on one.
Woke up to a crying/coughing kiddo & then proceeded to have a massive anxiety attack. Worst wake up call ever! Hate him being sick :(
Wow! Tonight's #WitchesOfEastEnd was freaking crazy. Never saw that ending coming.
Have a sick 4yr of really rather sucks.
Started a project of reading all of my books that have yet to be read. There's a lot. 1 down & MANY more to go. Good thing I'm a bookworm
Be sure to check out the beautiful @nikmariec blog "GlossyBlonde" for your chance to win a $25 @Sephora egift card.…
Some of these are so wrong yet freaking hilarious. "This Is What Happens When 35 Texts Go Absolutely Wrong…"
In our house we tend to decorate for holidays early.
My kiddo & I are playing video games but paused to take a cheeky #selfie
My kiddo & I are playing video games but paused to take a cheeky #selfie
Playing Kinect games with the kiddo and boy am I out if shape.
Watching "Mom's Night Out" and realizing it's been far too long since this mama had a night out.
If I could be any fictional character I'd probably be an elf. Elvish is such a beautiful language.
Check out these polishes & more in my latest video! I'm just a little happy about Fall 🍁…
New video up on my YouTube channel that involves these polishes and more.
{from the archives} 11 Tips to get myself to relax
Enjoying season 1 of @MerlinOfficial I really rather miss this show & need to get the other season's.