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Twin Broskis
funk reggae rock indie music 4,346 followers
Electronic music may be coming your way...
Listened to "The Great Divide" about a billion times now
Stereolithic is what us @311 fans have been waiting on for a long time; an album that doesn't hold back👍
HAPPY @311 DAY EVERYONE! And go listen to #Stereolithic's everything you dreamed of
5 more days, ladies and gentlemen...
"Bass notes thumpin and the rhythm so tight; you know just what it is"
NEW MUSIC FINALLY!!! Check out "Know What To Feel" for some reggae infused funk/ funk infused reggae… #broskisareback
Sorry to keep everyone waiting on the music to come. We hope it will be worth it, got some good stuff in the making 🌞
It is so sad when all your music files get deleted :(
Passafire and Ballyhoo in Indy!
Shame on us! We have neglected to update our twitter page!
Check out a sample of 'beautiful place' remix…
"Life could slip away in absent minded numbness" some good lyrics here #311
Full album coming your way. Very soon.
"Been to the bottom and the bottom ain't the best but I can bet that your bottom's not as bad as someone else" -Twin Broskis
Only album in the car is the blue one.. #cominlikeanighmare #np #311