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Othmane Brika عثمان
people keep asking me why I'm not on twitter ...... So here I am finally :-)
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Girls that wear Timberlands everyday... -_- We all know you're secretly a part time construction worker.
-Tyrone has three candy bars. -Mark asked him for one. -How many candy bars does Tyrone have? *All three cuz Tyrone don't share. #HoodMath
We don't have answers for questions that matter most. But we do have answers for useless questions.
Lmfaoo I'm done 😂 #memes #funny #lol
I'm not overconfident, I just appreciate the value of my opinion.
Wayne Rooney might be going to PSG for this summer transfer.
One day I want to wake up to a resolved world.
Just pulled TOTS Cerci in Fifa 14. I'm about to cry :,)
Liverpool vs Chelsea tomorrow :o Gonna be intense!
I used to think "oomf" was something you said when you were hurt. #confession
Trying to be the change that this world needs.
God bless the 96 who lost their lives at Hillsborough #YNWA
After today's match, I came to the conclusion that Borussia Dortmund is an über ass team.
#DefineTwitter - Unique things don't need definitions.
I hate when a last second goal gets scored against you in FIFA, omg
Wenger just proves that a world class team can become total crap overnight. Everton 2-0 Arsenal
What exactly is a "bae"???!
This seems to be very appropriate for any northeastern state