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Rajiv Ranjan
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If this a tweet then why is it called "Twitter" and not "Tweeter".?
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"Before I can walk in another person's shoes, I must first remove my own." - Brian Tracy #Quote
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"For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible." #MaxwellEquation
Success is "shy"; it won't come while you are watching out for it.
Shortest Horror story: Viva tomorrow :-(
If you want to see how much a person has changed , see a month old conversation with him on fb :(
I know God has a plan. I pray for direction to follow it, patience to wait on it, and knowledge to know when it comes.
He looked up the sky and got fascinated by the colorful sparks that lit up the usually dark night. A red dazzling...
Diwali is pretty much the only time when your parents don't look at u suspiciously when a box of matches falls from ur pocket.
A total of 38 SIXES were hit in today's match. Now that's how #Diwali fireworks sound! Happy Diwali :)
No matter however many strategies you make and how much you work hard the best college ,the best job and the best...
I hate sundays because sunday is homework day but i cant do my homework because i have to spend my day accepting...