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chantel kingsley
Dan Queen sorry I had to find this again because i thought about this, and I can't stop cracking up now.
You know I honestly don't care about Valentines day. Why start now? I don't need flowers,candy, cards and etc......
Guess what I have found Google maps ^.^ Forrest Gump.
Ugh. Stomach why do you have to act up today?:(
HA! Dan . I'll blow up your Facebook like you did to mine lol.
Even more depressing the original song. :(
Facebook goes beyond 'male' and 'female' with new gender options.
Can this 2 weeks fly by? Just wanna move to our new place already.
hate feeling bloated -_- .
Do you love me Do you hate me Do you wanna believe me Do you think that you don't need me Do you wanna deceive me...
Just realize it's 2 weeks until march. Gotta start packing and cleaning before we move.
O.o What is with people today? It's like everybody is pissed off at the world. And i am sitting here with stomach...
Look at the wake From the stardust pouring from your eyes It’s no mistake You are perfect You are perfect in my...
Melanie Radford reminds me of Nikki
I don't deserve you, why can't you see I will desert you, why don't you leave But you put your faith in me one...
I think it would be fun to work in a restaurant on Valentine's Day. I'd hide fake diamond rings in all the girls'...
Based on the living conditions, I think Sochi thought they were hosting The Hunger Games instead of The Olympics.
-- I honestly cannot sleep. Ugh!.
My stomach is seriously killing me -_- .
Guess I'll play Diablo until the boyfriend comes home from work.