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Ian Terry
"Asked for their drink"... the drink that player *brought* Otev, or a drink named after that player? Two meanings... that's what tripped me.
The F4 Veto I lost was Chemistry themed. The F4 Veto Caleb is about to lose is stalker themed... #BB16
Why isn't Derrick just saying "Hey, nominations are 100% meaningless, veto is all that matters"? #BB16
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Not to mention there's a significant delay between the yard and studio... #BB16
Nothing against Derrick if that's what he did though. More "heads up thinking" than it is "cheating" I'd say. #BB16
@TulaneTerry @robcesternino I think Derrick heard crowd noise and changed his answer on one...
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Is that a weed joke? #BB16
"Do you have the ability to ignore all responsibilities for 4 months? The search is on for the next houseguests on big brother! Apply now!"
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I always get a good laugh when people include me on their "All-Stars 2" lists. Guys, I'm never playing again, we've been through this! 😊
Now that I've done this trick in class (w/o the wine bottle) I can post a video of my practice round to YouTube!…
You can have a normal HOH week and uphold the game's integrity or you can trade it all for what's in this box #BB16
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NEW #OntheBlock in under 20 minutes! #BB16 #RESETbutton, flaws of Derricks game, Beastmode Winner?, Frankie's game
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Glad I thought up this problem for today's physics class. Anything that reminds me of @HegeBokko is okay with me! <3
My thoughts exactly, cartoon sketch me. My thoughts exactly.
Can somebody get me taco bell rn?
"Big Brother" is a contest to see who is best at being unemployed.
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Whoever just tweeted me with the yellow egg and I accidentally blocked (and now unblocked), tweet me again. Sorry about that.
"Were the '10s any better?" "Once we got drone pizza delivery, it was alright"
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or maybe I should go to Vegas... you guys are awfully convincing.
Okay, maybe not Russia, just some European country with a lot of blondes.
So, after a lot of thinking, my best play is to NOT go to Vegas and wait it out. Saving the money for a trip to Russia over the holidays.
To go to Vegas or not go to Vegas? I feel like this song has never been more appropriate.…
I was only a scalar til you showed up and gave me direction.
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Good ole boys really running the house this year. #BB16
.@CBSBigBrother There actually was a rodent in the house though, and I'm not talking about @AndyHerren.
It makes a lot of sense. Someone doesn't take it, gets voted out minutes later. Julie says "You could've had $30k, but here you sit!" #BB16
Theory: the gold button is an offer for one HG to cancel the eviction and leave with $30-50k in the place of tonight's evictee. #BB16
My karaoke of "Short Skirt/Long Jacket" is pretty dece, but may be more a function of that song being hard to screw up than anything else.
.@TulaneTerry wants a girl with a short skirt and a looooooooooooong...JACKET.
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Phone's acting weird so here's the solution to number 10 on page 5/5 (a real softball!).
New life goal: publish something that could be considered "crude social commentary", simply because that phrase has a nice ring to it.
.@colinstone Excellent podcast, gentlemen. I especially enjoyed the reference to me.
"Flirting w/ Girls that may have Boyfriends" should've been a class at Tulane. It also should've counted as a "Fine Arts" credit. #BB16
Hmmm, take several days off work and risk looking like a raving lunatic if it doesn't go as planned? Really torn on this one. #HOU to #LAX?
When Frankie gets out of the house, does damage control and talks about how he just acted like that for his game.…
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When I was going into BB, my dinosaur hoodie got taken away b/c it "looked like a punishment costume". I disagreed. Two years later... #BB16
Anyone know of a good apothecary-style bar in Houston?
.@BigBrotherBuzz Me: *melts into pile off goo that will need to be scraped off my office chair with a spatula*