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Ian Terry
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You know how MI has the "mitten" hand-map to show their origins? My friend made a similar hand-map for New Orleans:
Do they build more team challenges than needed or did they just merge earlier than expected? Boats are clearly from the tribal stage.
Finally caved and made a big purchase. I'm not *really* about that "Vorsprung Durch Technik", you know?
Watching Cutthroat Kitchen. Dude has $16,500, his opponent has only $1,300 left. He bids $2,000 on a sabotage. *BANGS HEAD ON DESK*
Our #BBCAN2 weeks 5-7 recap/anlaysis podcast with special guest @TulaneTerry is up! Find it here:…
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Is there woman clutching a large pillow and sleeping in the seats behind the 3B-dugout at the Pirates game??? #BUCN
Fav Saturday before Easter tradition? Inconspicuously drawing dicks on hard-boiled eggs with a wax crayon before mother dyes them. #Easter
Hope you can join us LIVE to discuss the latest drama from this season of #BBCan2 at 7 pm ET / 4 pm PT:…
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One of my hobbies is to go sit in my car up by the DMV and watch people mess up parallel parking for hours and hours.
Hey guys, I haven't been in contact with Evel Dick. I tried texting and called this morning. Just to let y'all know.
Is Neda an elite, female BB player? Discuss. #BBCAN2
RIP Gabriel Garcia Marquez! Nobel winner wrote 100 Years of Solitude. Called himself a carpenter but hand crafted the Empire State Building!
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The Penguins are in the playoffs tonight against the Blue Jackets? Time to start caring: GO PENS!
On second thought, I don't see how that last tweet was in any way related to #BBCAN2... and neither is this one.
Tulane rumor alert: There was a snake in someone's food at Bruff. Can anybody confirm or deny this? #BBCAN2
Neda reads the BB blogs, reads forums, watches feeds, and best of all: watched BB7 three times. *fans self* #BBCAN2
Also, my phone is shot. Getting a new one at some point tomorrow.
What a crazy weekend! Great time raising money for charity out at #RealityRally and getting to meet fans.
Neda is the qt3.14est HG in a looooooooong time. #BBCAN2
Me: "That girl on 'Flip or Flop' is hot. I should watch." *Realizes the premise is about her and husband flipping. Never watching again.*
Can't wait for Friday's reality TV charity event, Reality Rally. It's much more popular than next week's HGTV charity event, Realty Rally.
Why do sorority girls hang out in odd numbers? Because they can't even.
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What are the shirts Neda designs made out of? Gf material? #BBCAN2
And that... is why I lasted 75 days in that crazy house. #SooooooCOLD