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Ian Terry
I'm at the store and this guy's haircut is more late-90s' than eating at a Rainforest Cafe on vacation.
@TulaneTerry I believe we have the same taste in women sir lol
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.@Mr_Survivor_ Is anybody surprised by this? No. No they are not.
"I'm usually always the best thrower." Today, Drew was the worst thrower, in two senses of that word. #Survivor
Brilliant social play there.
Congratulations to the winner of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur: Drew!
@TulaneTerry as a physics teacher and (on account of the BB win), I assume, a top bloke, could you spread the word about @physicshound?
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It's not often that I'll refer to something as "adorable", but this representation of wavelengths is! #StickyMemory
Hate to brag but my GPS just told me "you have arrived."
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This jacket is super groovy and would sure convey a lot of Wizard pride, but damn... that price tag.…
Ahh, man: the episode where Big Pete has an existential crisis while on the field trip bus to the county Milk Museum...
Just realized every episode of "Pete & Pete" is on YouTube. There goes any hope of being social/productive/remotely hygienic this weekend.
Perfect song to get me pumped for tomorrow's lesson on vector components:…
Lol, I paid my water bill... just some maintenance going on.
If my water can get turned back on sometime this week, that'd be great.
Page #6: Problem 14 correction -- The astronauts are in orbit, so "down" is ambiguous. The "in-orbit" part is key to that problem.
Unit #3 study guide Page 2 of key
My Jeopardy! bae lost... *sigh*. Oh well, maybe I'll get to take her out for potent potables someday.
Red sky at night, sailor's delight.
Had to look this up per my students' suggestion, re: my inability to pronounce anybody's name correctly:…
Alright, I decided: Terri Pous can be my qt3.14 #Jeopardy! Season: 31 gf if she wants. 😍
This Terri on Jeopardy! is the cutest on there in recent memory. Here's to hoping she puts a nice string of wins together 😍
Houston peeps: Going to be at Celtic Garden in an hour. Meet me up. @IAmTheKos @heymiker
Other articles in this week's Hullabaloo include: "Sleeping more makes you feel less tired" and "The sky is blue":…
If u wanna know what it's like to be a former Big Brother HG, just get strangers to ask you if you're still dating your ex every single day.
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My anaconda don't want none unless you got bunts hun. #huntforbedoctober
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"Mathematics paints a lie so that we can better understand the truth." -- Dr. Xuefeng Wang, probably.
"Pepsi Max" is such a misleading name. I feel like it should have double the calories of a normal Pepsi. #ConsumerComplaint
Welcome to the winner's circle @Derrick_L13! Very well played! #BB16
You watching Big Brother? You better be standing up right now, b/c you just witnessed the best game ever played. #BB16
That clanking is the sound of 450k being dropped down a garbage chute. #BB16
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#survivor Fortunately, this is a non-elimination Council
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Can we get her on BB so she can complete the #FirstBoot Trifecta? #Survivor
This John Rocker guy was famous for playing David Puddy on Seinfeld, right? #Survivor
Given the theming of this season, I'm kind of disappointed the immunity idol isn't the Shriiiiiiiiiiiiiine of the Silver Monkey. #Survivor
Alright, I decided: Baylor can be my Survivor: San Juan Del Sur qt3.14 gf if she wants. #Survivor
Hahah, the judgmental looks from Rocker already... #Survivor
Actually, don’t #SAVETHESURVIVORINTRO. Time saved by a shorter intro = more ad revenue = more profit = our favorite show stays on the air.
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