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Ian Terry
Welcome to the winner's circle @Derrick_L13! Very well played! #BB16
You watching Big Brother? You better be standing up right now, b/c you just witnessed the best game ever played. #BB16
That clanking is the sound of 450k being dropped down a garbage chute. #BB16
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#survivor Fortunately, this is a non-elimination Council
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Can we get her on BB so she can complete the #FirstBoot Trifecta? #Survivor
This John Rocker guy was famous for playing David Puddy on Seinfeld, right? #Survivor
Given the theming of this season, I'm kind of disappointed the immunity idol isn't the Shriiiiiiiiiiiiiine of the Silver Monkey. #Survivor
Alright, I decided: Baylor can be my Survivor: San Juan Del Sur qt3.14 gf if she wants. #Survivor
Hahah, the judgmental looks from Rocker already... #Survivor
Actually, don’t #SAVETHESURVIVORINTRO. Time saved by a shorter intro = more ad revenue = more profit = our favorite show stays on the air.
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1/2... conceptual problems are not included in my solutions. I'll direct you to Newtonian Law definitions though.
2/2 for review packet. Do these and be prepared for tomorrow. Copying the solutions =/= working the problems.
If Cody wins final HOH he has an example of both of his choices played out this year: you can be Jon or be Woo. But please, be Woo.
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Let me clarify: Who in Houston that is an attractive, 21-26 year old female would like to go the Arctic Monkeys concert with me?
NEW #OTB!… Looking at the endgame. F2 Jury speeches 4 Cody, Derrick, & Victoria, The Hitmen! @mccraechum @AndyHerren
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Soooooo, who in Houston wants to go to the Arctic Monkeys concert with me?
Lady Lyndon was gorgeous and elegant, fitting she married that jerk Redmond Barry. Isn't that always the way?
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I love how on @Jeopardy Trebek consistently says "signaling device" not "buzzer". Bet he's a signalingkill at parties
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Something big happening in Monroe County PA. Over 17000 listeners to police scanner.
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"Asked for their drink"... the drink that player *brought* Otev, or a drink named after that player? Two meanings... that's what tripped me.
The F4 Veto I lost was Chemistry themed. The F4 Veto Caleb is about to lose is stalker themed... #BB16
Why isn't Derrick just saying "Hey, nominations are 100% meaningless, veto is all that matters"? #BB16
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Not to mention there's a significant delay between the yard and studio... #BB16
Nothing against Derrick if that's what he did though. More "heads up thinking" than it is "cheating" I'd say. #BB16
@TulaneTerry @robcesternino I think Derrick heard crowd noise and changed his answer on one...
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Is that a weed joke? #BB16
"Do you have the ability to ignore all responsibilities for 4 months? The search is on for the next houseguests on big brother! Apply now!"
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I always get a good laugh when people include me on their "All-Stars 2" lists. Guys, I'm never playing again, we've been through this! 😊
Now that I've done this trick in class (w/o the wine bottle) I can post a video of my practice round to YouTube!…
You can have a normal HOH week and uphold the game's integrity or you can trade it all for what's in this box #BB16
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NEW #OntheBlock in under 20 minutes! #BB16 #RESETbutton, flaws of Derricks game, Beastmode Winner?, Frankie's game
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Glad I thought up this problem for today's physics class. Anything that reminds me of @HegeBokko is okay with me! <3
My thoughts exactly, cartoon sketch me. My thoughts exactly.
Can somebody get me taco bell rn?
"Big Brother" is a contest to see who is best at being unemployed.
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Whoever just tweeted me with the yellow egg and I accidentally blocked (and now unblocked), tweet me again. Sorry about that.
"Were the '10s any better?" "Once we got drone pizza delivery, it was alright"
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or maybe I should go to Vegas... you guys are awfully convincing.
Okay, maybe not Russia, just some European country with a lot of blondes.
So, after a lot of thinking, my best play is to NOT go to Vegas and wait it out. Saving the money for a trip to Russia over the holidays.
To go to Vegas or not go to Vegas? I feel like this song has never been more appropriate.…
I was only a scalar til you showed up and gave me direction.
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Good ole boys really running the house this year. #BB16