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Ian Terry
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Zach really needs to lay off the Steve Brule... #BB16…
Condolences to both #BBFrankie and #BBDerrick for their losses while in the house. Can only imagine how hard! My heart is with you guys. 😘💜
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They're all dressed so nice... but why were they on lockdown for all that time!? #BB16
I heard it's endurance tonite. Read my latest article on that looks at the physics of a common comp! @DanGheesling
Poor Frankie... 😢#BB166
So the consensus is, you don't like Derrick because he's a good game player, but u hate when people don't play the game. That makes sense...
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Congratulations to Derrick on his 3rd straight HoH! #BB16
Caleb's just a creepy dingus hunk. Who cares?! #BB16
VIEW: Since they're hell-bent on making 5th a low-tier punishment now, you're better off just keeping it rather than trading for Veto. #BB16
At that point, Brittany should've just picked Jacosta or Christine since she'd pretty much have a 1/5 chance there. #BB16
Congrats @TulaneTerry, your #BB14 date with @ashleyiocco is no longer the most awkward one in BB history. #BB16
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He's blaming all of his romantic issues on "bad timing". That's a bold move, let's see if it pays off. #BB16
This is so awkwaaaaaard. Quick, salvage it! Ask her the difference between Organic & Inorganic!!! It works 14% of the time! #BB16
Serious question: should I wax my arms? The vast majority of the commentary on my watch post is about that. Figured I'd ask?
It was a rough weekend. I'd been wanting to do this for a long time (even before BB). Pull the trigger?
Lol, guys. It's ok. Maybe I'll find a gf next year! (Or it'd actually be two years from now if it's all-stars like I'd assume it will be).
Zach: I'm going to tell you something real important right now... *feeds switch to Hayden doling out snacks* Me: Come on, Skippy... #BB16
Amazing feeds right now. Cams 1 & 2! #BB16
Can someone explain to me why nobody wants to share a bed with Victoria? Does she have jimmy legs or something?? #BB16 #Seinfeld
RIP Beau Parent. I never had, nor interacted with him, but having heard countless stories over the years, I know Tulane lost a legend.
@TulaneTerry @LynchMgm CBS doing good work on promos during Caleb/Amber segment on tonight's east coast feed of BB16
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To those of you that said "show your work": #BB16
BTW, the mathematical odds of getting both the frog suit and the unitard given the circumstances needed to get both is roughly .2% #BB16
Poor Nicole... :( She can be my qt3.14 unitard gf if she wants.