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Good Morning Twitter!! Can I get a RT if you believe GOD is Good All the Time #TeamJesus #TCOT #CCOT
Okay Im out of here. Good night my friends @LilMissPrepper @Ster24080753 @BWSchank @GodWalk7
Lots of bad ones out there @Ster24080753 @MasonMD1
LOL I called Monty out and that is what I got @John77 @Montel_Williams @macklin_joann @sdxyz2 @Pray_4_Life
Keep by in circles I could be using my time else where that is profitable. (2) @cleta411 @BWSchank @GodWalk7 @LilMissPrepper @tomferrari
Well I do want to present the Gospel to them but when they keep (1) @cleta411 @BWSchank @GodWalk7 @LilMissPrepper @tomferrari
Mason kindly drop me from this discussion thanks @MasonMD1 @BWSchank @GodWalk7 @LilMissPrepper @tomferrari
the Truth and can not tell GOD he never heard it. He is accountable now @BWSchank @MasonMD1 @GodWalk7 @LilMissPrepper @tomferrari @nebangjo
for him and dust our sandals off and move on. He has heard the (3) @BWSchank @MasonMD1 @GodWalk7 @LilMissPrepper @tomferrari @nebangjo
we have presented him the Truth and now all we can do is pray for (1) @BWSchank @MasonMD1 @GodWalk7 @LilMissPrepper @tomferrari @nebangjo
Lucifer was an angel created by GOD and Jesus is the same as GOD the FATHER , So no Jesus and Satan are not bros @MasonMD1 @Ster24080753
Bruce it is obvious he is blinded by the evil one @BWSchank @MasonMD1 @GodWalk7 @LilMissPrepper @tomferrari @nebangjo
@tjemery1 Beware, there are many religions out there that claim to follow Christ but contradict/twist Scripture. 2 Timothy 2:15,16 KJB
Retweeted by Thomas
Very true my friend @Rzecco
admonished Judieizres for adding extra works to receive salvation. (2) @MasonMD1 @BWSchank @GodWalk7 @LilMissPrepper @tomferrari
Ephesians 2:8-9 Faith is all that is required. Also in NT Apostle Paul (1) @MasonMD1 @BWSchank @GodWalk7 @LilMissPrepper @tomferrari
Only TRUE FREEDOM can be found in Jesus Christ our LORD and Savior!! Good Night and GOD Bless everyone!!
Telling you their cult is so in line with the Islam religion @nebangjo @MasonMD1 @BWSchank @GodWalk7 @LilMissPrepper @tomferrari @liamk
couple of days and all I can say it is the work of the devil. (2) @Rzecco @MasonMD1 @BWSchank @LilMissPrepper @GodWalk7 @tomferrari @liamk
I have learned so much about Mormonism these last (1) @Rzecco @MasonMD1 @BWSchank @LilMissPrepper @GodWalk7 @tomferrari @liamk
been answered and it appears he has been blinded by the evil one @Rzecco @MasonMD1 @BWSchank @LilMissPrepper @GodWalk7 @tomferrari @liamk
Can we all say a prayer for Mason. All his questions have (1) @Rzecco @MasonMD1 @BWSchank @LilMissPrepper @GodWalk7 @tomferrari @liamk
Not only a god but he will have a planet and have muliple (1) @nebangjo @MasonMD1 @BWSchank @GodWalk7 @LilMissPrepper @tomferrari @liamk
Evil one who has through Mormonism made GOD less then what HE is. @MasonMD1 @BWSchank @GodWalk7 @LilMissPrepper @tomferrari @liamk @nebangjo
Mason you are not following Christ you are following the (1) @MasonMD1 @BWSchank @GodWalk7 @LilMissPrepper @tomferrari @liamk @nebangjo
Yeah thats my thoughts as well. Thanks my friend. @mite72 @GodWalk7 @tomferrari @LilMissPrepper @MasonMD1 @BWSchank @liamk
Was there a reason given? @ceg1258 @GodWalk7
You believe God is one ofany Gods out there and spit on HIS face with )1) @MasonMD1 @BWSchank @GodWalk7 @LilMissPrepper @tomferrari
No you have not. You deny the ONE and ONLY HOLY GOD that has always been. @MasonMD1 @BWSchank @GodWalk7 @LilMissPrepper @tomferrari
@MasonMD1 @LilMissPrepper @tjemery1 @GodWalk7 @tomferrari It is what he said. Baptism is an act of obedience not needed for salvation.
Retweeted by Thomas
you will bow and confess that Jesus Christ is LORD as (2) @MasonMD1 @BWSchank @GodWalk7 @LilMissPrepper @tomferrari @liamk @nebangjo
Mason either you swallow your pride now or in the end (1) @MasonMD1 @BWSchank @GodWalk7 @LilMissPrepper @tomferrari @liamk @nebangjo
Christ is the same as and is Father God sent down to earth in Human flesh. @MasonMD1 @BWSchank @GodWalk7 @LilMissPrepper
Not the same Christ. You believe Christ is the brother of the devil and we believe @MasonMD1 @BWSchank @GodWalk7 @LilMissPrepper
at one time and we believe GOD has always been GOD. @MasonMD1 @BWSchank @GodWalk7 @LilMissPrepper
But the Father God I know and you know are different. You believe Father God was a mortal man @MasonMD1 @BWSchank @GodWalk7 @LilMissPrepper
Exactly Mark if you died where would you end up @MasonMD1 @BWSchank @GodWalk7 @LilMissPrepper @tomferrari @liamk

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