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Canadian Supreme Rules Biblical Speech Opposing Homosexual Behavior is a ‘Hate Crime’ (1) @rgspol @toby_dorena @SGTROCKUSMC82 @DavidRomeiPHD
Philly Christians Charged with 'Hate Crime' (for protesting homosexual event) -… @rgspol @toby_dorena @SGTROCKUSMC82
LOL you can't make up what "Useful idiots" will say @joshmrowley @RevDrLeitzke
Swedish Pastor Faces Jail for Preaching against Homosexuality… @rgspol @toby_dorena @DavidRomeiPHD
UK Street Preacher Jailed Over False ‘Hate Speech’ Charge Following Lesbian Complaint @rgspol @toby_dorena
Gay couple to sue church over gay marriage opt-out | News | The Christian Institute @rgspol @toby_dorena
Its okay the more you force your lifestyle the more people see you for the tyrants you are. @rgspol @DavidRomeiPHD
No problem Ron you want to force a deviant lifestyle unto others. Guessing you have tyrant tendencies. @rgspol @DavidRomeiPHD
And to force their deviant lifestyle on you @toby_dorena @rgspol @SGTROCKUSMC82 @DavidRomeiPHD
@rgspol @SGTROCKUSMC82 @tjemery1 @DavidRomeiPHD Goal of Libs seems to be to erase all references of God & Faith from society!
Retweeted by Thomas
Hey #TeamJesus if you live by the border of Indiana fill your gas tanks and shop there for the next couple of months. #BoycottIndiana NOT
Ha! Apostate Pastor Tim!! I get it. @RevDrLeitzke
What? That you are a troll. Or that you have no idea what you are talking about?(1) @rgspol @SGTROCKUSMC82 @toby_dorena @DavidRomeiPHD
I doubt you do. Sucks that I have to question the integrity of a apostate pastor. Praying you get right with GOD. @RevDrLeitzke
What if Ron you grew some balls and go to a Muslim bakery and you try to purposefully (1) @rgspol @toby_dorena @SGTROCKUSMC82 @DavidRomeiPHD
Wow Ron you are sounding very delusional now. @rgspol @toby_dorena @DavidRomeiPHD
Well he does troll on his grandma's computer in the basement. Does that count? @SGTROCKUSMC82 @rgspol @toby_dorena @DavidRomeiPHD
Ron take a hit on your pipe as you are not making sense now kid. @rgspol @DavidRomeiPHD
No I wrote that GOD opposes homosexuality. @RevDrLeitzke
Because my anal wart friend it is just a matter of time when it comes here. Happening in Canada as well. @rgspol @toby_dorena @DavidRomeiPHD
You are too funny my apostate pastor friend. Make it up as you go. @RevDrLeitzke
Actually Gods words about homosexuality are much stronger in HIS opposition in the Bible. @RevDrLeitzke
And in England recently a person was fined for hate speech for quoting Leviticus about homosexuality. @rgspol @toby_dorena @DavidRomeiPHD
No just lawsuits to close peoples business down. @rgspol @toby_dorena @DavidRomeiPHD
He said to "Sin no more" doesn't sound like he candy coated it. (2) @RevDrLeitzke
Remember when the woman in adultery was going to get stoned and after Jesus stopped it (1) @RevDrLeitzke
Key he dined with them He didn't endorse their lifestyle @RevDrLeitzke
okay that is fair but I have not seen any doing so yet. @JamaicanRaptor @DavidRomeiPHD
the violence homosexuals are enduring in the Middle East. (3) @rgspol @Leslie_H20 @toby_dorena @DavidRomeiPHD
their businesses instead seeing its the Christians speaking out against (2) @rgspol @Leslie_H20 @toby_dorena @DavidRomeiPHD
Ron the only one killing the gays are the Islamic folks. Perhaps you all should target (1) @rgspol @Leslie_H20 @toby_dorena @DavidRomeiPHD
nor will they speak out against the ones suppressing the views of others @JamaicanRaptor @DavidRomeiPHD
okay at least you are consistent but I don't agree with you @rgspol @Leslie_H20 @toby_dorena @DavidRomeiPHD
Peter it has been more then two cases. The next stop is to force churches to marry them or close up. @JamaicanRaptor @DavidRomeiPHD
So if I want to force a gay baker to bake a cake saying homosexuality is deviant he can't refuse @rgspol @toby_dorena @DavidRomeiPHD
And I venture to guess there is less then 74% of real Christians in the USA @JamaicanRaptor @DavidRomeiPHD
to accept their lifestyle or being forced out of business. (2) @JamaicanRaptor @DavidRomeiPHD
Try there is only 1.6% gays in the USA and they need to be stopped from forcing people (1) @JamaicanRaptor @DavidRomeiPHD
No thank you I don't stand with tyrants @MrReb1968
And whats next Ron are you going to sue churches for not performing Same Sex Weddings @Leslie_H20 @rgspol @toby_dorena @DavidRomeiPHD
Ron won't answer my question. I think he is afraid 2 @Leslie_H20 @rgspol @toby_dorena @DavidRomeiPHD
Hey thinking the same thing about you. Sorry that you have no morals to stand on. Guessing you make a perfect useful idiot @LarryAher
If you must my bigot friend. No skin off my back. I will go else where. @LarryAher