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Yes ISIS is brutal, but US is more so, 1.3 million killed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan #NoToWar @democracynow…
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Perhaps you should move if we are such an evil country @ProfessorKumar @democracynow
Rutgers Univ Professor: 'The U.S. Is More Brutal Than ISIS'…
Former Abortion Clinic Owner: We Pushed Sex Ed on Kids to Create a Market for Abortion…
Sale Of Gun To Pamela Geller Assassin Approved Under Obama's "Fast And Furious" #lnyhbt #gop
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The charge being considered is illegally discharging a firearm on federal property. No on the record comment was offered.
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In other words Monty is wrong again @JMemblatt @Montel_Williams
LOL and now Jim Webb acknowledges what Allen West said… @JMemblatt @Montel_Williams
Seriously, can somebody tell the Scientist-in-Chief Obama that C02 is not a "pollutant" as any 8th grader should know
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Kentucky Ministers Banned from Calling Homosexuality a Sin via @charismamag
It's hard to imagine a weaker national security team than Pres. Obama's. Even Pres. Carter's team wasn't this awful, & that's saying a lot.
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Currently reading Mike Huckabee: No Funding for Planned Parenthood If Elected…
Currently reading Report: Gun in Muhammad Cartoon Shooting Tied to Fast and Furious…
Currently reading Trump To Aide Accused of Racist Posts: 'You're Fired'…
John Kasich Walks Back Staffer's Trump Tweet… via @Newsmax_Media
LOL poor NDW got his feelings hurt after he insulted me and I called him out on it @gentlemanirish @DGurien @AaronOdenJ
@cokeybest @tjemery1 I care about Montel Williams about as much as I care about Jerry Springer and Sally Jessy Raphael; which isn't much.
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Petty quiet now @Montel_Williams when you heard @JimWebbUSA confirm that @AllenWest was correct about his story. Swallow your pride Sir!!
Sorry but Monty says hateful things and receives what he gives @DGurien @ameripundit
So since @JimWebbUSA confirmed that Allen West was correct don't you think an apology is in order? cc: @Montel_Williams
. @twitter @Support this guy ---> @gentlemanirish is still tweeting me behind a blocked account. @DGurien @AaronOdenJ
Before tweeting last night, we confirmed with a defense official that the Navy was seriously considering charging LCDR Timothy White.
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.@AllenWest it appears @JimWebbUSA actually agrees with you and looks like @Montel_Williams is wrong again… #TCOT
Navy charging LCDR Tim White w/ a crime for trying to defend our sailors & Marines in #Chattanooga? He deserves a medal, not an indictment.
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Montel Williams has a murder wish 4 Rep. Michele Bachmann… Looks like --> @gentlemanirish thinks thats cool #TCOT #TPP
. @twitter @Support this guy ---> @gentlemanirish keeps tweeting me behind a block. I understand that goes against TOS of Twiitter
So from now on use his name first in TL so we know who you are talking too @DGurien @gentlemanirish @windoughshopper @Montel_Williams
out about Monty the more Monty is exposed. I have already did it twice for you. (2) @DGurien @ameripundit
I already have. Serously you are hurting Montel more then helping him. The more I put these articles (1) @DGurien @ameripundit
kinda is valid shows the opportunist that he is. @DGurien @ameripundit
I know I think she is playing games @AaronOdenJ @DGurien @gentlemanirish
Either you are blind or playing games @DGurien @AaronOdenJ @gentlemanirish
now that is the 2nd time I have shown you. @DGurien @AaronOdenJ @gentlemanirish
Talk show host Montel Williams compares gay marriage opponents to ISIS, Taliban… @DGurien @AaronOdenJ @gentlemanirish
Montel Williams Enrages Tea Party and labels them as racists… @DGurien @AaronOdenJ @gentlemanirish
him all you want but as of know it will be like you talking to a wall. Take care @DGurien @AaronOdenJ @gentlemanirish
Look the evidence has been laid out proving who Montel really is you can continue defending (1) @DGurien @AaronOdenJ @gentlemanirish
to the guy who disagreed with Montel? Seriously why ask that question (2) @DGurien @gentlemanirish @windoughshopper @Montel_Williams
Because someone needs to call him out on it. And isn't that what you did (1) @DGurien @gentlemanirish @windoughshopper @Montel_Williams
@AaronOdenJ @Montel_Williams @tjemery1 @DGurien @gentlemanirish Montel is a blue falcon, standing on a soap box labeled divide and conquer.
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