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@realDonaldTrump 👍 🇺🇸 I'd like to know wha@gretaeta thinks abo@Montel_Williamsams claim th#Trump2016016 did NOTHING besides write a check
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@ChuckNellis @countryboy7477 It is precisely our job! 1 Cor 6; Titus 1:9- rebuke those who contradict sound doctrine; 1 Tim 6:3-5; Gal 1:8-9
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@plasmarob @BWSchank @LoriRhae @ChuckNellis @countryboy7477 and it is defined for us in Scripture. Sola Scriptura is a thing ya know.
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Take care and GOD bless!! GN @BWSchank
The pathway to Heaven is thin These people who have watered down the gospel to tickle the ears of man are in 4 a rude awaking @BWSchank
Freeking liberals I expect to cry and misuse the judging verse but to see socalled Conservatives do it makes me sick to my stomach.
Also another thing you come to my time line whining like a liberal that Im judging you then you will be blocked as well. Most misused verse.
I must also clarify that all the lawsuits I found against Montel Williams involving sexual harassment never stuck. #TCOT #CCOT
I guess we will have to agree to disagree on this Joe. @BarryOCommunist @BWSchank
Or he tickles the ears of people to hear what they want to hear (1) @eviefisher10 @BWSchank @BarryOCommunist @_AEBJ_ @ChuckNellis
Look no offense but when someone is trying to convince me to go against my Godly convictions then I have no problem blocking you.
Thanks for the info my friend @cat_1012000 @S1776frdm
Chuck has a massive Twitter following. When he tweets what's false as true, I respond. .@BarryOCommunist @_AEBJ_ @tjemery1 @ChuckNellis
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No but the mormon faith is causing people to stray @BarryOCommunist @BWSchank @_AEBJ_ @ChuckNellis
Mormons Jesus to the Christian Jesus is blasphemy. No and buts and if about it. (3) @BarryOCommunist @BWSchank @_AEBJ_ @ChuckNellis
Christian. If so he should be open for correction And yes equating the mormons )2) @BarryOCommunist @BWSchank @_AEBJ_ @ChuckNellis
Sorry that isnt what happened with Chuck and to be honest Chuck claims to being a (1) @BarryOCommunist @BWSchank @_AEBJ_ @ChuckNellis
Gosh Joe when after I spoke out bluntly about Islam no one gave a crap how I presented it. @BarryOCommunist @BWSchank @ChuckNellis
Yeah well Chuck wrote a tweet for little ole me encouraging others to unfollow me @cat_1012000 @S1776frdm
It sends a message that it is ok And that isnt love. (2) @BarryOCommunist @BWSchank @_AEBJ_ @ChuckNellis
Joe there comes a point where enabling another person is a sin itself. @BarryOCommunist @BWSchank @_AEBJ_ @ChuckNellis
And yes in a way it is judging seeing he labeled them "dogs" @S1776frdm
Like I was doing about the cult of Mormonism and was labeled a religious bigot by Chuck @S1776frdm
Whens the best time 2 get right with GOD? Right now!! Do it while you have a chance you may not wake in the morning.…
You can believe what you want. And no Chuck crossed the line by trying to people to unfollow (1) @BarryOCommunist @BWSchank @ChuckNellis
Montel Williams' Tax Bill: $1 Million Owed in Back Taxes #USA #TCOT #TPP
Joe he tried to publicly humiliate me @BarryOCommunist @BWSchank @ChuckNellis
No offense but we are unequally yoked. Take care. @_AEBJ_ @BWSchank @BarryOCommunist @ChuckNellis
Poll: 80% of Muslims Support ISIS Conquests in Syria & Iraq #USA #ReligionOfPeace #TeamJesus
encourage others to unfollow him. (2) @BarryOCommunist @BWSchank
Seriously I really don't want to talk about Chuck anymore I had my say and unlike Chuck I'm not going to (1) @BarryOCommunist @BWSchank
All you need to do is read his TL others have said stuff and he tells them they are spewing hate as well . @BarryOCommunist @BWSchank
I know I'm a religious bigot. Guess Apostle Paul was as well… @BWSchank @BarryOCommunist @ChuckNellis
you have to look at his time line for some reason he hates people calling out Mormonism… @BarryOCommunist @BWSchank
@Kaahtic @tjemery1 @SenTomCotton Montel hasn't been relevant since....well okay never.
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