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Only TRUE FREEDOM can be found in Jesus Christ our LORD and Savior!! Good Night and GOD Bless everyone!!
Exactly meaning her testimony carry's some weight too it @catid0x @nebangjo
What´s Wrong With Mormonism Ex Temple Mormon explains, Bill Schnoebelen via @YouTube
Whens the best time 2 get right with GOD? Right now!! Do it while you have a chance you may not wake in the morning.
9 Facts that the Mormon Church Doesn't Want You to Know! via @YouTube
Praying for REVIVAL in the #USA and praying for PEACE in #ISRAEL . #TeamJesus #IStandWithIsrael #TCOT #CCOT
Montel Williams Enrages Tea Party and labels them as racists #TCOT #TPP #CCOT
Evils of mormonism: How a sexual predator became a spiritual leader… via @examinercom
Mormon Secrets: What the Missionaries Don't Tell… @BWSchank (you will like this one)
Mormon Secrets: What the Missionaries Don't Tell via @YouTube
Romans 11:6 (b) But if it be of works, then it is no more grace: otherwise work is no more work. #LDS #TeamJesus (Please Repent)
Romans 11:6 (a) And if by grace, then is it no more of works: otherwise grace is no more grace. #LDS #TeamJesus (Please Repent)
Heh. The Cad's Out of the Bag: Church Admits Joe Smith Chased Girl Brides… #LDS #TeamJesus
Liberals care far more about the lions than the lives of black people. 90k black babies aborted? Not one peep. Lion gets hurt? Death penalty
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Op-ed: #LDS Church should make clear founder Joseph Smith was wrong to take 14-year-old wife…
the division. But I wouldn't hold my breath on that one. (2) @StephanieMilli3 @Montel_Williams @GOP @NStoryBaker
Well I'm guessing if Monty stop running his mouth we that may stop part of (1) @StephanieMilli3 @Montel_Williams @GOP @NStoryBaker
10 Dark Secrets Of Mormon History - Listverse…
@Montel_Williams You bored tonight? Trolling is unbecoming, Mr. Williams.
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"And what's up with Montel Williams ripping off vets with predatory loans?…" — Hand Full Of Blood
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They protest because of race baiters like Monty and Al Sharpton. @StephanieMilli3 @Montel_Williams @GOP @NStoryBaker
Exiled FLDS moms return to Hildale demanding their children via @fox13now
Behind The Veil: Never-before-seen videos of secret Mormon Temple rituals via @YouTube
Walter Martin on Mormonism at Brigham City, UT (June 1985) via @YouTube
Common Threads between Islam and Mormonism…
Message to my friends who practice Mormonism. The Bible teaches you will never be a god. Isaiah 43:10- Ye (cont)
"I've noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born." -Ronald Reagan
might as say god revealed himself to Charles Mansion as well. Both criminals (2) @BWSchank @Rzecco @Robdang3r
LOL those so-called Christians who said it was possible that GOD reveled himself to Joseph Smith (1) @BWSchank @Rzecco @Robdang3r
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Reading an article about her right now. Very interesting person. @doctoreddie
Differences Between Mormonism and Christianity
In other words lots who claim to being Christian are really not Christian. @BWSchank @Rzecco @Robdang3r
by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost; (3) @BWSchank @Rzecco @Robdang3r
Titus 3:5 Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, (2) @BWSchank @Rzecco @Robdang3r
Here is what the Mormons don't do which seals their fate. (1) @BWSchank @Rzecco @Robdang3r
the Mormons founder said Christianity was an abomination to God. (2) @BWSchank @Rzecco @Robdang3r
I find it interesting these so-called Christians he claim Mormons are Christians although (1) @BWSchank @Rzecco @Robdang3r
Exactly Joseph Smith used a magic stone to interpret what as he says what God was telling him @BWSchank @Rzecco @Robdang3r
Not only that...God condemned occultism. No prophet of God was ever an occultist. .@Rzecco @tjemery1 @Robdang3r…
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As I've said over & over. t/Mormon Jesus is Not t/Jesus of t/Bible. Mormonism is #AntiChrist .@guddie1 @tjemery1…
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I understand God Bless my friend @Linkus717

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