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Thats the problem how was the cop to know if the guy was faking or not? @CatAn0n @Hankin57 @Republican_Mrs @Diane400
I don't pay any mind to it seeing you who say it only hurt yourself. @typicalcircle @Republican_Mrs
If he wouldn't of resisted arrest would this of happened? @CatAn0n @Hankin57 @Republican_Mrs @Diane400
It is a put down and creates an illusion that whites are handed everything in life which is a load of crap @typicalcircle @Republican_Mrs
As a youngster I got my butt kicked by the cops but it was I who started the problems. @Hankin57 @CatAn0n @Republican_Mrs @Diane400
@justincombs88 @typicalcircle @Rosie I know that not all like cops but we have 2OBEY the law. If something's not right make a complaint.
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And it should seeing the thug decided to turn it that way. He decided not to not be peaceful. @CatAn0n @Hankin57 @Republican_Mrs @Diane400
Because they were both proven thug criminals and were trying to play tough @MissMW97 @typicalcircle @Rosie
"White Privilege" is a myth and a ploy by liberal progressives to create division in the USA @typicalcircle @Republican_Mrs
They did the right thing in my opinion @Hankin57 @Republican_Mrs @Diane400
I know. Makes no sense at all but what liberal does? @Republican_Mrs @typicalcircle @Rosie
Doesn't sound like it to me. @typicalcircle @Rosie
I found it and Perry I didn't know either until you said it. @Hankin57 @Republican_Mrs @Diane400
Perhaps its time for me to check out and just let the world go a mock and me just do nothing. @Republican_Mrs @Diane400
@justincombs88 @Diane400 the reason her streets are safe are because there ARE cops.
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Sure whatever you say. @typicalcircle
Do you realize how absurd that comment comes off as? @typicalcircle @Rosie
@justincombs88 @Diane400 @Republican_Mrs Garner didn't die until 2 hours later in the hospital.
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@justincombs88 @Diane400 @Republican_Mrs He would have never made it to hospital if choke hold caused death.
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Sorry not buying it. Feel sad that you hate police officers and whitey. @typicalcircle
Sorry not buying your story and feel sad that you blame whitey for all your problems in life. @typicalcircle @Rosie
Look Diane the more we tie the police officers hands the more hard we keep our streets safe. That is the facts. @Diane400 @Republican_Mrs
I know I have been pulled over as well @Republican_Mrs @typicalcircle
@justincombs88 @Rosie Michael Brown WAS unarmed, but he also tried to go for the officer's pistol (cont.)
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Then stop going to the city if it is like that @typicalcircle @Rosie
they are great people. (2) @typicalcircle @Rosie
Jane get your story straight you just said your cops pull you over for the color of your skin and now you say (1) @typicalcircle @Rosie
Also Police Officers I'm praying for you against the liberals who are trying to make your job more unsafe by tying your hands. #Pray #Prayer
To all you police officers out there I'm praying for you and your safety against all those thugs out there!! #Pray #Prayer
Look Jane lets just pull the police from your area so it becomes like the wild wild west, Thats what you want. @typicalcircle @Rosie
LOL I've been called stupid,idiot, and dumb ass by other so-called conservatives for defending police and (cont)
I'm not buying it. If that was the case you need to report it to the papers or the police as harassment. @typicalcircle @Rosie
and want to use that excuse to blame all ills of society on. (2) @typicalcircle @Rosie
No Jane you don't like whites seeing all you see through your glasses is "White Privilege" (1) @typicalcircle @Rosie
I'm sorry but people you need to wake up. If you resist arrest from the police they have to take you down. Sorry if you don't like it.
Sorry Jane you are living in the past. @typicalcircle @Rosie
Sounds to me Jane that you hate white people. That's called being racist. Interesting!! @typicalcircle @Rosie
LOL I do find it funny that I got under Tonys skin tonight.The good Dr. seems like he hears voices in his head @Napoleonlegal @Lillibees_mom
I would destroy my husband for this (though he’d never pull it):
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Listen: The Grand Jury system was devised to be a CHECK on local law enforcement, not its enabler. So very much flows from that perversion.
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