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At Six Flags with my youngest daughter. Looking to having lots of fun
@tjemery1 @YusufPeaceful @halcyondon Absolutely! There may be peaceful Muslims but there is nothing peaceful about Islam.
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When I get home I will shot you the polls that prove it kid. @YusufPeaceful @VetApologist @halcyondon
Yes I do because ot is happening and 80 percent of Muslims support it @YusufPeaceful @VetApologist @halcyondon
and Israel Im going to take my daughter to Six Flags. (2) @Stizzthewiz @rasalom666 @MuslimIQ @thelegacy09 @Kevin_Hitt @mansoortshams
ok while you muslims teach your children to hate the USA (1) @Stizzthewiz @rasalom666 @MuslimIQ @thelegacy09 @Kevin_Hitt @mansoortshams
People who practice true Islam have no problem with it @Stizzthewiz @rasalom666 @MuslimIQ @thelegacy09 @Kevin_Hitt @mansoortshams
@tjemery1 Muslim Marine has a private pilots license, Hummmmmm
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No dude that os comprised of 11 million muslims very (1) @mansoortshams @rasalom666 @Stizzthewiz @MuslimIQ @thelegacy09 @Kevin_Hitt
committing genocide of Christians and infidels as we speak (2) @YusufPeaceful @VetApologist @halcyondon
Well the majority of muslims who live on Middle East and Africa are doing that by (1) @YusufPeaceful @VetApologist @halcyondon
4 you and all my followers to see that your prophet had sex (2) @Stizzthewiz @rasalom666 @MuslimIQ @thelegacy09 @Kevin_Hitt @mansoortshams
Okay when I get home I will put the texts out there (1) @Stizzthewiz @rasalom666 @MuslimIQ @thelegacy09 @Kevin_Hitt @mansoortshams
Jewish tradition evolves and no scholar for the past hundreds of years would permit underage marriage.…
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But I understand your delemma of wanting to hidr those facts @Stizzthewiz @rasalom666 @MuslimIQ @thelegacy09 @Kevin_Hitt @mansoortshams
I already provided the link that tells which sacred texts it came from. @Stizzthewiz @rasalom666 @MuslimIQ @thelegacy09 @Kevin_Hitt
Talmud is different then the Torah. Ne more specific next time @MuslimIQ @Stizzthewiz @thelegacy09 @Kevin_Hitt @rasalom666 @mansoortshams
Palestinians Attack Christian Tourist at Jerusalem Holy Site Because He Had an Israeli Flag: Police #tcot
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And FYI I did call out his violence and call 4 the death penalty 4 him @PatriotMJG @MuslimMarine @RockyMtsunshine @JP_shirley
No i more like people learned about Islam and how violent and destructfull it was because of the teachings of the sacred texts @MuslimIQ
LOL too funny that guy would say a lie like that @PatriotMJG @MuslimMarine @RockyMtsunshine @JP_shirley
Not my fault your Islamic sacred texts are so hateful and full of violence @MuslimIQ @thelegacy09 @Kevin_Hitt @rasalom666 @mansoortshams
Could u explain 2 me why the Founder of Islam was allowed to have sex with 8 year old girl @MuslimIQ @rasalom666 @Kevin_Hitt @mansoortshams
About the dumbest comment I have heard today. @MuslimIQ @rasalom666 @Kevin_Hitt @mansoortshams
Claims to be a Patriot as well while down playing Hero Chris Kyles legacy @duchess1201 @MuslimMarine @mansoortshams @barenakedislam

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