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Kids in this community are sorry af. It's just a big community full of immature ass kids, no wonder we're not growing as a group...
What a hero... Truly blessed for the people that fight for my freedom.…
have you ever went back to sleep hoping someone you miss would reappear in your dream just so that you can see them?
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Put your helmet back on and get in that huddle.😂😂😂
That'd be dope if I had a girl I could rely on coming home too after a long day...
Anyone need 1 for Dallas? @ or DM me, don't waste time.
.@UNVEvents @CiviL_iB and I need 2 SnD Stars! Easy money.
.@CiviL_iB and I need 2. I KNOW a good To2 is trying to run for Dallas... This will be a long term team.
Need 2 to run for Dallas. PLEASE don't waste time if you're trying to play.
I truly think I'm one of the best F/A AMs out...😵
What teams need 1 going into Dallas. I run whatever is needed, preferably AR. I can cover my way! Let me know if we can start something! RT.
Ayeee, it's only noon!
I'd be lucky to find a guy that's HALF the man my dad is. He really is amazing! Love you pops 😘
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Off work.... What to do?
Is anyone on?
A year ago today and dudes still doing the same thing.
If a dude ever leaves my crib to have sex with a female, he's not my homie.
Hahahaha your own 'brother' does you dirty. I'm done with treating dudes with respect. Scandalous.
Waste of a night lol.
when the white kid in class getting roasted and starts reaching in his backpack
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If any To2's are looking for 2, LMK. We can possibly work out a strong team for Dallas. Let's get it fellas!
Anyone trying to run? Hit me with serious offers please! I can cover on buying a TP and my travel. Let me know, RTs are appreciated 2the max
If you don't respect this as a female, you're a hoe.…
Royals game tonight?! Uh oh...
.@HiRezTheRapper dawggg, you KILLED 'Hunger'. That shit was off the rope homie!! Keep doin you and big things will happen.
On a serious note, I hope my 2 best friends are by my side when I'm having my first. That environment was like no one can explain....
Low-key still speechless about that baby girl..... Beyond beautiful, just amazed.
Blood or not, my brother brought a beautiful girl into this world. Couldn't be happier for you two. #UncleBieber
Man, gotta take a female to a Royals game.... ASALmP.
Dozin' off, night y'all.👌✌
About to knock out 😴
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And I can ride with my babyy
'Everyone hatin, we just call them fans though.'
.@TTG_1995 what a blessing brother. Couldn't be more proud of you! Congratulations family. Beautiful angel you got...
Selena Gomez.😍😍🔥👌
Emily Sears is BEYOND beautiful.
1717- we hated eachother back in the ghosts days but got over things, you're a chill guy and one that keeps it real. Respect 💯
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But don't get it twisted, I couldn't be more grateful for the ones that stuck by my side!
I laugh at some of the people I called my 'close' friends. They're long gone now...
I wanted the Warriors to win, but let's be honest, if Bron Bron had his full team, they definitely would of won
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