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Tsem Rinpoche
term retreats and make many offerings. If I can have one attendant to help shop would be good as I am older and I realize that. Tsem (2/3)
I love this retreat house in the forest. This would be perfect for me with a large Manjushri statue inside. I live here, do long (1/3)
I would love to live in India or Nepal.
What shocks me is how some ppl say they want to practice dharma, but do not make a real effort to study showing deep ignorance. #buddha
Guru devotion is well explained in 50 VERSES OF GURU DEVOTION by Ashvagosha. It is a easy but essential text to read immediately. #buddha
One who is serious of practicing dharma must read: 50 VERSES OF GURU DEVOTION by Ashvagosha. It is a very very very important text. #buddha
We should never make excuses to a teacher & justify our bad moods, uncontrolled minds & pettiness.Must show respect always as a discipline.
If we cannot endure difficulties on behalf of teacher, dharma and learning, then we will not progress and we will not have much results.
Suffering or enduring 'difficulties' on behalf of teacher/dharma/learning is a sign of our genuine wish to learn and respect.
When the teacher is present, we should not leave to go to sleep, rest or go. We should respect the (cont)
When challenged with learning more knowledge & we escape, then no advancement will happen.~#tsemtulku #buddha #buddhism #dharma #spiritual
Respect is not earned because you are a scholar, but how sincere you apply your knowledge. ~#tsemtulku #buddhism #buddha #dharma #spiritual
Making mistakes on purpose then covering by apologies will not work every time.~#tsemtulku #buddha #buddhism #quotes #spiritual #dalailama
When we make excuses to cover our failure, it is a sign of lack of dharma practice.~#tsemtulku #buddha #buddhism #dharma #spiritual #zen
My favorite picture of His Holiness Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche who is a Buddha. #buddha #buddhism #dharma #spiritual
Her Eminence Pakpa Samding Rinpoche an emanation of Vajra Yogini. #buddhism #buddha #dharma #spiritual #dalailama
Have you had the good fortune to make offerings to Lord Tsongkapa today yet? Save this picture. #dalailama #buddha
Elisa Khong just sent me a very thorough & careful update with good pictures & nice captions. I enjoyed reading it and her work very much.
What kind of love will abandon you in the end?~#tsemtulku