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Tsem Rinpoche
Debate with Tsem Rinpoche: Watch these brilliant debating sessions with Tsem Rinpoche, demonstrating the super...
SETRAP Prayer composed by Tsem Rinpoche: Sep 7, 2012 Invoking Protection and Blessings A Prayer to Setrap Comp...
Music to my ears: Dear friends, When we enter the dharma we should find every excuse and method to improve our...
Mantras – Holy words of power: These mystic formulas carry a tremendous blessing power and exist in all religi...
Questions on Ghosts:   I posted regarding ‘psychic kids’ and Patricia posed some interesting questions which I...
Teaching on the Twelve Links of Dependent Origination: This delightful discourse is based on H.H. the Dalai La...
Rinpoche’s Giving – A roof for those without a shelter: Nov 19, 2012 (By Pastor Loh Seng Piow) The top few pic...
"One isn't necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential. Without courage, we (cont)
RT @vegan: Factory farming is so terrible that all you have to do is find the right way to talk about it and almost everyone will listen.
RT @justinryo: Had a great time with celebrity partner Atu for Tu Dia Gameshow Charity Episode (cont)
Retro time..something for you all to relax & enjoy! You make me feel like dancing (1976): #music #buddha #zen #love
Some shopping to be done...
RT @Buddhism_Now: RT @MongolsSilkRoad: Thousands of archaeological sites in N-W Pakistan yet to be (cont)
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Our mind is the controller of all our unhappiness & happiness~#tsemtulku #spiritual #mind #psychology #buddha #zen
Exploring why we have our harmful emotions is the best journey.~#tsemtulku #buddha #spiritual #zen #buddhism #love
RT @rubykhong: Watch this 20min video… .Blog chat happening in 25mins. You can still make it! @tsemtulku (1/2)
RT @rubykhong: Please sign this petition.It will take five minutes to make a difference @tsemtulku… #kechara (1/2)
RT @rubykhong: Join blogchat on Topic:Dharma work, attitude & TDL . Starting in 30mins! @tsemtulku #kechara (1/2)
Do u want what's pumped into them to make them look plump in your body? #buddha #vega
Now I like this room, just need Buddha in front of Peace sign & good to go! #buddha #buddhism #spiritual #dalailama
RT @vegan: Big court win over egg producers who were attempting to gut California's cage-free law.…
RT @vegan: The most effective way to get cruelty out of your life is to get it off your plate. #vegan
the living Manjusri. Rinzai (2/2)
RT @Buddhism_Now: Do you want to know Manjusri? He is here right before your eyes functioning ceaselessly without change, This is (1/2)
RT @vegan: Not vegetarian? Then how about shooting for more meatless days than not?
RT @vegan: What's a chicken ever done to deserve slaughter? #vegan
RT @tsemparanormal: When we reach the pinnacle in life, sometimes we wonder what's next?
RT @Buddhism_Now: RT @FRANCE24: Nobel summit halted after S. Africa denies Dalai Lama visa
Sincere dharma practice will result in kind heart & caring for others.~#tsemtulku #buddha #buddhism #dharma #zen
HH Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche the root teacher of HH the 14th Dalai Lama. #buddhism #dalailama #tibet #spiritual #zen