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The Definitive Chart on How to Identify a Terrorist!
BITCOIN: a way to fight back against the robber banksters...…
oh and I forgot TW!TTER's main function: organizing FL4SH MOBS lol!!!…
Silk road has been "reborn"... probably now ran by spooks...…
Tw!tter IS a good anonymous instant messenger, however, and has good potential in the modern world of xtremely short attention span!!
most of the accounts on tw!tter are SPAM, or shill accounts, or duplicates. There are actually only a few thousand people on tw!tter...
explain to me again just how TW!TTER makes money? #TwitterIPO
#Anonymous has unleashed a global uprising in 50+ countries! I don't believe that this has ever been done before... World History! #MMM
There's no flesh or blood within this cloak to kill. There's only an idea. Ideas are bulletproof #millionmaskmarch
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#MillionMaskMarch Expect a diminished attendance in DC, the PO PO will just shoot them all down there and plant a pressure cooker on them!
#MillionMaskMarch largest world protest in history, peaceful, non-violent, for government transparency, awareness of political corruption
Million Mask March Worldwide~ LARGEST WORLD PROTEST IN HISTORY ~ #Nov5 #MillionMaskMarch
#MillionMaskMarch for every protester on the streets, there are THOUSANDS at home unable to attend. That number increases every day!!!
#MillionMaskMarch timeline is spinning like a top, yet banned from trends list and completely ignored by the state-ran mainstream media!!
#MillionMaskMarch media silence around this protest is outrageous; we don't watch/hear news we soak up 'their' propaganda!