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Greg Eckels
Lol. good to shit in a matter of seconds.... #lovelife
My worst fear Is losing my mom. I think i would go crazy if I lost her
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Just found out that I have to make gingerbread houses at work just got 40% better
Showing up to work an hour before your shift works is just fucking great.....😤
Trying to decide whether or not to be productive today...
Remember before the smartphone when you had to take your laptop into the bathroom with you? God, it's like we were cavemen.
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Absolutely cannot deal with Australian flies...they are litwrally the most obnoxious creatures on the fucking planet.… @BonnieAnderson_ I. AM. SO. EXCITED! I had never heard you sing before, you are incredible! <3 10 days! woo!
@SexFactsOfLife: Cuddling with you would be amazing right now.” @freyaamoore
Work is going alow AND fast today...da fuck man?
I wish pussy came with a 'clear history' button.
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sometimes you meet a person and you two just click; you're comfortable with them, and you don't have to pretend to be anyone or anything.
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Finally cleaned my room. Looks amazing, feels amazing. I will not let it get dirty again! #alwayssaythat #truethistime
@SexFactsOfLife: Sleeping next to someone you love makes you fall asleep faster.” @freyaamoore Good luck staying up all night lol
Downed 3 redbulls. I am now Sonic. Gotta go fast.
Now to sleep in preperation of a new 9 hour work day....woo
Missing my girlfriend very badly right now ): @freyaamoore #lonely… New video I put out of me and my friend Dom tearing up Sydney CBD...Check it out!