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Want a page like this?
I hope somebody answers that
How come when I stay in the pool too long my toe and finger are the only parts that become wrinkly nd soft ?
Where is love gonna go ?
I be using the goats emoji cause it's the closest to my skin completion πŸ‘»
Late night solo blunt !!
I Bol up late at night cause I be to lazy yo roll..
Shawty hit me with the " plies that nigga " yesterday 😐
β€œ@FoloYourDreamz: @TruBezz naw wtf lolβ€πŸ’°πŸ’°
Solo late night session ✈️
It's always gonna be WADE county
β€œ@amarkalabic: Lebron or no Lebron I'm still a heat fan. Wade built the heat!”RT
β€œ@BeachLife_OGOD: β€œ@TruBezz: Hmmm ? Wat to do tonight” smoke and chill” of course G that's right now
Hmmm ? Wat to do tonight
This nigga taking his sweet ass time
Today thought me yet again, people in this world are flaw AF
Like two days ago
This rain starting to get old
The supplier fucking up heavy RN
Yo yall schhleeepp on the dolphins #PhinsUp
Buddy said her breath smell boiling dog shit with no water πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
There's one rule , one rule only this ain't the Ten Commandments
Let's goo heat !!
Your welcome bitch !!
Yo this some fuckery, how the fuck you a basketball organization nd your AC just happened to broke!!
Yo I bet you that the spurs organization been planning on cutting the AC off
Tryna smoke den KO
I know you wanna fuck with me , ya you 😏
So palm beach island party tonight !!
This blunt is gonna be my recovery from last night
Life is ten times better when your working hard to achieve your dreams #ACED
β€œ@UDntKnwMyLifee: β€œ@TruBezz: Got work in the morning and can't fall asleep πŸ”«β€ --Take yo ass to bed jit!” Can't you read ? I cant fall asleep
Got work in the morning and can't fall asleep πŸ”«
Jus now leaving the movies tryna see what's good this Saturday
Some head to go with this blunt πŸ‘Œ
Just copped the night is saved
πŸ˜‚ @JamzLdnn: Black girls ain't even satisfied with just shopping for their hair now they wanna go”
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Why settle for something fight for what you believe in Go after your dreams #ACED
If I knew a bad, freaky low key chick then I'd be set πŸ™Œ
Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful moms working hard to raise successful dream chasers #ACED
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All ways gonna love florida
So it's looking like boca gon be my new home