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I'll say this 100 times over, Mel b & Cheryl need to realise who is signing their pay check 😂
short girls tweeting "men over 6'2". are you trying to have him take you out to dinner or take you down to the post?
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99% of people that said they wanted to go to college to meet new people are not with anybody new and are still with school friends???? Idk
he'll grab ur waist and whisper in ur ear but 6 months later you’ll find yourself drunk texting him that you miss him and he won’t respond
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I admire those who lost their lives by fighting for our freedom. They deserve so much respect. #RemeberanceSunday 🌹🌹🌹
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I swear I'm the only person to agree with everything @KTHopkins says
The Veronica's are making a come back #lifeiscomplete
Only acts that are good The X Factor are Flur and Stevie Richie
Great night with everyone😝🔥💦
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my girl ain't allowed to sneeze in public... guys be like "bless you." she's already blessed, she has me
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@JoshuaDtown would you rather be a women in a mans body or a man in a women's body? #DingleMingle
Having to print all my English homework in red because the black ink has broken
My snapchat has got to the point where if you snap me twice you're in my best friends
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Stevie Richie to win #xfactor2014
I only have half a day tomorrow so life is good
Need to get some chalk board paint for an entire wall 😳
Now that Halloween is gone it is almost Christmas 😱
I haven't done any homework yet oops
I really want to see @ColleenB123 in Bath 😭😪
Ok so I cut my pumpkin wrong and now it doesn't have a top
I have so much work to do and I don't have any white blooming paint what is this life?!
Retweeted by Danni
"Smoking is cool until you die age 30"
@IntThings:” mind blown, this is why my coat doesn't have any pockets
Listening to super bass and still remembering that nicki minaj doesn't even sing the chorus ☺️
Google has crashed????? 😢
So much work to do and so little motivation to do it
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@Harry_Styles: Get in the shower if it all goes wrong.”
Time to find some pumpkins ☺️
Well you know where the city is.
remember miranda cosgrove from iCarly and drake & josh? this is her now. feel old yet?
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Singing for at least 10 minutes on a daily basis adds up to 3 years to your life, maintaining a healthy heart.
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Exicted for Halloween 😊
@dannimccart: @netflix where is mean girls and why is mean girls 2 even an option” #whitegirlproblems
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I think I'm falling, I'm falling for you
Why don't Jehovah's Witnesses celebrate Halloween? They don't like random strangers knocking on their fucking door.
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Spotify just gave me another free month of premium?!?! ☺️☺️
Constantly torn between "treat others how you wanna be treated" and "treat others how they treat you"
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Week off now woooooohoooo
Guys at parties be screaming "these hoes ain't loyal" but they drunk & cheating on they gf with a girl who look like Rafiki from lion king
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I was doing so good
I just made tinder and it's so fun to reject people